Chapter 5 Invitations and Thank-you Letters
Main Contents of Invitation

  1. Invite the reader to the gathering.
  2. Offer a reason for the gathering.
  3. Give the date, time, and place of the gathering. (R.S.V.P. or Regrets Only )
Useful Expressions
R.S.V.P.= répondez s’il vous plait. It means “Please let us know if you plan to attend.” “Regrets Only” is used when asking those who CANNOT attend to notify the host in advance.
Samples of Invitation Card(请柬) (请柬)
Mr. Robert Shenstone Director of the Beijing Institute of Atomic Energy requests the pleasure of the company of Mr. and Mrs. Dickenson at a dinner party in honor of Mr. Liu Wenling senior engineer of Beijing Energy Institute on Saturday, July 7, 2004 at seven o’clock p.m. at Bridges Restaurant, Willow Avenue Regrets Only Tel: 84104650 Dress: formal
Sample Formal Acceptance
Mr. William Gregory accepts with pleasure the kind invitation of The Local Bank Tellers Club Saturday, May 6th at four o’clock p.m. Suite 13 of the Howard Building
Accepting an Invitation
We’re very glad/ happy/ pleased/ delighted to accept / come / arrive / attend… Mr.xx accepts with pleasure the kind invitation for (some occasion) to be held at (some place) at (time). It’s very nice / kind of you to invite us… Thank you very much for your kind invitation to… We would be pleased/ delighted/ happy/ glad to come.
Sample Formal Refusal
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Green regret that a previous engagement prevents their accepting the kind invitation to dinner at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Smith on Monday, the fourth of April.
Sample Informal Refusal
Dear Mr. Hudson, I regret very much that, owing to a previous engagement, I cannot have the pleasure of accepting your kind invitation for Sunday next. Very sincerely yours, Tom Huber
Declining an invitation
I’m sorry that I can’t dine with you … Much to my regret, I’m unable to accept your kind invitation. Thank you very much for your kind invitation, but unfortunately I have another engagement on that day. I am very sorry I cannot join you because… Please accept my sincere regrets for not being able to join you in…
Work in pairs on the following:
谨定于2004年7月16日(星期六)上午 点在富丽 年 月 日 星期六)上午11点在富丽 谨定于 华大酒店二楼Smart Hall为小女南西和王强先生举 华大酒店二楼 为小女南西和王强先生举 行婚礼。 行婚礼。 敬请 威廉斯先生和夫人 光临 格林教授和夫人鞠躬 敬请赐复
Sample Version
Professor and Mrs. Green request the pleasure of the company of Mr.and Mrs. Williams on the occasion of the marriage of their daughter Nancy To Mr. Wang Qiang on Saturday 16th July 2004 at 11 o’clock a.m. at Smart Hall 2nd floor Furama Hotel R.S.V.P. 82523331
Sample Invitation Letter
Dear Ms. Meng: On behalf of Meredith College, it is my pleasure to extend a formal invitation to one of Dongbei University’s professors, Ms. Li Li, to join us at Meredith College in Raleigh, North Carolina USA as a visiting professor during the spring semester 2006 (January 8 through mid-June). Not only would this arrangement be an enriching experience for our students and faculty, it would further enhance Ms. Li’s growth and development for her teaching when she returns to Dongbei.
We look forward to the continuing relationship between Dongbei University and Meredith College. If I may be of further assistance, please feel free to contact me. My warm regards to you and your colleagues at Dongbei. Sincerely yours, Rosalind Richard Vice President for Academic Affairs
Thank-you letters

  1. Begin with a statement of thanks. (State the general appreciation for what the reader has done for you.)
  2. Be specific about which is appreciated, which reflects a sincere feeling of gratitude.
  3. End with a positive and genuine statement.
Languages in use
General appreciation
It was very kind of you to do… Your management’s combination of enthusiasm, competence and flair was very impressive. (贵公司管理层的热情、能力和资质给 贵公司管理层的热情、 贵公司管理层的热情 人留下深刻印象。 人留下深刻印象。 ) We were deeply impressed by… Please accept my sincere appreciation for… I’m writing to thank you for… Thank you very much for…
Languages in use
A sincere personal comment
It was particularly helpful for us to learn… I hope one day I can have the opportunity to… I sincerely trust an opportunity will present itself to meet you at a later time… I enjoyed the short stay at your home which is both delightful and memorable. Our trip to Canada was very much enhanced by your kind arrangements and hospitality.
Languages in use
Positive and genuine ending
You should be very proud of your … I am looking forward to the opportunity to work with you… Wish you every success. Let’s work together for our ever greater success. Thank you both for your hospitality and kindness.
Ms. Li Li, Thank you so much for the very beautiful scarf. It was very kind and generous of you to give it to me. I hope you have a wonderful time while you are visiting us on the Meredith campus. Barbara McKay



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