useful phrases raise one’ hand five minutes to go get/be ready feel nervous help sb. off the stage hurry down a make-up artist 举手 还剩5分钟 还剩 分钟 准备好 感到紧张 扶某人下台 匆匆下来 一位化妆师
powder one’s face comb one’s hair start clapping ahead of keep still Keep doing sth can’t help doing sth. spare time to do sth
给脸擦粉 梳头 开始鼓掌 在……前面 前面 保持不动 不停做某事 忍不住做某事 腾出时间做某 事
fall forward sit at the table sit at table It’s time for class. It’s time to have classes. win the big prize the city of Paris the city of Beijing
向前跌倒 坐在桌旁 吃饭 是上课的时间了
获大奖 巴黎市 北京城

  1.How do you feel about winning the prize? What do you think of winning the prize? How do you like winning the prize?
  2. It’s time for Travel Quiz. It’s time to have Travel Quiz.

  3. Debbie was so excited that she could hardly keep still. Debbie was too excited to keep still.
  4. Excuse me, can you tell me the location of the Palace Museum? Excuse me, where is the Palace Museum?

  5.Can you give me another example? Would you please give me one more example?
  6. She was ahead of the other two contestants. She was soon better than the other two contestants.
  1)人称 陈述句: ) 陈述句
  2)时态 ) 2一般疑问句:
  1)人称 一般疑问句: ) 一般疑问句
  2)时态 )
  3) whether/if ) 3 特殊疑问句 )人称 特殊疑问句:
  2)时态 )
  3)从句变成陈述句顺序! )从句变成陈述句顺序!
1 主句是一般现在时,从句时态不改变。 主句是一般现在时,从句时态不改变。 主句是一般过去时,从句时态发生相应的变化。 2 主句是一般过去时,从句时态发生相应的变化。
一般现在时 一般过去时 现在进行时 一般将来时 现在完成时
一般过去时 过去完成时 过去进行时 过去将来时 过去完成时
注意:在过去时态中, 注意:在过去时态中,时间地点发 生下列变化
this that now then these those today that day yesterday the day before tomorrow the next day last year the year before next year the next year here ?there come ?go ago before

  1.确定连接词 根据从句句式 确定连接词(根据从句句式 确定连接词 根据从句句式)
从 句 陈 的 述 句 句 式 连 接词 that if (whether) 特殊疑问词 to+动词原形 to+动词原形 not to+ 动词原形
一般疑问句 特殊疑问句 祈使句 肯定句 否定句
  1)The lawyer said,“I will come this morning.” The lawyer said that she would go that morning. (
  2)He said,“These books are mine.” He said that those books were his. (
  3)She said,“It is nine o'clock now.” She said that it was nine o'clock then.
  4)Bob said,“My sister was here three days ago.” Bob said that his sister had been there three days before. (
  5)David said,“I haven't seen her today.” David said that he hadn't seen her that day. (
  6)She said,“I went there yesterday.” She said that she had gone there the day before.
  7)She said,“I'll go there tomorrow.” She said that she would go there the next/following day. (
  8)The captain said,“They will arrive the day after tomorrow.” The captain said that they would arrive in two days' time.
当句末为or 当句末为 not时, 时 引导词只能用whether而不能用 而不能用if. 引导词只能用 而不能用
Mary asked whether I was doing my homework or not.
当与不定式连用时, 当与不定式连用时, 引导词只能用whether而不能用 而不能用if. 引导词只能用 而不能用
They asked me whether to sit beside me.
当与介词连用时, 当与介词连用时, 引导词只能用whether而不能用 而不能用if. 引导词只能用 而不能用
I’m thinking of whether we should go fishing.

  4.从句的简化 从句的简化

  1. 当主句谓语动词是find,see,watch, , , , hear等感官动词时,从句常简化为“宾语+宾 等感官动词时,从句常简化为“宾语+
的不定式或V-ing形式。 形式。 补”结构,宾补为不带to的不定式或 结构,宾补为不带 的不定式或 形式 如:
She found that the wallet lay/was lying on the ground. →She found the wallet lie/lying on the ground.

  2. 当主句谓语动词是 当主句谓语动词是hope,wish, , , decide,forget,plan,agree等,且 , , , 等 主句主语与从句主语相同时, 主句主语与从句主语相同时,从句可 简化为不定式结构。 简化为不定式结构。
She agreed that she could help me with my maths. →She agreed to help me with my maths.

  3. 在连接代词 副词引导的宾语从句中, 在连接代词/副词引导的宾语从句中 副词引导的宾语从句中, 当从句主语与主句主语或间接宾语一 致时,宾语从句可简化为“连接代词/ 致时,宾语从句可简化为“连接代词 副词+不定式”结构。 副词+不定式”结构。如: Can you tell me how I can get to the station? ? →Can you tell me how to get to the station? ?

  6. 宾语从句反意问句及应该的注意问题
通常反意问句部分的构成,常和主句的主谓 保持一致: 通常反意问句部分的构成 常和主句的主谓 保持一致 We all know that they come from America, don’t we? You saw that the fire had been put out, didn’t you? He thinks that we missed the train , doesn’t he ? 但是当主句部分的主谓是: “I think, I don’t believe”时, 但是当主句部分的主谓是 时 这时的反意问句部分,则要和从句的主谓保持一致 则要和从句的主谓保持一致: 这时的反意问句部分 则要和从句的主谓保持一致
I believe you can win the game, can’t you? I don’t guess that their team will win, will it? I don't think she is from Canada, is she?
注意: 注意:两副面孔
if和when既能引导时间状语从句, 和 既能引导时间状语从句, 既能引导时间状语从句 又能引导宾语从句。因此, 又能引导宾语从句。因此,遇到它们就要 认真分析一下,它们究竟属于“两副面孔” 认真分析一下,它们究竟属于“两副面孔” 的哪一副。 的哪一副。如:
If it tomorrow,I won’t , rains come.(时间状语从句) 时间状语从句) will rain I don’t know if it tomorrow. (宾语从句) 宾语从句)



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