韶关市 2011 届高考第一次模拟测试英语听说 试题脚本
试题 A 卷 Part A Reading Aloud 模仿朗读 With the grazing animals dispersed far and wide, it’s leaner times for predators here. Only a desperate leopard would tackle a porcupine. This youngster is about to meet double trouble. The only place to get a bite is on their undersides. But the porcupines work together to watch each other’s backs. The leopard will have to flip one over. Pin-sharp quills can easily snap off and become embedded in flesh. It’s a highly effective defence that can also be turned into attack. It’s a harsh lesson, but with luck and a bit of healing time, there’ll be no lasting damage. Part B Role Play 角色扮演(三问五答)情景介绍 角色扮演(三问五答) 角色:你是学生。 角色:你是学生。 任务: (
  1)和你的英国同学讨论有关爬山的问题并向她提问; 任务: )和你的英国同学讨论有关爬山的问题并向她提问; ( (
  2)根据谈话内容回答另一同学的提问。 )根据谈话内容回答另一同学的提问。 生词: pastime 消遣 W: Mike, do you like climbing and hiking? M: Well, sort of. I sometimes climb Baiyun Mountain with my parents. Climbing is getting more popular in Chinaa lot of people do it over the weekend. How about you, Jenny? W: Well, I live in Swansea in Wales. And I’ve been a very keen hill walker for most of my life and I grew up in an area with a lot of hills and it just seemed natural to start climbing hills from a child. M: Do British people like climbing and walking in the countryside? W: It’s a very popular pastime in the UK and there’s a long tradition of climbing hills in the UK. In fact, British people were often the first people to climb mountains in Europe. M: What do you think is the benefit of climbing mountains and hills? W: Well, I think there are very obvious benefits of health from the exercise. If you’re standing on the top of a mountain and you see great viewsit can separate you from your normal life. It’s the type of exercise that really refreshes the body and the mind. M: Can you develop friendship while climbing? W: With climbing you have to have at least two people involved and so you need a partner to climb with and there’s a great spirit of cooperation. If you’re at the hard end of the sport, your life might depend on the other person that you’re climbing with. And that actually needs a lot of trust.
Questions to Ask: 英国人喜欢爬山或在乡间散步吗? 你认为爬山的好处是什么?
爬山的时候能发展友情吗? Keys: Do British people like climbing and walking in the countryside? What do you think is the benefit of climbing mountains and hills? Can you develop friendship while climbing? Questions to Answer:
  1. How popular is climbing in China according to the conversation?
  2. Why does Jenny like climbing mountains?
  3. What does Mike say about British people and climbing?
  4. What are the advantages of climbing the mountains?
  5. What kind of spirit is needed in climbing the mountain with the other person? Keys:
  1. Climbing is getting more popular in China and a lot of people do it over the weekend.
  2. She grew up in an area with a lot of hills and she started climbing hills from a child.
  3. There’s a long tradition of climbing hills in the UK.
  4. It can refresh the body and the mind.
  5. The spirit of cooperation and trust. Part C Story Retelling 故事复述 故事概况: 士兵晚归, 面对军官的质询, 编了同一个理由, 最后一个士兵的答案却出乎意料。 提示词: military 军事的 reason 理由 punish 惩罚 horse 马 officer 军官 There was a military camp in a quiet village. It was far from the towns and cities. Mr. White, an officer of forty, was strict with the soldiers and he hardly let them leave the camp. Once Mr. White was ill in bed and couldn’t work. A young officer, Mr. Hunt, began to train the new soldiers. He knew the young men well and let nine soldiers go to the nearest town to have a holiday. But night fell and none came back to the camp. He was worried about it and stood at the gate. At five to twelve, the nine soldiers came back. It seemed they were all drunk. Of course they found the officer was angry. “I’m sorry, sir,” said the first soldier. “I left the town on time. But something was wrong with my bus on my way here. I had to buy a horse and made it run fast. Bad luck! It died and I had to run back.” And the other seven soldiers said they were late for the same reasons. It was the last soldier’s turn. He said, “I’m sorry, sir. I got on a bus on time, but…” Having heard this, the officer became even angrier and stopped him at once. He called out, “If you say something was wrong with your bus, I’ll punish you at once!” “No, no, sir,” said the young man. “My bus was all right, but the dead horses were in its way!”
Key: In a military camp, Mr. White was so strict with the soldiers that none of them were allowed to leave the camp.(信息点一) Once he was ill and a young officer decided to let nine soldiers go out for a holiday. (信息点二)However, the soldiers didn’t come back until mid-night. They seemed drunk. Mr. Hunt saw this, and became very angry.(信息点三) The first solider explained that there was something wrong with the bus on the way back so that he bought a horse which died later.(信息点四) The other seven soldiers all used the same reason. When it came to the last soldier, Mr. Hunt said he would punish him if he used the same excuse.(信息点五) But the young man replied that his bus was all right but the dead horses were in his way. (信 息点六) 注:每个信息点 4 分 试题 B 卷 Part A Reading Aloud 模仿朗读 It’s now late May. The sunlight lasts for 17 hours a day. But the bloom will need more than just sun if it’s to reach its full extent. Nutrients held in these waters are continuously used up as the bloom increase. If they’re exhausted too early, the plankton will die and the food chain will collapse. The effects will be felt by all. Meanwhile on the sea lion colony, new life is now arriving. After a year carrying her pup this mother can at last give birth. Part B Role Play 角色扮演(三问五答) 角色扮演(三问五答) 情景介绍 角色:你是学生。 角色:你是学生。 任务: (
  1)和你的同学谈论并向他提问; 任务: )和你的同学谈论并向他提问; ( (
  2)根据谈话内容回答另一同学的提问。 )根据谈话内容回答另一同学的提问。 生词: lounge 休息厅 W: Hi, Kevin, your roommate told me that I could find you in the TV lounge. What are you doing here? M: What does it look like I am doing? W: Well, it looks like you are watching television, but we have a math final-term tomorrow, so I thought you'd be studying for it and maybe I can study with you. M: Oh, well, I was just taking a break. This Math stuff gives me a headache if I work on it too long. W: How long have you been working on it? M: I’ve been working on it for three hours already. I’m beginning to feel tired and confused about the math problems. W: What did you get on the mid-term test? M: It’s a shame. I failed that test, so this test put me again under a lot of pressure. If I failed again, I would lose my confidence in this subject. I wish I could be cleverer. W: Why don’t you ask your friend to go over some of the problems? M: Oh, yes, I tried to turn to Elizabeth. She is a friend of mine. And she didn’t miss a question and got a hundred on the latest test. But it’s already 10:30p.m. I don’t want to trouble her. Just wish me good luck tomorrow.
Questions to Ask:
  1. 你做数学题做多久了?
  2. 期中考你考得怎么样?
  3. 为何不去请教你的朋友克服难题呢? Keys:
  1. How long have you been working on it?
  2. What did you get on the mid-term test?
  3. Why don’t you ask your friend to go over some of the problems? Questions to Answer:
  1. What is Kevin doing now?
  2. What are they going to do tomorrow?
  3. Why does Kevin feel tired?
  4. Why is Kevin under a lot of pressure?
  5. How good is Elizabeth in math? Keys:
  1. He is taking a break by watching TV.
  2. They are going to have a final-exam.
  3. He has worked on the math for 3 hours.
  4. He failed the mid-term exam and was afraid of failing again.
  5. She didn’t miss a question and got a hundred on the last test. Part C Story Retelling 故事复述 故事梗概: 怪物长得奇丑无比,在杂志上描述了自己的长相并公开征友,竟然有了回音。 提示词: Monster 怪物 ugly 丑的 advertisement 广告 tail 尾巴 recognize 识别 Once upon a time there was a monster. He was very ugly and had no friends. No one wanted to talk to him. Even other monsters thought he was ugly. He lived alone and was very unhappy because he was so lonely. “I wish I had a friend.” He said to himself every day, “One friend would be enough. Someone to talk to.” He wrote a letter to a magazine, which gave advice to people. “Dear Editor,” he wrote, “I am an ugly monster. How can I find a friend?” “Dear monster,” the Editor replied, “Advertise for a friend in this magazine.” Then, the monster wrote an advertisement. “Monster wants a friend, male or female. I have two heads, four arms, six legs and three tails. I have one blue eye and one green eye. Smoke comes out of my nose. But I am really a kind monster and will be a good friend to someone. If you would like to meet me, please write to Mr. A, Box 45, everybody’s Magazine.” A few days later he went to the magazine.
“Do you have any letters for Box 45?” he asked. The clerk looked in Box
  45. “Yes, there is one.” She said, and gave it to him. The monster opened the letter, and read, “Dear Monster, I think a person’s character is more important than his appearance. I will wait outside the zoo on Friday. Please carry a flower so that I will recognize you. Yours sincerely, Miss Alice.” Key: There was a monster that was ugly and had no friends. He was so lonely that he wrote to a magazine for advice on how to find a friend. (信息点一)The editor suggested that he advertise for a friend in the magazine. 信息点二) So he put on an ( advertisement which described his appearance: two heads, four arms, six legs, three tails, one blue eye and one green eye. (信息点三)Although ugly, he was kind and hoped that anyone who wanted to meet him could write back. (信息点四)To his surprise, a lady replied, saying the character is more important than one’s appearance. (信息点五) wanted to meet him but asked him to carry a flower outside a zoo so She that she could recognize him.(信息点六) 注:每个信息点 4 分



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