Unit 2

  1. for a wonderful hairstyle for 在这里表示“目的,目标”
  2. promise i. 灰太狼:I promise I’ll come back. ii. promise to do 承诺做某事 I promise to finish my homework before sitting down in front of the TV. iii. promise 作名词时 make a promise 作出许诺 keep sb’s promise 坚守承诺 iv. promising 有前途的,有希望的 The newcomer is promising. 这个新人大有前途。
  3. on top of the world 欣喜若狂 on top of / on top 在...的项部 There are piles of snow on top of the house. 房项上有几堆雪。 at the top of one’s voice 高声地;扯着喉咙地 She was screaming at the top of her voice. 她在声嘶力竭地尖叫。 They’re top students in our class. 他们是我们班上的前几名。
  4. choose the one that is right for you ( 定语从句,that 在定从中做主语)
  5. get advice from our experts / tuitors 从专家/ 辅导老师处 那里获取教益 If you don’t know what sort of books to choose, get advice from me at anytime. 如果你不知道选种类型的书,随时向我请教。
  6. It is + adj / adj 比较级 for sb to do sth 此句式中 to do sth 属不定式作宾语补足语 It’s necessary for you to pass the ball. 有必要及时把球传出去。 有个例子被列举地很频繁: It’s important for you to study English. 日本: It’s impossible for the government to control the radiation. 控制核幅射对日本人来说是不可 能的。 二战中日本不投降: It was necessary for the US military to launch a neclear attack. 美国有必要对日本实施核打 击。 类似的形容词:difficult, hard, easy, convenient, important, impossible, necessary
  7. suit, fit suit i. 指服装、颜色适合某人 Blue suits you. 你适合穿蓝色。

孩 子 开 启 ii. 其他适合 The kind of music doesn’t suit me. fit 指大小,尺寸的适合 a close-fitting dress 紧身连衣裙 I can’t find clothes to fit me. 我找不到合身的衣服。

  8. angle 与 point a 45°angle 45°角 You can look at this issue from many different angles. 你可以从很多不同角度看这个问题。 Look at from this point. 从这个角度看。
  9. depend on = be decided by Don’t depend on your teacher completely, use your head. / brain. 99% of oil needed in Japan depends on importing. 日本所需 99%石油依赖于进口。 be fully / totally dependent on ... 完全依赖于
  10. She left, but there’re plenty of fish in the sea. plenty of 后既可接可 n,又可接不可 n
  11. You will shine and so will your hair. 你会容光焕发,你的头发也会金光闪闪。 这是肯定的倒装。 否定的倒装: I don’t like sweet food. Neither / Nor do I.
  12. Keep yourself healthy. Keep the room clean. 这些成分在句中作宾语补足语。
  13. be wise of you to wash your hair often. 该句式是: be + adj + of sb to do sth,adj 表示人的品质或特征。 类似的 adj 还有:kind, clever, nice, smart
  14. soft enough enough 修饰 adj 时需后置,修饰 n 时前置
  15. dry your hair gently gently 在此句中为程度副词充当句子状语,修饰 dry 。 e.g. drive carefully, walk quietly, eat quickly 都属于 adv 作状语
  16. too much 太多;much too 太
  17. call sb in 召来,叫来(服务) to call in a doctor / the police 请医生 / 叫警察来 call on sb / call at sp ( 短暂地 ) 访问,拜访
  18. break down i. 出故障 ii. 垮掉 Her health broke down under the pressure of work. 她因工作压力身体垮掉了。 另: I’m broken. 我身无分文。

孩 子 开 启 I broke down. 累坏了。= I’m exhausted.
  19. have sth done 过去分词作宾语补足语 e.g. have my hair cut / have my socks washed
  20. first of all 首先 second of all / secondly 其次 at last / finally 最终
  21. persuade sb to do sth 劝说某人做某事

  22. expert, specialist, professional specialist 有特指专科医生的意思,当然,也指其它方面的专家,但是一般都指职业的专家, 或是研究的专家。 expert 用的要随便一些,不管在什么地方,内行一些的,都能称 expert。 professional 另有职业的意思,是指专业人员,专门从事某行业的人,而这个人在这个行业 里,并不一定是专家高手。 Grammar I. It is + adj for ( of ) sb to do sth II. V-ing 与 V-ed V-ing 一般修饰物,V-ed 修饰人 excited exciting surprised surprising amazed amazing astonished astonishing interested interesting interesting 可修饰人,也可修饰物 an interesting book, an interesting man III. adj + enough ( not ) to do sth His arm is long enough to get the peach. The light should be bright enough not to harm your eyes.



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