BEC(中级)精选写作范文 15 篇 (中级) 内部资料-必备 内部资料 必备 Model 1 推销信
Dear Customer, When someone in the family experiences hearing loss, he is not the only one to experience frustration Have you noticed a loved one: Missing parts of conversations? Asking people to repeat themselves? Having special trouble with certain letters or sounds? Turning up the volume on the TV? If so, you can help them and yourself?by encouraging them to find out about a hearing aid. More than six million Americans enjoy improved hearing and better lives-with hearing aids. And the power source they rely on most is Rayovac. “Rayovac batteries really do make a difference.” One of our customers said so. Long-lasting Royovac batteries can help hearing aids perform at their best, so sthe whole family can enjoy the difference better hearing can make. If you are interested, please contact us by calling 446- 88
  88. Yours faithfully,
Model 2 文件报告
Report on records management conference A summary of the Records Management Conference I attended in Detroit on August 10 is included in this report. Summary of Seessions Attended The following summarizes each of the sessions I attended
  1. Filling Equipment This session was designed to acquaint the participants with the latest filling equipment. Much of the equipment on display was automatic.
  2.Records Retrieval The purpose of this session was to acquaint the participants with the various factors that need ed to be considered in developing a records retentiuon schedule
  1. Records Transfer In this session, participants leaned about the new developments in transferring records from active status to inactive status. Recommendations: On the basis of my attending the conference, I am making the following recommendations:
  1) We investigate the possibility of purchasing lateral filling equipment
  2) We evaluate the validity of our records retention schedule and revise as needed.
Model 3 旅游推销信
Dear Folks, We are having a wonderful time on Lake Gomey in Maine. There are so many things to do you just don’t know where to begin. You can sail the catboats all around the lake, and if you don't know how, Captian Billson can teach you. If you like speed, you can use of th out board motorboats, and you will feel as if you are flying And then there is fishing , tennis, and golf. There are lots of games in the big recreation room, and the young people dance every night. We expected to paya fortune when we first heard of Lake Gomey, but we find that it is one of the least
expensive vacations we have ever spent. Why don’t you write to Mrs. Brown for the full details? You are sure to get the information you need and to have an ideal holiday there.
Model 4 商务信函
Dear Jacques, Lightweight batteries I am writing to you because we have been having a bit of trouble with one of our suppliers who makes the lightweight batteries we use to power our vehicles. I am pretty sure you don’t have a local distributor of your products in this country, which I am writing to you direct to see if you can help us out. I did try to call, but you weren’t available We require 4,800 units and delivery must be completely by 15 January,
  20. A full specification of our requirements is given on the attached sheet, together with our technical brochure. I would appreciate it if you could quote us your best CIF price, giving a full specification of your product and shipping date. Of course our technical department would need nto have some samples of the batteries to test in our laboratories before we would place a firm order. We usually deal with new suppliers on the basis of payment in our currency by confirmed irrevocable letter of credit. Assuming the lab tests go well, and you can quote us a competitive price, we would certainly be able to place more substantial orders on a regular basis. I will be out of the office for a couple of weeks from tomorrow. In the meantime, do get in touch with one of my assistants if you need any more information Looking forward to hearing from you. Give my regards to Jeanne and the kids Best, Fred A. North , Buying Manager Enclosed: Specification and technical brochure
Model 5 拒绝退款信
Dear Sirs, We have received your letter dated April5 and very much regret the difficulties you are having with the electronic counters supplied to your order No. 865 All our counters are made to be identical in design and performance and it is difficult to understand why some of those sold to your customers should have given trouble. From what you said it would seem that a number of the counters included in the latest batch escaped the examination we normally give to all counters in our inspection deparment, where each counter is individually examined before being passed into store. We understand your problem, but regret that we cannot accept your suggestion to take back all the stock unsold from the batch about which you complain. Indeed, there should be no need for this since it is unlikely that the number of faulty counters can be very large. Of course we will be glad to replace any counter found to be unsatisfactory, and we are prepared to allow you a special discount of 5% to compensate for your trouble on this particular batch. We trust you will accept this as being a fair and reasonable solution of this matter. Yours faithfully, Peter Wood
Model 6 拒绝信
Dear Mr. Johnson, We are terribly sorry that the repair of your cassette player is really beyond our reach. There are several reasons
why we left your equipment unrepaired. Firstly, our technician in charge of the cassette player had been several days off for serious flu, the delayed the handling of the equipment Secondly, there is no parts found in the present market to replace the volume control which really needs repairing. We have the ability to replace the on/off switch, however, the cost is too high to worth it, because you can use the amount of money to buy a new one. Accoring to our survey, this type of equipment is manufactured in 1985 and the manufacturer has gone out of business, so it is impossible for you to talk with them. We are really sorry for our helplessness Sincerely, Mason Manager
Model 7 可行性报告
Report on installation of a new word processing On several occations, we have discussed the desiability of installing a new word processing system to replace the six-year-old stand-alone word processing system we currently use. In installing a new word processing system the following identify the important characteristics that should be used in judging its desirablity. a. The system should be expandable One of the concerns that I have had for several years is that we can no longer obtain equipment identical to our present stand-alone equipment. Since we have the need for additional wroktations, a different brand of equipment will have to be purchased , which will destroy system compatibility if we continue to use the present stand-alone system b. The equipment should be integrated An efficient word processing system is integrated, which means that various pieces of office equipment-such as desktop computers, microcomputers, and terminals-are capable of being electronically attached to one another. Thus, each word processing station can also function in other ways-to prepare graphics, to maintian spreadsheet, etc. c. The system should be capable of performing all word processing functions currently found To purchase a system that cannot perform all functions is tantamount to purchasing a system that is several years old. Among the alternatives available for installing a new word processing system are the following: A. Replace the old stand-alone system with a new stand-alone system. While stand-alone system can be expandable, they cannot be integrated. Stand-alone systems are capable of performing all word processing functions B. Replace the old-stand-alone system with a new intrgrated system. These systems are expandable , they can be integrated with other devices, and they are capable of performing all word processing functions The recommended alternative is the installation of an integrated system since it possesses the essential characteristics that a new system should possess. The primary disadvantages of the integrated system are their cost and the installation time. Training time on both systems shoud be approximately equal.
Model 8 备忘录
To: Director From:Pierre Aries, Office Manager Subject: Reducing Staff Date: June12, 2005
I have several proposals for cutting down on office staff. First, I suggest that we eliminate the full-time position of order clerk, since there is not enough work to occupy him thrughout the month. Orders and requests for sales information are heaviest at the end of the month. In contrast, there isf little to do the first two weeks of each month. Therefore, I recommend that we hire temporary help for the last two weeks of each month and give the orders from the first of the month to the sales departmetn to process. Second , now that our systems are completely computerized, we no longer need a computer programmer on staff. It is true, we will need computer programming services occasionally in future, for instance, when we revise our billing system. In such cases, however, we can hire a freelance programmer Third, I suggest that I share my secretary with the assistant office manager, thus eleminating one secretarial position. Although this will increase the managerial workload, I feel we can handle it. Moreover, we can always hire temporary help to get us through particularly busy periods. If these suggestions are followed, we should be able to save approximately $26,000 in the coming year in salarires alone. So, I believe these changes will result in greater work efficiency. P.Aires
Model 9 商务报告
To: Jean Withrow From: Bob Stein Date:Aug.18,2004 Subject: Feasibility of Flexible Working Hours This report concerns the feasibility of allowing workers to start and stop work ast the times that suit them best, a practice known as flex-time. Of course, we all understand that everyone would still wrok a total of 40 hours per week, as we do now. This idea of flexible working hours was first presented to the directors by some of our workers , many of whom have young children in school. The Personnnel Manager was asked to look into the question, and his study had two aspects. First, he looked at the experience of other companies, and second , he looked carefully at our own working arrangements. After studying flex-time arrangements at four similar companies, the Personnel Manager reported several advantages: Parents of school-age children were able to fit their work hours to those of their children, workers could choose to work during hours they could be most productive, and worker attitude improved because of more choice in work time. There were , however, some disadvantages as well: Sometimes there were not enough workers in some departmetn at crucial hours of the day, and it took a while to iron out confusion about schedules Next, we asked all employees of our company to predict the hours they would probably choose to work. This information was then circulated to all heads of departmetn for comment. The department heads were asked to look in particular at possible problems and their solution After studying all this information, a committee that included a representative from every department decided to try flex-time for a period of 3 months, starting April
  1. At the end of that peroid, the committee will make a final decision
Model10 邮件
Dear Ms. O’Flanagan, Thank you for your e-mail 5 September. I am pleased to confirm that the SR100 will launch on time on 20 November with brochures available from 8 October. We are also planning a sales conference for mid-October to train salespeople in how to use the product and brief them about its selling points, I hope to confirm the dates and venue of the conference in a couple of weeks If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email me.
Regards Henrik Jensen
Model 11 投诉信
Dear Sir, On October 20 we ordered from Mr. Robinson, the salesman for our territory, stationery and office supplies for use in our office . We asked that the order be sent before the end of the year. The duplicate sales order that we have is No.34
  55. We have not yet received the order, even though it is past the promised delievery date. We did, however, receive an outgoing invoice for $4
  75.13 Would you please check to see the reason for this delay? We are getting quite low on certain items in the order. And unless we received this order soon, it will be difficult for our office to operate properly Is it possible to send this order so that it reaches us by January 10? We are, of course, holding your invoice for payment until we receive the order Please let us know immediately, either by telephone or special-delivery letter, what has become of our order and how soon we shall receive it. We are sure that you will take care of the difficulty promptly. Yours faithfully,
Model 12 推销信
Dear Sirs, Have you ever thought how much time your typist wasters in taking down your letter? It can be as much as a third of the time he spends on correspondence. Why not record you dictation?on our Stenogram-and save this time for other jobs he can be doing while dictation is in progress? You will be surprised how little it



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