少儿英语教学中涉及的情景对话 少儿英语教学中涉及的情景对话 Catherine

  1.购物: .购物:
Can I help you? I am looking for ……. What color do you like? I like……. What size do you want? Small/ medium/ large. Can I try it on? (试穿) Yes, please. The dressing room is over there. …… is on sale. (打折) It is 30 percent off. (打 7 折) How much is it? Here is the money. Thank you. You are welcome. Welcome again.(欢迎再次光临)

  2.买火车票: .买火车票:
I want to buy a ticket to ……. When do you want to leave Shanghai for ……? Wednesday, June
  13. Fast or slow train? Fast. How much is it? Here is the money. Here is the ticket and your change. Thank you.

  3.生病,去看医生: .生病,去看医生:
Doctor: What's the matter with you? Tom: I feel dizzy (头晕) and I have a headache Doctor: I'll take your temperature first.(量体温) (After a while) Tom: What's my temperature? Doctor: It is
  38. Maybe you have got a bad cold. Tom: The final exam is coming. What shall I do? Doctor: Don't worry. I'll give you some medicine. And you'd better take a good rest at home and drink a lot of water. Tom: Ok. I will take your advice.

  4.餐厅点餐 .
Hello, May I help you ? 您好!您需要什么? May I have a menu, please?请给我菜单. What would you recommend ? 你有推荐的菜吗? What would you like? 你喜欢吃什么? I'd like .我想点Do you have ?你们有吗? How about some ?来点怎么样呢? No ,thanks . 不了,谢谢!
Bill please. 麻烦结帐,谢谢! How much is the total ? 总共多少钱?

  5.讨论自己喜欢的事物或已买的东西: .讨论自己喜欢的事物或已买的东西:
What's your favorite ……? My favorite …… is ……. What about you? What have you bought ? I have bought ……. Where did you buy them? I bought them in the department store. They look lovely/ pretty/ cute. (称赞别人买的东西)

  6.旅游: .旅游:
A: Where have you been during the summer vacation? B: I've been to ……. A: How did you go there? B: By plane/ by train/ by car. A: Did you go there alone? (是一个人去的吗?) B: No. I went there with my parents/ my friends/ my relatives. A: What do you think of that place? B: It is a wonderful place. I like it very much. It is much warmer/ colder/ hotter than here in Beijing. A: It sounds great! I hope to visit there next summer.

  7.看电影或看电视节目: .看电影或看电视节目:
Shall we go to see a movie? Yes, that's a good idea. Where is the movie theater ? Not far from here. Which film do you like ? Comedy/Tragedy/Cartoon movie. (喜剧/悲剧/卡通片) How much is the ticket? When will it start ? At
  7.pm. Great ,Let's go. What programs do you often watch? Cartoons/ singing and dancing contests/ quiz show. What's on TV this evening? I don't know. Why not look at the TV guide(电视指南)? Look! There's ……on tonight on Channel ……. When is the football games? It's on Channel …… at 7 pm. Let's watch it, shall we? Ok. It's up to you.

  8.计划: 比如讨论自己周末或暑假的计划) .计划: 比如讨论自己周末或暑假的计划) (比如讨论自己周末或暑假的计划 (
What are you going to do at the weekend or in summer holidays? I am going to ……. 如果是去旅游,可以询问对方去哪里,怎么去 Where will you go? How will you go there, by train or by plane? 如果去的是景点,可以介绍一下那里的情况 比如:I am going to Beijing. It is the capital of China(中国的首都). It has many interesting places
to visit. / I am going to Hongkong. It is a big city. It is full of delicious food and nice clothes. 如果是去参加学习班,可以询问对方学习的目的,学习的地点. 比如: Why are you going to take English classes? Because I am not good at it. / My English is not very good. Where will you study? I will study in my school. 表示祝福:Have a good time!/ Have a nice traveling!

  9.邀请: 比如邀请别人参加生日派对) .邀请: 比如邀请别人参加生日派对) (比如邀请别人参加生日派对 (
Would you like to come to my birthday party? /Can you come to my birthday party? Yes, of course ./ Yes, I'd like to. When is your birthday party? It's on ……. Where is it? It is in my house, No.……,……Road. (告诉别人你的地址) Ok. I will come at that time. See you. See you.

  10.帮助: 比如帮助同学的数学或别的学科) .帮助: 比如帮助同学的数学或别的学科) (比如帮助同学的数学或别的学科 (
A: What's wrong with you? / What's the matter with you? (询问情况) B: I failed in the math/ English test. A: Don't worry. Take it easy. (表示安慰) I can help you with your math/ English. (提供帮助) A: Are you free at the weekend? / When are you free? (约时间) B: Yes, I am free on ……. A: Ok. Let's meet in the classroom on ……. See you then! B: See you!

  11.打电话: .打电话:
Hello, may I speak to ……? It's me . Who's that? This is John speaking. 如果被找的人不在的话,可以用:Sorry, he/she is not in now. When will he/she be back? May I take a message for him/ her? Hold on, please. 请不要挂断.



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   浅谈小学英语教学中的情景教学 山阳区解放东路第二小学:朱慧芳 学习某种语言的基本目的在于能运用语言进行实际交际,学习英语也是为了 能运用它来完成交际的任务。《小学英语课堂教学基本要求》指出:小学英语教 学要把教学重点放在培养学生用英语进行交流的能力和兴趣上。因此,优化小学 英语课堂教学模式,切实提高小学生运用语言进行交际的能力,是广大英语教师 面临的一个共同课题。情景教学是常见的一种教学模式。 情景教学是指:在外语教学中运用于交际的社会情景。脱离了社会情景,语 言就难以恰当地表述,难以发挥其 ...


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   多维教程-英语翻译(第二册) 教程-英语翻译(第二册) Unit1 从能力到责任 当代的大学生对他们在社会中所扮演的角色的认识模糊不清。他们致力于寻求在他们看来似乎是最现实的东西:追求安全保障,追逐物质财富的积累。年轻人努力想 使自己成人成才、有所作为,但他们对未来的认识还是很模糊的。处于像他们这样前程未定的年龄阶段,他们该信仰什么?大学生一直在寻找真我的所在,寻找生活的意 义。一如芸芸众生的我们,他们也陷入了两难的境地。一方面,他们崇尚奉献于人的理想主义,而另一方面,他们又经不住自身利益的 ...


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   年普通高等学校招生全国统一考试(北京卷) 2007 年普通高等学校招生全国统一考试(北京卷) 英 语 第一卷(选择题 共 115 分) 第一部分:听力理解(共两节,30 分) 第一节(共 5 小题;每小题 1.5 分,共 7.5 分) 听下面 5 段对话。每段对话後有一道小题,从每题所给的 A,B,C 三个选项中选出最佳选项。 听完每段对话後,你将有 10 秒中的时间来回答有关小题和阅读下一小题,每段对话你将听 一遍。 例:What is the man going to read? A.A ...