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1 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后人 36-55 各题所给的四个选项(A,B,C 和 D)中, 选出最佳选项. Anna Douglas was 72 years old when she started writing her newspaper column. She had been a school teacher before she retired(退休),but she needed to keep 36 . She was even willing to work without pay. She then offered her 37 with a business that helped other businesses find jobs for old people. Every day she 38 other old folks like her. By talking with them,she 39 two things. Old people had abilities that were not 40 . But old people also had some 41 . She found a new purpose for herself then. Through the years,she 42 to write stories about people for national magazines. There was now a new 43 : Old people like herself. She began to write a newspaper column called"Sixty Plus", which was about 44 old . She writes about the problems of old people, especially their problems with being 45 . Anna Douglas uses her 46 ability to see the truth behind a problem. She understands 47 problems begin. For example,one of her 48 said that his grandchildren 49 the houses as soon as he came to visit. Mrs Douglas 50 some ways for him to understand his grandchildren. "It's important to know 51 about your grandchildren's world,"says Mrs Douglas. "That means questioning and listening,and 52 is not what old people do best. Say good things to them and about them,"she continues. "Never try to 53 your grandchildren or other young people. Never 54 your opinion. Don't tell them what they should do. 55 , they have been taught they should have respect for old people. The old should respect them as well. "
  36. A. free B. rich C. powerful D. busy
  37. A. service B. money C. students D. books
  38. A. observed B. met C. comforted D. answered
  39. A. recognized B. followed C. enjoyed D. demanded
  40. A. studied B. agreed C. gave D. used
  41. A. mistakes B. problems C. questions D. characters
  42. A. had B. ought C. was D. used
  43. A. subject B. life C. way D. plan
  44. A. getting B. respecting C. employing D. supporting
  45. A. unknown B. refused C. misunderstood D. discouraged
  46. A. thinking B. working C. writing D. leading
  47. A. that B. when C. why D. whether
  48. A. visitors B. readers C. listeners D. friends
  49. A. got B. entered C. left D. passed
  50. A. invented B. chose C. suggested D. imagined
  51. A. everything B. something C. anything D. nothing
  52. A. listening B. speaking C. pleasing D. advising
  53. A. praise B. scold C. trouble D. encourage

  54. A. speak out B. give up C. get back D. stick to
  55. A. Commonly B. Surprisingly C. Happily D. Naturally 答案及解析 完形填空
  36. D. 她从教师工作上退了下来, 然而她一直很忙. 项有一定干扰性. B keep rich 意思是"富 有",从后文 she was even willing to work without pay. 可以看出 B 项不合题意.
  37. A. 从空后的 that helped other businesses find jobs for old people. 可以看出, 她提供的是商 业服务.
  38. B.从空后的 By talking with them 可以看出,Anna Douglas 每天都与很多老年人会面, 而不是观察或安慰他们.
  39. A.通过与他们交谈,她认识到两件事情.接下来的两句便是她认识到的事情.recognize 在这里是"认识到"的意思.
  40. D.老年人有未被利用的能力.这是她积极为老年人找工作发挥他们余热的原因.其他 答案不合题意.
  41. B.然而老年人也有老年人的问题.A 项有较大干扰性.从后文我们知道,有一位老年 人不受其孙子女的欢迎,这是他面临的问题,而不是错误.
  42. D.从后文 She began to write a newspaper column called"Sixty Plus",我们知道,她为国家 杂志写人物故事是以前的事.
  43. A.联系上下文 Old people like herself. 是报纸的一个话题(subject),因此其它选项不 合题意.
  44. A.get old 在这里为系表结构,其它选项不正确.
  45. C.B,D 项有较大干扰性.作者举的例子说明很多老年人被其孙子女误解,而不是(他 们的要求)被拒绝等.
  46. A.从空后的 see the truth behind a problem 我们得知,Anna Douglas 用的是 thinking abilities.
  47. C.从下文举的例子看,她明白的是事情的起因,因此其它选项不合题意.
  48. B.A 项有较大干扰性.从前文我们知道 Anna Douglas 是靠写文章与老年人交流,而不 是建立了咨询中心,因此 A 项不合题意.
  49. C.联系上下文我们可以推知,这位老年人与其孙子女关系并不融洽,因此当他进来时, 孩子们就离开.
  50. C.她给这位老人建议了几种方法.
  51. B.A,C 有较大干扰性.从空后的 your grandchildren's world 我们得知,想了解孙子女 世界的一切是不可能的.
  52. A.本空承接 and 前的分句而来,因此答案应在 questioning 和 listening 间选择,选项中 没有 questioning.
  53. B.联系上文 Say good things to them and about them. 得此答案.A 项有一定干扰性,空 前的 Never 决定了此选项不正确.
  54. D.stick to 在这里是"固执地坚持".A,B 均有一定干扰性.联系前文 Mrs Douglas 认为 老人应该多听听孙子女的见解,不要太固执地坚持自己的看法. speak out 意思是"说 出",give up 是"放弃",因此不合题意.
  55. A.D 有较大干扰性.Naturally 意思是"自然而然地",而 Commonly 指"通常情况下". 2 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 36?55 各题所给的四个选项(A,B,C 和 D)中, 选出最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑.
We may look at the world around us, but somehow we manage not to see it until whatever we've become used to suddenly disappears. 36 , for example, the neatly-dressed woman I 37 to
see -- or look at -- on my way to work each morning. For three years, no matter around 8:00 am. On Summertime 40 41 39 38 the weather was like, she was always waiting at the bus stop days, she wore heavy clothes and a pair of woolen gloves.
out neat, belted cotton dresses and a hat pulled low over her sunglasses. all this only after she was seen
, she was an ordinary working woman. Of course, I 42
no more. It was then that I realized how 43 I 44 her.
I expected to see her each morning. You might say
"Did she have an accident? Something that she was gone, I felt I had
45 ?" I thought to myself about her 46
. Now
47 her. I began to realize that part of our 48
life probably
includes such chance meetings with familiar 49 : the milkman you see at dawn, the woman who 50 walks her dog along the street every morning, the twin brothers you see at the library. Such 51 markers in our lives. They add weight to our 52 53 of place and belonging.
people are
Think about it.
, while walking to work, we mark where we are by 54 a certain 55 , person?
building, why should we not mark where we are when we pass a familiar, though
  36. A. Make
  37. A. happened
  38. A. what
  39. A. sunny
  40. A. took
  41. A. Clearly
  42. A. believed
  43. A. long
  44. A. respected
  45. A. better
  46. A. disappearance
  47. A. forgotten
  48. A. happy
  49. A. friends
  50. A. regularly
  51. A. common
  52. A. choice
  53. A. Because
  54. A. keeping
  55. A. unnamed 英语参考答案 B. Take B. wanted B. how B. rainy B. brought B. Particularly B. expressed B. often B. missed B. worse B. appearance B. lost B. enjoyable B. strangers B. actually B. pleasant B. knowledge B. If B. changing B.unforgettable C. Give C. used C. which C. cloudy C. carried C. Luckily C. remembered C. soon C. praised C. more C. misfortune C. known C. frequent C. tourists C. hardly C. important C. decision C. Although C. passing C. unbelievable D. Have D. tried D. when D. snowy D. turned
D. Especially D. wondered D. much D. admired D. less D. fortune D. hurt D. daily D. guests D. probably D. faithful D. sense D. However D. mentioning D. unreal
36?40 BCADB
41?45 ACDBB
46?50 ACDBA 3
51?55 CDBCA
阅读下面短文,从短文后面所给各题的四个选项 A,B,C,D 中,选出可以填入空白 处的最佳选项. I was afraid to fly alone, but Dad put me on board anyway and a flight attendant (乘务 员) was keeping an eye on me through the flight. 21 came to land.
As we broke through the clouds, I could see lights 22 and knew we were getting close to the ground. When we came to the runway, however, I realized we were going too 23 ! I turned and looked back: no one seemed to be acting 24 ? it seemed to be fine. The
lights were gone when suddenly someone shouted, "Look, the runway's 25 !" I looked up ahead and saw a busy road. There were lots of 26 that must have seen us because some of them 27 . We crossed the road, and I felt 28 we were going to run over or be hit by the cars! 29 We 30 not knowing whether
was with us, but not for long. 31 !" I
nose down onto some ground. The flight attendant came, "Have to
didn't 32 and immediately unfastened my seatbelt. Through the window I saw 33 sign. A 34_ thought crossed my mind that the plane could be sitting on gas tanks and it might 35 ! The exits were opened and the 36 started to help get people down out. When I did touch the ground, I wanted to 37 , still fearing the explosion. The gas tanks were 38
and the flight attendant passed me my cell phone by which I called my grandparents, who were waiting for 39_ from me. Although they knew no one was dead, they were still glad I was 40 ! B. The plane B. ahead B. far B. differently B. working B. passengers B. rushed B. scared B. Care B. struck B. sit still C. Time C. around C. high C. calmly C. ending C. buses C. escaped C. discouraged C. Luck C. settled C. run away D. Place D. behind D. fast D. seriously D. closing D. cars D. cheered D. ashamed D. Fear D. crashed D. stay behind

  21. A. Order
  22. A. below
  23. A. slow
  24. A. carefully
  25. A. moving
  26. A. people
  27. A. stopped
  28. A. puzzled
  29. A. Hope
  30. A. landed
  31. A. get off

  32. A. wonder
  33. A. a gas-station
  34. A. curious
  35. A. survive
  36. A. pilot
  37. A. lie down
  38. A. unharmed
  39. A. gift
  40. A. polite
B. reply B. an emergency B. powerful B. explode B. air-hostess B. rush away B. destroyed B. word B. patient
C. hesitate C. a keep-off C. cautious C. rescue C. crew C. ring up C. removed C. story C. nervous
D. hurry D. a no-crossing D. bitter D. disappear D. captain D. give up D. equipped D. evidence D. alive
参考答案 21~25 CADBC 26~30 DABCD 31~35 ACADB 36~40 CBABD 4 The western world has always been divided into two types of people?the cool and the uncool. It is a division that 36 in school. The cool kids are good at 37 .They are 38 with the opposite sex .They are good-looking and people want to 39 their style. They can do be cool. their homework but they don't make a big effort. That would 40 The uncool kids are in the other corner of the playground. They are very bright ,but they don't have great 41 skills and they are 42 at sports .When they are not programming computers or doing calculus(微积分)in their heads ,they are reading comic books and watching shows like the "X Files" .They are 43 as the geeks. Here's the news. The geeks are 44 .Make friends with them now or they will put virus in your maths homework to ruin. Geeks might not be popular at school, your computer and 45 yet they do pass their examinations ,and they might not be too popular at university, but 46 good degrees. The most important 47 of the 21st century ,computers and IT, has been at least partly created by geeks .Geek heroes like Bill Gates 48 others to follow their example .Being a of geek is a way of earning good money .And the creation of the Internet gave them a 49 their own to work and play in ,making them a global 50 .Besides ,the effect of the geeks 51 popular culture has started a new trend (趋势) is now cool to be 52 .It .Geek culture is becoming an important part of general popular culture ,in which what you know is more important than 53 you look like. . Geeks were often bullied or laughed at in school. Now a geek may be But there are also 54 your boss .Perhaps it is time for 55 .
  36. A. continues B. makes C. remains D. starts
  37. A. computers B. studies C. sports D. maths
  38. A. pleasant B. popular C. crazy D. average
  39. A. copy B. advance C. take D. act
  40. A. not B. indeed C. perhaps D. actually
  41. A. speaking B. operating C. social D. experimental
  42. A. speechless B. sharp C. active D. hopeless
  43. A. known B. referred C. thought D. admired
  44. A. taking on B. taking up C. taking over D. taking in
  45. A. put B. cause C. bring D. serve

  46. A. win B. take C. wish D. finish
  47. A. industry B. discovery C. progress D. development
  48. A. promise B. discourage C. demand D. excite
  49. A. chance B. space C. world D. career
  50. A. force B. company C. organization D. department
  51. A. of B. on C. in D. for
  52. A. rich B. attractive C. handsome D. uncool
  53. A. how B. that C. what D. how much
  54. A. opportunities B. dangers C. possibility D. question
  55. A. punishment B. argument C. competition D. employment 参考答案
  36. D
  37. C
  38. B
  39. A
  40. A
  41. C
  42. D
  43. A
  44. C
  45. C
  46. B
  47. A
  48. D
  49. C
  50. A
  51. B
  52. D
  53. C
  54. B
  55. A 5 At 4:00 pm. Hiroyuki Matsuda, 36, who lives in a suburb of Kyoto, goes to a nearby nursery school to pick up his 5-year-old daughter. Hiroyuki, a(n) (
  36) father in Japan is a junior high school teacher. His wife Takako, working in a publishing house, gave (
  37) in June. After a two-month maternity leave(产假), she (
  38) to work, while Hiroyuki (
  39) h


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