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  1. fossil n. 化石 a fossil of an ancient animal 一种远古动物的化石 fossil n. 顽固不化的人,陈旧的事物 顽固不化的人, She is an old fossil. 她是个老顽固。 她是个老顽固。

  2. skeleton n. 骨架,骨骼 骨架,
a skeleton key 万能钥匙 a skeleton in the cupboard / a family skeleton 家丑, 家丑,隐情

  3. footprint n. 脚印

  4. Disneyland n. 迪士尼乐园

  5. an amusement park 游乐园 amusement n. 娱乐,消遣 娱乐, to one’s amusement 使某人感到好笑的是 amuse v. 逗笑,娱乐 逗笑, amused adj. 感到好笑的 amusing adj. 逗人笑的,有乐趣的 逗人笑的,
a. We were all at his stories. amused b. Reading and watching movies are among my . amusement c. She writes very amusing letters. amused d. He himself by playing the piano. amused amusing e. We felt at the news.

  6. mausoleum n. 陵墓

  7. roof n. 屋顶 (pl.) roofs )

  8. advertisement n. 广告 = ad Advertisement is to help sell goods. 广告有助于销售。 广告有助于销售。 advertise v. 广告,宣传 广告, They advertised their goods. 他们广告商品。 他们广告商品。

  9. exist : live, be real v. 存在,生存 存在, existing, existed 这种动物只生活于远古时代。 这种动物只生活于远古时代。 existed This kind of animal only in the ancient times.
  10. human being = human 人,人类 a human being = a person How long can a human being survive without water?

  11. gentle: calm and kind adj. 温顺的 a gentle breeze 和风 gently adv. 温和地 gentleman (pl.) gentlemen n. 绅士 妈妈总是用温和的语气与孩子说话。 妈妈总是用温和的语气与孩子说话。 talks Mother usually to her child gentle in a way. = . gently

  12. fierce: angry and frightening adj. 凶猛的,残暴的 凶猛的, <反> gentle 反 make a fierce effort 拼命用功 fiercely adv. 残忍地
  13. found: set up, establish v. 创建 founding, founded 这个年轻人创办了这个著名的公司。 这个年轻人创办了这个著名的公司。 This young man founded this famous company.
区分: 区分:find ? found ? found v. 找到 a. I my lost key on my way found home. founded b. The hospital was in 19
  50. found c. Have you your book? d. Would you please help me find my purse? found e. They plan to a company.

  14. deliver: bring or take sth. to sb. v. 递送 delivering, delivered deliver newspaper / mails 送报纸 / 邮件 delivery n. 传送,投递 传送, delivery date 交货日期

  15. base v. 以……为基础 为基础 be based on 基于 这个故事基于一个真实的人。 这个故事基于一个真实的人。 The story a real person. is based on base n. 基地,基础 基地,
  16. mend : repair, fix v. 修理 你能帮我修理自行车吗? 你能帮我修理自行车吗? Can you the bike me? mend for

  17. contain : have, include v. 包含,含有 包含, 这种药丸含有多种维生素。 这种药丸含有多种维生素。 The pill vitamins. contains 这个大厅可以容纳200人。 这个大厅可以容纳 人 The hall can 200 people. contain
  18. die out 灭绝 die of 死于 (主要指疾病、衰老等 主要指疾病、 自身的原因 ) die of cancer 死于癌症
die from 死于 (主要指事故等方面 主要指事故等方面 的外部原因 ) die from an earthquake 死于地震 die away 逐渐消失,逐渐减弱 逐渐消失,
  19. all year round:the whole year 全年 : 整一年你都可以品尝到海鲜。 整一年你都可以品尝到海鲜。 You can have seafood all year round.


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