姓名 一、听歌曲,填单词(10 分). 听歌曲,填单词( When Christmas Comes To Town Matthew Hall & Meagan Moore I'm wishing on a star and trying to That even though it's far. He'll find me Christmas I guess that Santa is busy cause he's never come around I think of him when Christmas comes to town The best time of the year when everyone comes home With all this Christmas tear. It's hard to be Putting up the Christmas tree, with friends you come It's so much fine when Christmas comes to town for the children wrapped in red and green All the things I've heard about, but never No one will be Hoping Santa's on his way Presents for the children wrapped in red and green All the things I've heard about, but never really see No one will be sleeping on the night of Christmas Eve Santa's on his way When Santa's sleigh bells ring I listen all around The herald angels sing. I never hear a sound And all the of children once lies will all be see 得分
on the night of Christmas Eve
That's all I want when Christmas comes to town That's all I want when Christmas comes to town
二、听选单词(10 分). 听选单词( ( )
  1. A. spoil ( )
  2. A. especially ( )
  3. A. attack ( )
  4. A. although ( )
  5. A. except ( )
  6. A. chance ( )
  7. A. graduate ( )
  8. A. jacket ( )
  9. A. directly ( )
  10. A. steal 中英互译(8 三、中英互译 分). 中英互译 . ( )
  1. 知识、学问 n.. ( )
  2. 鼓励 v. ( )
  3. 描写、叙述 n. ( )
  4. 练习、实践 v. ( )
  5. 公共的、公众的 adj. ( )
  6. 舒服的、舒适的 adj. ( )
  7. 人口、人数 n. ( )
  8. 惊恐、吓唬 v. ( )
  9. 德国 n. ( )
  10. 紧张不安的 adj. ( )
  11. prevent v. A. already A. encourage A. possible A. journey A. public A. scenery A. instruction A. frighten A. German A. natural A. 防止 阻止 A. 卫星 A. 挑战 A. 准确的 n.. adj. A. 期望、期待 A. 慷慨的 B. knowledge B. provide B. success B. practise B. publish B. comfortable B. straight B. safety B. Germany B. feather B. 保护 B. 太空 B. 值得 B. 孤独的 C. several C. beach C. description C. environment C. protect C. magazine C. population C. healthily C. Britain C. nervous C. 打印 C. 宇宙 C. 增长 C. 疼痛的 C. 训练、培养 C. 自信的 B. spill B. specail B. attract B. though B. expect B. change B. educate B. pocket B. ordinary B. treat C. spirit C. specially C. track C. thought C. explore C. charge C. decorate C. rocket C. correctly C. steep
( )
  12.universe n.. ( )
  13. increase v. ( )
  14.exact adj.
( )
  15. performance ( )
  16. generosity
B. 演出、成果 B. 可能的
四、按要求写单词 按要求写单词(20 分). .
  1. decide (名词)

  4. pleasant(名词)
  7.discover( 近 义 词 )
  8.lend( 反 义 词 )
  9.entrance( 反 义 词 )
  20.eat(过去分词) 五、将下列每组字母的顺序排列正确, 组成单词, 并写出中文意思(7 分). 将下列每组字母的顺序排列正确, 组成单词, 并写出中文意思(7
  1. b, r, i, a, l, n, a, r, i (
  2.c, i, e, h, m, y, n, (
  3.e,l, t, v,e, i, .r, a, (
  4.t, v, l, e,r, a, r, e, l, (
  5. e, l, e, r, i, z, a, (
  6.e, p, r, e, e, x, i, n, e, c, (
  7. s, s, i, n, c, i, s, o, u, d, ( 六、根据上下文填入适当的单词(10 分). 根据上下文填入适当的单词(
  1. Look! This writing brush is made of .
  2. In summer, we often go swimming on the .
  3. Soon he became the of their basketball team.
  4. If you find mistakes in your exercise book, you must them..
  5. Edison tried out many in all his life.
  6. 20 by 5 is one hundred.
  7. This book is really reading.
  8. He to watch TV rather than study on Sundays.
  9. My father wanted more information about mobile phones, so he the Internet.
  10. is the most important in a football match. 七、根据所给的英文解释写单词(10 分). 根据所给的英文解释写单词(10
  1.a place where dead people are put in ( ) ) ( ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) )

  2. to keep someone or something safe (

  3. someone who makes something that has never been made
  4. a lot of water in a place where it is usually dry (

  5. almost not
  6. very good
  7. not interesting
( ( (
) ) ) ( )

  8. to keep doing something and not stopping
  9. a police officer ( ( ) )

  10. to win against someone
八、读句子, 猜测划线单词的中文意思(10 分). 读句子, 猜测划线单词的中文意思(10
  1. We will meet you in the foyer, the entrance hall of the theatre. ( )

  2. Unlike his sister, who is a warm and interesting person, John is apathetic to everyone and everything. ( )

  3. The social science have always been my forte, but foreign language remains my weakness. ( )

  4. He is a resolute man, once he sets up a goal, he won’t give it up halfway. ( )

  5. My homework is incomplete because I didn ’ t have time to finish it. ( ) )

  6. People often misspell my name. (

  7. You may borrow from the library any periodicals: Readers, Nature, Short Novels, and so on. ( ) ) which help them to swim. Most fishes ), but in fishes

  8. Fishes live in water and have fins( have slimy(
)skins which are covered with scales (
such as eels(鳝鱼类) the 九、猜谜语, 写单词(5 分). 猜谜语, 写单词(5
scales are very small and can hardly be seen.

  1. What starts with T, ends with T, and full of T?
  2. When do elephants have sixteen feet?
  3. Which is faster, heat or cold? ( ( ( )
( )

  4. What kind of dog doesn’t bite or bark?
) ( )

  5. What, by losing one eye, has nothing left but a nose? 个以上与 盗窃” 抢劫”话题有关的词语(10 十、写出 10 个以上与“盗窃” 抢劫”话题有关的词语(10 分). “



   ………密…………封…………线…………内…………不…………要…………作…………答…………………… 2010-2011 学年度第二学期 五年级英语单词竞赛试题 五年级英语单词竞赛试题 单词竞赛试 (试卷满分:100 分 考试时间:40 分钟) 考号: 题 号 得 分 一 二 三 四 五 总 分 一、将下列英文翻译成中文(20×2=40) 1.do morning exercises 2.eat breakfast 3.have English class 4.play sports 5.eat ...


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   初三英语综合测试题及答案 一、单项选择 1. Usually soft colors make people . A relaxing B relaxed C exciting D excited 2. Someone you know might really need the money. A which B what C that D who 3. The old thing are all three years old. A on show, hundred C on show, ...


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   动词种类: 谓语动词: 系动词(be, look, feel, get, become) ,助动词(be, do, have, will), 情态动词(can, may, must, would, should),行为动词, 非谓语动词:分词,不定式,动名词 vt. vi. 时态: 一般现在(第三人称单数)现在进行(现在分词) 完成进行 一般过去(过去式) 过去进行(现在分词) 过去完成 一般将来 现在完成(过去分词) 过去将来 (陈述性时态) (描述性时态) 语态: 主动 被动(一般现在, ...



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   Unit 7 Food Festival Topic1 We are preparing for a food festival. Section B Do you remember what will Michael do for the food festival? He says (that) he will make a poster. Do you remember what Kangkang will do for the food festival? He says (that ...


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   酒店前台英语口语 酒店前 台英语 口语 想练口语? 想练口语 ? 找不 到方法? 到方法 ? 无法坚 持 ? 没 有 时 间?? 体验史上最牛英 语口语培训: 语口语培训 : 太 平洋英语, 平洋英语 , 躺在 家里和外教一对 一 ! http://www.pac ificenglish.cn 一.概述 在酒店里所使用的 英语会话,基本上 是属于商业英语, 与日常生活会话中 所使用的英语略有 不同,较注重礼节。 正式英语通常会让 人误解为极艰深的 英语,其实,只要 套用一定格式的句 子和单词 ...


   金属切削 metal cutting 机床 machine tool 金属工艺学 technology of metals 刀具 cutter 摩擦 friction 联结 link 传动 drive/transmission 轴 shaft 弹性 elasticity 频率特性 frequency characteristic 误差 error 响应 response 定位 allocation 机床夹具 jig 动力学 dynamic 运动学 kinematic 静力学 static 分 ...