辽宁高考英语词汇(相似、同义、近义) 高考英语词汇 2011 辽宁高考英语词汇(相似、同义、近义)词突破
精选练习( 精选练习(一)

  1. We can't one to change the habits of a lifetime in a short time. A. hope B. wait C. expect D. imagine
expect 期望,盼望,表示认为有很大的客观可能性,例如:I expect the work to be finished by Friday.(我期望这 项工作能在星期五前做完。 wait for ... to do sth.等待、 ) 等待......做......, 强调“等”这一动词的本身, The audience are 如: waiting eagerly for the performance to begin.(观众正等着演出开始。)本题如改为这样:I waited for him to arrive in time for dinner, but he didn't come.(我等他来赶上晚餐,但他没有来。)由此可见,expect 是表示“期待”,而 wait for 是表示 “等待”,词义完全不同。 注意 hope 后不能接 sb. to do sth. imagine being on the moon. 例如: I’m sorry, but I can't imagine anyone doing research like that. 本题译文:我们不能期望一个人在这样短的时间内改变一辈子养成的习惯。
  2. The noise was so that only those with excellent hearing were aware of it. A. dim B. soft C. faint D. gentle
faint(=weak, indistinct; not clear)“微弱的,模糊的,不清楚的”。Dim(=not bright, not clearly to be seen)不亮的,看 不清的;the dim light of a candle(微弱的烛光)。
  3. His landlady gave him a week's to leave the flat. A. threat B. notice C. advice D. caution
notice 预先通知(尤用雇主、雇员或房东、房客之间) :give one's employee a month's notice (通知雇员一个月后 离职)。本题译文:他的女房东通知他一周后从套间搬走。
  4. Even if they are on sale, these refrigerators are equal in price to, if not more expensive than, at the other store. A. anyone B. the others C. that D. the ones
代词 one 可以用来替代前面提到过的名词,以避免重复。如果它替代的名词是复数,则用 ones。本题中它代替 refrigerators;因特指,故用 the ones.
  5. When I took his temperature, it was two degrees above . A. average B. ordinary C. regular D. normal
normal 正常的;ordinary 普通的;average 平均的;regular 有规律的,定期的。
  6. It is clear that the whole world is passing through a social revolution in which a central must be taken by scientists and technologists. A. process B. attention C. measure D. part
take part in 参加。 1
  7. These plastic flowers look so that many people think they are real. A. beautiful B. natural C. artificial D. similar

  8. When I worked as the general manager of the firm, I sometimes had to visit London on business. A. opportunity B. possibility C. occasion D. chance
occasion 作可数名词时,意为“时机”,作不可数名词时,意为“必要”,本题中 occasion 意为“必要”。从句语法 结构上看,本句中用 opportunity(难得的)机会,chance(偶然的)机会均可,但按逻辑意思,应用 occasion.
  9. The most important of his speech was that we should all work whole-heartedly for the people. A. element B. spot C. sense D. point
point (=chief idea of sth. said, done, or planned)要点; 论点, 主旨: don't see your point.(我不明白你的意思。 said I )He nothing to the point.(他说的不切题。)
  10. It has always been the of our firm to encourage workers to take part in social activities. A. plan B. campaign C. procedure D. policy
policy(尤指政党、 政府、 大企业、 商行等的)政策, 方针。 campaign(政治或竞选的)运动; (军事的) 行动, procedure 做事的手续、程序,plan 计划,均不合题意。 本题译文:本公司的一贯方针是鼓励工人参加社会活动。
  11. I remember her face but I cannot where I met her. A. recall B. remind C. remember D. remark
recall(=bring back to the mind)想起,回忆起:But I really can't recall your name at his moment. remind sb. of ...使......想起:
  1)The photo reminds me of my late father.(这张照片使我想起已故的父亲。)
  2) The sight of the clock reminded me that I was late. remind sb. to sth.提醒......做......;Please remind me to write the letter.
  12. He has left his book here on , so that you can read it. A. purpose B. intention C. aim D. meaning
on purpose 是介词习语,意为“故意地”。如用 intention,则应说 by intention 故意地。
  13. The open university was started in order to help those who having a university education when they were young. A. stopped B. failed C. missed D. ceased
miss doing sth.没有做某事:I missed seeing the film when it was shown at school.(学校放映那部电影时,我没有能 去看。)
  14. We won't know whether it will be successful. We won't know whether there will be good . A. ends B. results C. effects D. causes
result 意为“由某种活动或某种原因所产生的结果”,如:obtain(=get, attain, gain win, secure)good results(取得好 2
结果) ,publish the results(公布成绩) 。
  15. Comrade Li Dazhao, librarian of Beijing University, was one of the founders of the Chinese Communist Party. A. sometimes B. sometime C. some time D. some times
sometime(=former)过去的,以前的:Alice Brown, a sometime pupil of our school, is now a teacher there.
  16. The patients believe that the doctor knows exactly how to put them . A. correct B. perfect C. right D. well
put sth. /sb. right 纠正;治好,使恢复健康:Since man has done so much damage, it is up to man to put the matters right. (既然人类已造成了如此巨大的损害, 人类有责任纠正这种状况。 )又如: This medicine will soon put you right. (这 药很快会使你恢复健康。)其他 3 个选择均不能与 put 构成习语,故不能入选。本题译文:病人相信医生清楚地知道 怎样治好他的病。
  17. And you find that you're not to be with a position of real responsibility. A. offered B. trusted C. furnished D. retained
trust sb. with sth. 把某事托付给某人 trust sth to sb :I can't trust him with my car.(我不能把我的车托付给他。)本 题译文:你认为不会把真正有责任的工作托付给你。
  18. She got married although her parents had not given her their . A. allowance B. consent C. permit D. appreciation
consent n. 同意,赞成;consent (to) vi.同意,如:consent to a plan(同意一项计划)。allowance 津贴。permit 执照, 许可证 permission n 允许。
  19. At first Bob was puzzled by Virginia s waving, but then it his mind that she was trying to tell him something. A. crossed B. passed C. occurred D. opened
cross (enter)one's mind 想起:
  1)A sudden thought crossed my mind.
  2)It never crossed my mind that he might refuse the request. (我从来没有想到他可能会拒绝这个请求。) 如用 pass through, 例如:When Jane did not come home by midnight, many terrible fears passed through Mother's mind. (=Mother thought of many things that might have happened to Jane.) occur 的用法如下:
  1)That view of the case did not occur to me before. (对这个案件的那种看法以前我没有想到 过。)
  2)It occurred to her that she might adopt a homeless child.(她想到,她可以收养一个无家可归的孩子。) 关于"想起"的以上三种表达法考生务必弄懂熟记。这些词组和句形不仅在词汇测试中经常遇到,而且在短文写 作时也可以使用。 本题译文:起初鲍玻对弗吉尼亚的挥手致意感到迷惑,但后来他想到,她想告诉他某事。
  20. When college students future employment, they often think of status, income, and prestige. A. demand B. assume C. apply D. anticipate
anticipate vt 预料,期望,预望:The first question is one the John has anticipated. (第一个问题是约翰已经预料到 的.) 3
anticipate +n/anticipate that; anticipate doing sth; I anticipated seeing you soon.
  21. Alice her father that both she and her husband would be happy if he would live with them. A. convinced B. reinforced C. pledged D. required
convince sb. +that 从句意为"使……相信,说服……"。 convince sb of sth; I tried to convince them of his innocence. convince sb to do sth; We convinced him to go by car. convinced adj Be convinced of/that; I am convinced of his guilt./I am convinced that he is guilty. convincing adj 令人 信服的 reinforce 加强,增强。pledge 发誓,保证.
  22. I caught a of the car before it disappeared around the bend. A. glance B. glimpse C. glare D. stare
catch (or get) a glimpse of 瞥见(强调行为的结果) I caught a glimpse of her in the crowd. 我在人群中瞥见了他。 take a glance (or look) at 看一眼(强调行为过程本身)。Take a glance at the Tv programs 瞄一下电视节目
  23. The car salesman took the customer for a driver in the new model in order to its improved features. A. advocate B. demonstrate C. exhibit D. reveal
demonstrate(=show clearly by giving proof or example)以实物说明, 示范, 展示 The salesman demonstrated the new personal computer. advocate 拥护,提倡。exhibit 展览,陈列。reveal 揭示,暴露。
  24. After dinner the minister made a short to the guests. A. delivery B. pronunciation C. conversation D. speech
make a speech to sb.(向某人做演讲)。make conversation with sb.(和某人闲谈 conversation 常与下列动词搭配:get (enter) into conversation with(和......攀谈起来),have a conversation with(与......谈话),interr upt (break off) conversation(中 断谈话),turn the conversation to other matters(把话题转到其他问题上)delivery 常指"(演讲等的)说话方式,口才",如: His report was good, but his delivery was poor.( 他的报告内容很好,但他的口才太差)。
  25. The old man got into the of storing money under the bed. A. tradition B. habit C. use D. custom
get into the habit of doing sth.意为"养成了做......的习惯"。habit 指个人的习惯,而 custom 则指社会的风俗习惯。 tradition"传统
  26. One-room schoolhouses can still be found in areas where there are no other schools for many miles. A. disposed B. deserted C. isolated D. abandoned
isolated 孤立的。Deserted 被遗弃的;空无一人的 a deserted house 空无一人的房屋;abandoned 丢弃的,如; abandoned cars(因报废而丢弃的汽车)。Dispose of sth. 处理掉某物:He disposed of his old car .(他把旧的汽车处理掉 了。)意为卖掉或扔掉等。
  27. It’s bad for a man to smoke in the public places where smoking is not allowed. A. behavior B. action C. manner D. movement
behavior 意思为"举止,行为";action "动作";manner"方式"; movement "运动,行动"。答案 A。 4

  28. Before the final examination, many students have shown of tension. Some have trouble in sleeping while others have lost their appetite. A. anxiety B. marks C. signs D. remarks
anxiety 与 tension 同义,意思为"紧张";mark"记号,痕迹"; sign"迹象,现象,标记"; remark"评论"。根据 句意,应为 show signs of tension"表现出紧张的样子"。答案 C。
  29. When you do exercises, your heart works better. It is able to more blood while beating more slowly. A. produce B. pump C. increase D. bump
pump“泵入更多的血” 。produce“产生” ;increase“增加” ;bump“碰,撞” 。
  30.?Yang Yang carried off the first winter Olympic medal for China. ?Great! What she won for our motherland! A. golden; honour B. gold; honor C. golden; honors D. gold; honors
根据句意可以知道,第一空"金牌"意思为"含金之物",应用 gold 作定语,而 golden 为比喻性形容词,意思为" 金色的"。例如 golden rice"金黄色的稻子";第二空 honor 在此意思为"荣誉,光荣",是不可 数名词。
  31. The problem is not so easy as you think. It’s far from being settled. A. hardly B. almost C. nearly D. scarcely
hardly 和 scarcely 意思均为"几乎不",与题干中的 not 构成双重否定,不符合句子意思;almost 与 not 连用时, almost 常置于 not 前面,意思为"几乎不";只有 not nearly 为正确结构,意思为"相差很远"。
  32. I’ll him off this time but next time he’ll be punished. A. leave B. let C. put D. set
let off 饶恕。 Set off 出发、动身; leave off 停止、不再穿;put off 推迟。
  33. ?? Who on earth could it be? A. none B. nothing ?? It was other than Peter. C. not D. nobody
none other than (表示惊讶)不是别人,不是别的;就是,正是 It's none other than Tom! We thought you were in Africa! 是汤姆!我们以为你还在非洲!
  34. In the A.lack of proof , the police could not take action against the man . B.shortage C.absence . D.failure
in the absence of 缺少 shortage 缺乏, 无此搭配。"In the developed countr


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   2007 学年第二学期高二英语备课组计划 学年第二 教师配置:高二年级英语备课组目前有张俭莹和夏润君 2 位教师,分 教师配置: 别担任高二(2)班、 (4)班和高二(1)班、 (3)班一文 科班和一理科班的教学工作。 学生状况分析: 学生状况分析:本学期进行了文理分班,1 班为物理班,2 班为化学 班,3 班为政治班,4 班为史地班。分析学生情况,化学班学生学习 习惯及成绩相对良好,后进生人数较少。其次是物理班。基础较差的 击剑队员主要集中在 3 班。 课时进度分析: 课时进度分析:本学期 ...


   英语教研组工作总结 英语教研组作为学校的基层组织,得到了学校领导的高度重视和大力支持,这使我们对自 身工作也有了更高的认识和定位。为此我们组提出了这样一个工作总要求,即“以整体推进基 础教育课程改革为中心,以课题研究为主线,以深化课堂教学为重点,奋力拼搏,开拓进取, 切实提高教科研工作水平,努力为我校全面实施素质教育服务” 。在具体的工作中,我们重点抓 好以下几个方面: 一、利用教学常规,规范教学工作。 全组教师能认真领会《小学英语教学大纲》的精神,认真钻研教材,在教学中根据各班学 生的实际 ...


   考研俱乐部 --考研英语语法全突破 1 很多英语老师都面临着一大烦恼,特别是农村中学的英语老师们,在农村小学英语基础教育没有 走上正轨以及缺乏多媒体教学条件的情况下,学生不爱听课,要么走神,要么就干别的事,好像对老师所讲 的一点儿不感兴趣。究其原因,是由于课堂教学枯燥乏味。因此,教师的当务之急便是努力增加课堂的趣味 性,让英语课堂不再乏味。该如何增加课堂的趣味性呢?下面是我的几点体会: 一、讲一些文化背景 语言是文化的重要载体,语言与文化密不可分。学习语言只有了解了有关的文化知识后,才能正确 ...