2009-2010 学年第 2 学期 《实用科技英语翻译》期末考试题型和复习题
I Answer the following quesitions related to EST Translation (30’) (2 个题) 个题)
  1. What’s the definition of EST (English of Science & Technology)?

  2. What are stylistic features of EST?

  3. What are the general features of Compound Technical Terms?

  4. What are common rules for Technical Term Translation?
II. Underline and mark out the themes and rhemes of the following sentences with the capital letters T and R respectively. (10’) (2 个题) 个题)

  1. Aluminum, though much less strong than steel, can be given a strength
approaching that of steel when it is alloyed with small quantities of copper, manganese and magnesium, and subjected to hot treatment processes. Parallel:T-R1+R2+R3…

  2. Each cylinder therefore is encased in a water jacket, which forms part of a circuit
through which water is pumped continuously, and cooled by means of air drawn in from the outside atmosphere by large rotary fans, worked off the main crankshaft, or in the large diesel-electric locomotives, by auxiliary motors.

  3. We, the authors having handled a variety of metals and alloys for over forty years,
can reassure those following that there is still much scope for craft and ingenuity in metallurgy, despite the fact that great strides have been made in it as a science during the past seventy years, and also that real fundamental understanding and
valid explanations of many of the properties of metals which are used by man still call for intensive scientific work.
III. Improve the following translation. As for the first sentence you should provide your improved English translation and as for the second sentence you should provide the improved Chinese one. (10’) (2 个题) 个题)

  1. 活塞与气缸的配合问题,对发动机的使用寿命影响极大。影响配合间隙的主 要因素是活塞在工作状态下的变形,真实反映活塞变形情况,已广泛采用有 限元法进行数值分析。 The joint gap between a piston and a cylinder has great influence on the service life of an engine. The primary factor influencing the joint gap is the deformation of piston under working condition. In order to indicate the actual deformation of piston, the finite element method has been widely applied to analyze it numerically. Improved English Version:

  2. Correct timing is of the utmost importance, and also extreme accuracy, down to a twenty-thousandth part of an inch, in the grinding of certain parts of the fuel injection pump and the valves. 校正定时的工作是极其重要的,而且是极其精确的,对喷油泵与气阀某些部件的 研磨精密度应达到两万分之一英寸。 Improved Chinese Version:

  3. 如果我们测得地震波的走时和振幅,我们就能确定地下的几何形状并估算出 与岩石速度和密度有关的声阻抗。
If we measure the seismic travel time and amplitude, we can define the surface geometry and give estimate of the acoustic impedances related to rock velocities and densities. Improved English Version:

  4. 虽然火箭复杂而令人难忘,但它是一种比较简单的装置,早在八百多年前, 中国人就发明了。 Although the rocket may appear impressive and complex it is a relatively simple device and was invented in china as early as 800 years ago. Improved English Version:
IV. Sentence Translation (30’) A. C-E Translation (15’) (2 个题) 个题)
  1. 由于光学纤维频带较宽,损耗较低,光源更为可靠。因此在这一领域会更具 竞争力。

  2. 制造方法可分为单件生产和批量生产,单件生产指小批量的生产,批量生产 指大量相同零件的生产。

  3. 位于德比郡的铁路技术中心的英国铁路工程师大大削减了列车的重量,增加 了牵引力。

  4. 考虑到样机类型不一样,通常用参加测试的样机数除以安全系数以得到安全 疲劳寿命。 如果测试的样机数为
  6, 则保险系数平均为
  5. 近 40 年来, 在大量工程设计实践中, 我院积极采用新技术、 新材料和新设备, 荣获部优、省优设计奖 25 项。
B. E-C Translation (15’) (2 个题) 个题)
  1. The advert of jet and rocket propulsion, and of nuclear reactors, has shown that the materials which previously served for constructional purposes are no longer wholly satisfactory for the manufacture of equipment on which the efficient functioning of theses new sources of power depends.
  2. The technical possible could well exist, therefore, of nationwide integrated transmission network of high capacity, controlled by computers,
inter-connected globally by satellite and submarine cable, providing speedy and reliable communications throughout the world.
  3. In this paper, Q-processes are classified in new method and the existence and uniqueness as well as the forms of each class of Q-processes are obtained. The result obtained has important application in the construction and qualitative theory of Q-processes, especially, in that of instantaneous state of Q-processes.
  4. In the course of deepening reform, our institute, relying on quality for existence and technology for development, actively carries out total quality control in its management.
  5. By keeping faithfully to signed contracts and rendering hearty services to all the customers as our guiding objective, our institute is opening up successfully survey and design market both at home and abroad.
V. Passage translation (20’)(1 个段落) ( 个段落) Suspension Bridges
Suspension bridges are frequently constructed in preference to other types of bridge, especially where relatively light traffic has to be carried over long spans, since they are more economical in material and are extremely strong. There are in existence suspension bridges with main spans of more than 3000 feet, the entire weight of the deck being supported from above by cables (usually only two or four in number) suspended between two towers at either side of the river. The cables are composed of thousands of wires, made of high-ensile steel, which are galvanised to resist corrosion. Two or three hundred of these wires, each of about
  0.19 inch in diameter, are clamped together to form a single strand, and the whole able may consist of a considerable number of such strands compacted and bound together with wire. In constructing the cable, two distinct methods may be adopted. The wires may either be listed into strands, the strands then sometimes being twisted round a central strand to form the completed cable, or they may be spun parallel to each other, and clamped together at intervals. The latter method obviously involves a much longer spinning operation, since each wire or small group of wires must be spun and adjusted to the correct sag individually, whereas the strands of Twisted wire can be erected as units, provided that they are not so heavy as to be unmanageable. However, on bridges with very long spans, there are certain advantages in the parallel wire method of spinning the cable. The cables are normally made continuous through the tops of the towers, down through side towers, where these exist, and thence into the anchorage. They bear on specially constructed saddles on the towers, which are shaped to accommodate them, the saddles being either fixed so that the cables may slide over them, or mounted on rollers so that they move with any movement of the cables. In view of the enormous pull exerted by the heavy cables, their ends must be secured in firm anchorages, and unless they can be embedded in sound natural rock, constructions of masonry or concrete must be provided strong enough to withstand the severe pressures put upon them. The cable strands are normally looped round strand-shoes, which are in turn connected by chains to an anchor-plate embedded in the base of the anchorage.
At intervals along the main span, cast-steel cable bands are attached to the cables, gripping them firmly and excluding moisture from them, and from these bands suspenders of wire-rope or chains hang down. Since these suspenders have to take the weight of the deck to which they are attached, they must have high tensile strength. One advantage of using the braced-chain
suspenders is that they largely dispense with the need for a system of stiffening, being themselves rigid. This stiffening is necessary to resist deformations of the deck of the bridge due to moving traffic loads and also to resist lateral pressures from wind. In the case of wire-rope suspenders, the stiffening must be provided by trusses constructed at the level of the deck, the depth of the truss varying with the length of the span.



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