实用英语口语水平测试题(提高级) 实用英语口语水平测试题(提高级)
以下 100 题测试一下你的英语水平如何?适合英语中级水平的学习者! Directions: Read the following 100 sentences or dialogues carefully. Choose the best answer for each blank and mark A, B, C or D. 仔细阅读下列题目,并从 A,B,C,D 四个答案中选出正确的选项.
  1.--It"s said that "Titanic" is an exciting film. --I it yet. I hope to see it soon. A. didn"t see B. hadn"t seen C. don"t see D. haven"t seen
  2. I violin lessons every two weeks, but I think I"ll make it every week from next month. A. am having B. have had C. have D. have been having
  3. It's too late out now. A. go B. to go C. not to go
D. not to going

  4. Most Sunday papers have comics, children enjoy. A. who B. that C. which D. in which
  5. He knows that is important to guard the factory at night. A. it B. this C. that D. which
  6. He goes very quickly toward the noise to see someone is there. A. even if B. if only C. whether D. weather
  7. she looks out the window, Helen sees some white flakes drift slowly to the ground. A. As B. Before C. Unless D. Since
  8. is in Detroit she sees snow for the first time. A. That, is B. It, that C. That, which D. Is, which
  9. English literature to them once a week. A. is taught B. is teaching C. taught D. teaches
  10. We want to see the house we lived for ten years. A. which B. in which C. in where D. where in
  11. Some people have fine collection of bottles, flags, buttons or she lls others are willing to pay to see them. A. so, that B. such, that C. so, which D. too, to
实用英语口语水平测试题(提高级) 实用英语口语水平测试题(提高级)

  12. They believe that people who raise fish or collect records are too busy to spend their time . A. to worry B. on worry C. in worry D. worrying
  13. He likes to sleep the window open. A. of B. with C. for D. on
  14. Life in the city is and than that in the country. A. easy, convenient B. easier, convenienter C. easier, more convenient D. more easier, more convenient
  15. It is getting close to midnight and everyone is the clock. A. stoping to watch B. stoping watching C. stopping to watch D. stopping watching
  16. The wife looks very as she pours a cup of coffee for him. A. boring B. bored C. boredly D. bore
  17. I will never forget the day I met you for the first time. A. which B. when C. where D. that
  18. We are so glad that we have reaped harvest this year. A. the other B. another C. other D. the another
  19. I have classes day?Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. A. each B. every other C. this and the other D. all other
  20. He gave us on how to keep fit. A. some advices B. some advice C. an advice D. a advice
  21. When we saw his face, we knew was bad. A. some news B. a news C. the news D. news
  22. Which of the following is right? A. China has a large population. B. China has much population. C. China has many populations. D. China has a great deal of population
实用英语口语水平测试题(提高级) 实用英语口语水平测试题(提高级)

  23. My parents would like me more time on my study. A. spent B. spending C. spend D. to spend
  24. The teacher usually tells us be late for school. A. don"t B. not to C. to not D. not
  25. When I came into the classroom, I saw Liu Yang on the blackboard. A. drawing B. to draw C. drew D. draws
  26. He raised his voice so that he could make himself. A. hearing B. to hear C. heard D. hear
  27. When I came in, I found a map on the floor. A. lying B. lie C. lies D. lain
  28. The sun in the east and in the west. A. raises ; set B. rise; sets C. rises; sets D. rises; set
  29. Miss Gao English on the radio every morning. A. had studied B. studies C. study D. studied
  30. Our teacher will return by the time school. A. will begin B. began C. is beginning D. begins
  31. Listen! Someone at the door of the meeting-room. A. knocked B. knocks C. is knocking D. was knocking
  32. The swimming pool is closed today because the workers. A. have made repairs B. make repairs C. are making repairs D. are made repairs
  33. Your teacher of Chinese is a young lady comes from Beijing. A. who B. which C. whom D. whose
  34. What's the name of the program? A. which are listening B. you are listening to C. to that you are listening D. that you are listening
  35. This is the museum we visited last year. A. where B. in which C. which D. in that
  36. If I wings like a bird, I be able to fly in the sky. A. have; should B. had; would C. would have; will D. had; can
实用英语口语水平测试题(提高级) 实用英语口语水平测试题(提高级)

  37. Our monitor suggested that the news at once. A. announce B. would announce C. be announced D.should announce
  38. He'll be busy this afternoon. If he free, he to the cinema with yo u. A. were to be; might go B. am going to be; will go C. will be; might have gone D. is; will go
  39. Do you know what time ? A. train leave B. does the train leave C. will the train leave D. the train leaves
  40. Mathematics the language of science. A. is B. has been C. are
D. have been

  41.Lots of empty boots were found under the old man's bed. He must have done n othing but . A. drink B. to drink C. drinking D. drunk
  42. Not until the late years of the 18th century what earth is. A. human beings did know B. human beings knew C. didn"t human beings know D. did human beings know
  43." twenty dollars a big sum to her?" "I suppose so." A. Will be B. Is C. Are D. Were
  44. his dream of going to college will come true is uncertain. A. That B. Whether C. If D. Even if
  45. It's known to us there is pollution, there is harm. A. that B. where C. what D. that where
  46. They lost their way in the forest and made matters worse was nig ht began to fall. A. what; that B. it; that C. what ; when D. which; what
  47.It was not she took off the glasses I realized she was a famous fil m star. A. when; that B. until; that C. until; when D. when; until
  48. Early to bed and early to rise a man healthy, happy and wise. A. making B. to make C. make D. makes
实用英语口语水平测试题(提高级) 实用英语口语水平测试题(提高级)

  49. You needn"t hurry her. She it by the time you are ready. A. will have been finishing B. Would finish C. Will have finished D. Will be finishing
  50. While Peggy , her brother is playing records. A. reads B. is reading C. has read D. has been reading
  51. He must __ in the book he was reading because he forgot to go to work. A. be lost in B. has been lost in C. had been lost in D. have been lost in
  52. We had a family __ where I saw relatives I hadn't seen for 20 years. A. reunion B. conference C. reputation D. image
  53. An hour __ before the manager returned to the meeting hall. A. goes by B. went by C. on and off D. passed on
  54. He is __ a teacher. He often makes mistakes when he writes. A. not much of a B. not many C. not much of D. not much good
  55. Tony came to America __ the American Dream. A. looked for B. seek C. seeking D.locating
  56. People who __ litter in the streets should be fined heavily. A. gather B. create C. discard D. look for
  57. I don't know how to __ the food left over from yesterday. A.doing with B. did with C.tackle D. do with
  58. I have searched all the book stores in this town. The book you asked for is not . A. available B.interesting C. boring D.vivid
  59. Twenty miles away from the town, the robbers __ the car and disappeared int o the woods. A. approached B. ground C. removed D. abandoned
实用英语口语水平测试题(提高级) 实用英语口语水平测试题(提高级)

  60. The meeting was __ by the National Association of Women for the purpose of furthering the women's liberation movement. A. assigned B. sponsored C.chaired D.participated
  61. They want to know __ molecular biology is. A. that B. what C. as D. how
  62. the problem of water shortage, we have to put all our efforts together. A.To handle B. handling C. handled D. Being handled
  63. Tony woke up late and left home without breakfast, __ another boring day at work. A. anticipating B. anticipated C. having anticipated D.being anticipat ed
  64. I spend money on books as you do. A. twice much B. twice as much C. twice D. twice as more.
  65. It usually takes us half an hour the classroom. A. clean up B. cleaning up for us C. for us clean up D. to clean up
  66. The milk smells sour. A. like it is B. as if it is C. as if it was D. like it was
  67.to find words to express themselves, they silently grasped our hands. A. Unable B. For being unable C. Because unable D. Without able
  68. To postpone __ the debt will ruin our business reputation. A. to pay B. paid C. paying D. pay
  69. China' human rights situation has been steadily improving over the years, s __ by the records. A. as it is proved B. as proved C. as being prove D. as is proved
  70. The children came home from school, . A. tire and hungry B. hungry and tire C. being tired and hunger D. hungry and tired
实用英语口语水平测试题(提高级) 实用英语口语水平测试题(提高级)

  71. George can hardly be labeled a radical; he is a man of views. A. modest B. sensitive C.moderate D. tolerant
  72. Being about its future, investors are wary of putting more money in t he dot.com industry. A. skeptical B. incredible C. contemporary D. aesthetic
  73. For generations the people in these two villages lived in perfect . A. conflict B. distinction C. harmony D. regulation

  74. by a strange loud noise downstairs, the two girls jumped from their b ed and screamed. A. Stunned B. Amazed C. Promoted D. Startled
  75. The survey shows that the officials of some listed companies are the mselves at the expense of the stockholders. A. abusing B. rewarding C. disrupting D. enriching
  76. The terrorist attack on America on September 11, 2001 has met with co ndemnation. A. overall B. universal C.extensivewid D. espread
  77. To keep up with the pace of the modern world, we must overcome the to new technology. A. resistance B. suppression
实用英语口语水平测试题(提高级) 实用英语口语水平测试题(提高级)
C. charm D. reproach
  78. " Take the medicine and go to bed early. If the headache , you shoul d come for an X-ray examination," said he doctor. A. recurs B. happens C. recovers D. repeats
  79. While the doctors analyzed the patient's condition, his family waited outs ide in considerable . A. tension B. anticipation C. eagerness D. anxiety
  80. The renewal of the debate was anticipated but its was not. Intensit y A. Intensity B. tension C. degree D. sensitivity
  81. Every month or so, people from here to Uzbekistan hover by TV sets for many regard as the greatest show on earth: an owlish, balding man with a worn b riefcase toward a doorway. A. How; slouching B. what; slouched C. when; slouches D. what; slo uching
  82. Alan Greenspan may be the most significant man in the world. It is hard to imagine anyone comes close, the preponderance of the economy today. A who; giving B. whom; gives C. who; given D. that; gave
  83. I can tell you where this encyclopaedia. A. to get B. to getting C. get
D. having got

  84. we should encourage the growth of service industries which provid ed more opportunities for those laid off or unemployed, we cannot turn our back s on basic heavy industries. A.That; have B. If; has C. /; was D While; have
  85. We can search for planets of other stars, seek simple forms of life on such nearby planets as Mars, and more extensive laboratory studies on the chem istry of the origin of life. A. perform B. performing C. performed D. to perform
  86. And something appeals to people er who shows up in a tux on society odgy central banker in the business A. looking B. looks C. about the 73-year-old former saxophone play pages distinctly different from the st section. have looked D. is looking
实用英语口语水平测试题(提高级) 实用英语口语水平测试题(提高级)

  87. the temperature falling so rapidly, we can't go for an outing tomorro w. A. Since B. With C. As D. Although
  88. By the time she reaches her destination, we a hotel room for her. A.will reserve B. will have reserved C. are reserving D. reserved
  89. The society much of accepted modern thinking about the shape of the earth as sheer nonsense and is convinced that the entire human race is being su bjected the greatest hoax in history. A. dismisses; in B. dismissing; with C. dismissed; to D. dismisses; t o
  90. Instead of , they suffer from overchoice and are wounded, plunged a sorrow and loneliness. A.are liberated; on B. having liberated; with C. being liberated; into D. liberate; onto
  91. The supporters of the new justice point out that many advantages. It r educes prison crowding, has been responsible for much violence and crime among inmates. It saves a great deal of money, and decreases the chances of ba d influence of repeated offences. A. they present; which B. it presents; that C. presenting; which D. it presents; which
  92. Jobs with entertainment rank second in televi



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