工程建设现场英语五百句 目 录
  1、 问候和介绍(36 句) GREETINGS AND INTRODUCTIONS 交谈语言(
  2、 交谈语言(24 句) TALKING ABOUT LANGUAGES 日期和时间(
  3、 日期和时间(20 句) DATES AND TIMES 天气和环境(
  4、 天气和环境(20 句) WEATHER AND ENVIRONMENT 在会议上(
  5、 在会议上(34 句) AT THE MEETING 工程项目(
  6、 工程项目(20 句) ENGINEERING PROJECT 计划与进度(
  7、 计划与进度(20 句) PLANNING AND SCHEDULING 技术资料与图纸(
  9、 公用工程(20 句) UTILITY
  10、 施工现场(
  10、 施工现场(44 句) AT THE JOB SITE
  11、 设备检验(
  11、 设备检验(30 句) INSPECTION OF THE EQUIPMENT 土建工程( 1
  2、 土建工程(18 句) CIVIL ENGINEERING
  13、 施工机械(
  14、 常用工具(
  14、 常用工具(22 句) COMMON TOOLS
  15、 工程材料(
  16、 设备安装(
  17、 工艺管道(
  17、 工艺管道(22 句) PROCESS PIPING
  18、 质量管理(
  18、 质量管理(20 句) QUALITY CONTROL
  19、 试车和开工(
  19、 试车和开工(30 句) STARTTEST RUN AND START-UP
  20、 在宴会上(
  20、 在宴会上(26 句) AT THE BANQUET
一、问候和介绍(36 句) 问候和介绍( GREETINGS AND INTRODUCTIONS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 How do you do? 你好吗?(初次见面) How are you? 你好吗?(日常见面) Fine,thanks. 很好,谢谢。 I am very well, Thank you. 我很好,谢谢你。 Good morning Mr.Jack. 早安,贾克先生。 Good afternoon Miss Mary. 午安,玛利小姐。 Good evening Dr.John. 晚安:约翰博士。 Very pleased to meet you, you are welcome. 见到你很高兴,欢迎你。 I am very glad to see you. 我很高兴见到你。 Welcome to China. 欢迎你到中国来。 Welcome to our job site. 欢迎你到我们工地来。 For our friendship and cooperation , I wish we shall have a frien dly cooperation in coming days. 祝愿友谊与合作,希望今后友好共事。 Let us work together for our common job. 让我们为共同的事业一起工作吧! Happy New year! 新年快乐! Happy Spring Festival! 春节快乐! Merry Christmas! 圣诞节愉快! Congratulations to your National Day! 祝贺你们的国庆节! Happy birthday to you! 祝你生日快乐! Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Li Han.
13 14 15 16 17 18 19
请允许我介绍自己,我的名字叫李汉。 20 Please allow me to introduce a fellow of mine, Mr.. 请允许我给你介绍一位我的同事,某先生。 21 I am a manager. (project manager, resident construction manager, construction superintendent, controller staff member, engineer, techn ician, economist, supervisor, foreman, worker) 我是经理。(项目经理、驻工地总代表、工地主任、管理员、职员、工程师、 技术员、经济员、检查员、工长、工人)。 22 I work in the Chemical Engineering Construction Company.(Construc tion Department, Inspection Section). 我在化工建设公司(施工部、检查科)工作。 23 My technical specialty is civil engineering.(chemical engineering, process, mechanical equipment ,electrical, instrumentation, piping, welding, furnace building, corrosion prevention, thermal-insulatio n, heating-ven-tilation, quality control). 我的技术专业是土建工程。(化工工程、工艺、机械设备、电气、仪表、管 道、焊接、筑炉、防腐、保温、采暖通风、质量管理)。 24 What is your speciality? 你的专业是什么? 25 I am a mechanician.(electrician, Pipelayer,welder, carpenter, turner, blacksmith, builder, erector, riveter,ri gger, concrete worker, engine-driver,repair worker). 我是一个机械钳工。(电工、管工、焊工、木工、车工、铁工、建筑工人、 安装工人、铆工、起重工、混凝土工、司机、修理工)。 26 What is your nationality? Are you American?(English, Japanese, Ge rman, French, Italian, Romanian). 你是什么国籍的?你是美国人吗?(英国人、日本人、德国人、法国 人、意大利人、罗马尼亚人)。 27 What is your name? 28 29 30 31 32 33 你的名字叫什么? Can I have your name, please? 请问你的名字? Which department do you belong to ? 你在那家公司工作? Which department do you belong to ? 你属于那个部门? Kindly give us your advice, please. 请多指教。 Thanks for your direction. 感谢你的指导。 Good-bye . 再见。
See you again. 再见。 35 See you later. 回头见。 36 See you tomorrow. 明天见。 二、交谈语言(24 句) 交谈语言( TALKING ABOUT LANGUAGES 37 Do you speak English? 你能讲英语吗? 38 Let us talk English? 让我们用英语交谈吧! 39 can speak English only a little, do you understand me ? 我只能说一点英语,你能听懂吗? 40 Excuse me ,Sometimes I make mistakes when I speak English. 请原谅,我讲英语有时会说错。 41 Speak slowly, please. I intend to learn to speak English. 请讲慢一点,我想学着讲一点英语。 42 I am very sorry . I can not speak English very well ,but I can re ad document in English. 我很抱歉,我的英语说得不好,但我能看懂英文资料。 43 Please write down the English words of this for us. 请用英文字写出来给我们看。 44 Write this word in English, please. 请将这字写出英文来。 45 I can not understand you, say it again, please. 我不懂你讲的,请再说一遍。 46 Do you know how we should express the idea in English? 你可知道我们应该如何用英文表达这个意思? 47 What does this word mean? 这字是什么意思? 48 We should like to have an interpreter, let us call him. 我们应该找一个翻译来。 49 Is my pronunciation correct? 我的发音对吗? 50 I have trouble with pronunciation. 我在发音上有困难。 51 How many languages do you speak? 你能讲几种语言? 52 I can read(speak)English only with the help of a dictionary.(tape recorder).
53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60
我仅能借助字典(磁带录音机)阅读(讲说)英语。 Do you speak Chinese?(Can you write Chinese character? 你能讲汉语吗?你会写汉字吗? Please tell me how to spell the English word. 请告诉我怎样拼读这个英文字。 I do not understand, can you repeat it? 我不懂,你能重复一次吗? I can not catch up with you . 我赶不上你。 I can follow you. 我能听懂你的话。 Let the interpreter continue. 让翻译接着讲。 please put the sentence into Chinese(English). 请把这句子译成汉语(英语)。 Have you a mind to learn Chinese? 你想学汉语吗? 三、日期和时间(20 句) 日期和时间( DATES AND TIMES
What month is this? 现在是几月份? 62 This is January.(February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December). 现在是元月份。(二月、三月、四月、五月、六月、七月、八月、九月、十月、 十一月、十二月)。 63 What day is today? 今天是星期几? 64 Today is Sunday.(Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sa turday). 今天是星期日。(一、二、三、四、五、六) 65 What is the date today? 今天是几号? 66 Today is April sixth, nineteen eighty-two. 今天是一九八二年四月六日。 67 What time is it? 现在几点钟? 68 It is six o’clock. 现在是六点钟。 69 It is seven past nine. 现在是九点过七分。 70 It is a few minutes after three.
现在是三点过几分。 71 It is a quarter to ten. 现在是十点差一刻。 72 Will you be here at eight o’clock tomorrow? 请你明天八点钟到这里来,行吗? 73 We shall come at half past seven, when will you come? 我们七点半钟来,你什么时间来? 74 We shall be on time, I hope. 我希望我们将按时到达。 75 We get to work at seven thirty every morning and finish working a t eleven thirty before noon.(a.m.) 我们每天早上七点三十分开始工作,到十一点三十分结束工作。(午前) 76 We work from two until six o’clock afternoon(p.m.)every day. 我们每天下午从两点到六点工作。(下午) 77 We have breakfast at seven. 我们七点钟早餐。 78 We have dinner at eleven forty-five. 我们十一点四十五分进午餐。 79 We have supper at six afternoon. 我们下午六点进晚餐。 80 We have a day of rest on Sunday every week . 我们每周星期日休息。 四、天气和环境(20 句) 天气和环境( WEATHER AND ENAVIRONMENT It is very fine today, the weather is suitable for our work. 今天天气很好,适合我们工作。 It is not at all a nice day. It will get colder. 天气一点也不好,要变冷起来。 We can not continue the outdoor work, because it is raining (slee ting)now. 因为现在下雨(雨雪),我们不能继续在室外工作。 It is going to snow(hail)tomorrow, some measures must be taken to prevent freezing. 明天将下雪(冰雹),为预防冰冻必须采取一些措施。 The lifting work on site will be compelled to stop, owing to the strong wind.(a dense fog ). 由于强风(浓雾),现场起重吊装工作将被迫停止。 We have a nap(interval)after lunch in hot season. 热天午餐后,我们有一个午睡(中休)时间。 The weather is warm(cold)and sunny (cloudy)here. 这里气候温和(寒冷),阳光充沛(阴天多云)。
81 82 83
86 87
What is the weather forecast for today? 今天天气预报怎样? 89 The weatherman says, :the highest temperature during the day will be twenty one degrees centigrade(21℃). 天气预报员说:今天白天最高气温为摄氏温度二十一度。 90 The temperature will drop to five above (below)zero tonight. 今晚温度将降到零上(下)五度。 91 It is spring (summer , autumn , winter)time now. 现场是春天。(夏、 秋、 冬) 92 This road leads to the factory.(Post Office, Telegraph Office, Te lephone Booth, Travel Agency, Custom House, Bank , Hotel, Restaur ant, Department Store, Book Store, Hospital, Theatre , Park). 这条路通到工厂。(邮局、电报局、电话间、旅行社、海关、银行、酒店、餐厅、 百货商店、书店、医院、戏院、公园)。 93 There is an equipment in front of the building.(behind the water tower, under the pipe rack, on the floor, inside the steel struct ure, in the workshop). 在建筑物前面(在水塔后面、在管廊下面、在地面上、在钢结构里面、在车间内) 有一台设备。 94 Our construction site is north(south, east, west)of Nanjing, near the Changjiang River.(Yantze River、 yellow River). 我们的工地在南京以北(南、东、西),靠近长江。(扬子江、黄河) 95 It is about twenty-five kilometers(miles)from here to Lanzhou. 这里离兰州约二十五公里。(哩) 96 It is only a short way, turn left(right) at the next cross street ,and then go straight on. 离这里只有一小段路,到下一个十字路口向左(右)拐,然后一直向前走就到。 97 It is very convenient from here to Shanghai.(Beijing, Tianjing, G uangzhou , Suzhou). 这里到上海(北京、 天津、 广州、 苏州)很方便。 98 You can get there by train.(airplane, ship, bus) 你可以乘火车(飞机、 轮船、 公共汽车)去。 99 If it should rain tomorrow, the work would be postponed for some days. 如果明天下雨,工作就要延期几天。 100 The climate quite agrees with us . 这气候对我们很适宜。 五、在会议上(34 句) 在会议上( MEETING AT THE MEETING 101 Our meeting will be next Tuesday at eight o’clock. 我们的会议将在下星期二八点钟举行。
We want to change our meeting from Monday to Wednes day. 我们想把会议由星期一改为星期三。 103 Sit down, please. Have a smoke and a cup of tea. 请坐,请抽烟、喝茶。 104 Which problems shall we discuss today? 我们今天讨论哪些问题? 105 Today we shall discuss the question of hydraulic (p neumatic)test. 今天我们将讨论水压、(气压)试验问题。 106 Please give us your opinion.(point of view, ideas) 请把你的意见(观点、想法)告诉我们。 107 We must know your opinion. 我们必须知道你的意见。 108 We are willing to accept your suggestion.(plan) 我们乐于采纳你的建议(计划)。 109 Your suggestion suits us. We agree. 你的建议适合我们,我们同意。 110 Please forgive me. We have different (opposite) vie ws on this. Our opinion is … 请原谅,我们对此有不同的(相反的)看法。我们的意见是…. 111 I am very sorry, but I disagree with you. 我很报歉,我不同意你说的。 112 We should be able to settle this question. 我们应该能够解决这个问题。 113 We would like to hear your opinions. 我们想听一下你的意见。 114 We must act according to the contract. 我们应该按照合同办事。 115 Thanks for the advice, but this is something we hav e to figure out (workout) ourselves. 感谢你的劝告,但此事我们要自己考虑一下。(解决) 116 I do not see any point in



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