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Minsheng says small is beautiful
2010-03-05 09:06:24
Private lender China Minsheng Banking Corp has decided to shift its lending focus to small enterprises, and no longer considers large enterprises as the main cash cow, Dong Wenbiao, chairman of the bank said on Thursday.
cash cow:现金牛,奶牛;摇钱树;可使人致富的生财工具 现金牛, 现金牛 奶牛;摇钱树;
News Today
FAW Car 2009 net profit up
  49.8% 2010-03-05 10:19:02 FAW Car Co, a unit of one of China's three largest auto makers, First Automotive Works, said Thursday its net profit rose
  49.8 percent to
  1.6 billion yuan ($234 million) in 2009 from a year earlier, fueled by strong sales.
First Automotive Works 一汽集团 fueled by 由......提供动力、燃料
Chapter 2 The Layout of a Business Letter
The Layout of a Business Letter
standard parts
letterhead 信头 date 日期 inside address
optional parts
reference 编号 sender's address attention line经办人 subject line 事由 enclosure notation 附件 copy notation 抄送 postscript 附言
salutation 称呼 body 正文 complimentary close
signature 签名
letterhead 信头
It includes sender's/company's:
  2. name
  4.telephone and fax number
Date 日期
inside address 封内名称和地址
recipient's name full postal address post code
salutation 称呼 & complimentary close
signature 签名
attention line 经办人/指名收信人 经办人/
subject line 事由
用“Re:“ 用“Re:“引出主题
enclosure notation 附件

用”Enc"/"Encs"提示包含附 用”Enc"/"Encs"提示包含附
copy notation 抄送 postscript 附言
“cc” cc”
the structure of a business letter
letterhead 信头 reference 编号 date 日期 attention line 经办人 inside address 封内名称和地址 salutation 称呼 事由(标题) subject 事由(标题) body 正文 complimentary close 结尾 signature 签名 enclosure 附件 cc to XX 抄送 postscript 附言
Open punctuation
No or in the date,names,addresses,salutation, complimentary close and commom abbreviations (除非影响语法规范)
. ,
Exercises for familiar with terms meanings

  1. By Airmail
  2. Express Delivery
  3. Registered;Recorded
  4. Urgent
  5. Confidential
  6. Personal
  7. Private .
1G 2D 3F 4B 5C 6A 7E
A.亲收 A.亲收 B.急件 B.急件 C.密件 C.密件 D.快件 D.快件 E.私人信件 E.私人信件 F.挂号 F.挂号 G.航空 G.航空
Write the entire words of the abbreviations of street addresses

street St. road Rd. avenue Ave. city Ct. square Sq. lane La.
apartment Apt. post P.O.Box office box drive Dr. N. north southwest S.W.
Drive:used in the names of roads (用于路名)路,大道 用于路名)
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   News Today Minsheng says small is beautiful 2010-03-05 09:06:24 Private lender China Minsheng Banking Corp has decided to shift its lending focus to small enterprises, and no longer considers large enterprises as the main cash cow, Dong Wenbiao, ...


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