Lesson Plan
Unit 8 How was your school trip? Section A 1A1C
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Lesson Plan
Students: Junior high school students, grade
  2. Lesson duration: 45 mins. Material: Unit 8 How was your school trip? Teaching Objectives:
  1.Get familiar with “the Simple Past Tense”;
  2. Grasp the difficult language points and grammar;
  3. Master the Simple Past Form of verbs;
  4. Use the Simple Past Tense to describe the past. Focus Points:
  1. Key vocabularies about the living things in the aquarium;
  2. Affirmative and negative statements in the past tense, “Did you …?” “Were there …?” questions;
  3. The ways of talking about the events happened in the past. Difficult Points:
  1. Create the situation for students to use “The Simple Past Tense” freely;
  2. Guide the students to make up dialogues or stories according to their experiences. Teaching Methods: Communicative Approach; Task-based Teaching; Pair work/Group work; Discussion and Presentation. Teaching Aids: Blackboard, Chalks, Textbooks, Radio tape. Teaching Procedure: Period Ⅰ(Section A 1a-1c) Step Ⅰ Revision ( 5 mins ) T: Review what we’ve learned in last unit. In Unit 7, we have learned how to make banana milk shake. Ask two students to stand up and tell us the steps, using the connecting words like First, Next, Then, Finally. At last, remind
students to use these connecting words next time, if necessary. Step Ⅱ Lead- in and The Simple Past Tense ( 15 mins ) Use three questions to lead into what we are going to study in this Section: ① What do you usually do on weekend? S: Watch TV/ Go out with friends/… ② How was your last school trip? S: It was interesting/not bad/wonderful/OK/fantastic … . ③ What did you do on your last summer vacation? S: Went to my grandmother’s home/ Stayed at home/… Through these three questions and answers, I want to use The Simple Present Tense to lead out The Simple Past Tense and the way of changing a verb into its simple past form. Require students to answer the three questions and compare the differences, Then let the students write out the verbs’ simple past form in the answers of the three questions. At last, remind students to remember the simple past form of irregular verbs . StepⅢ Presentation ( 5 mins ) ① “Did you …?” e.g.: Did you go travelling this summer? Yes, I did. /No, I didn’t. ② “Were there …?” e.g.: Were there any place you want to go last summer? Yes, there were. /No, there weren’t. Look at the picture in the textbook Unit 8 Section A, students make ask and answer conversations using ①② sentence structures and then make affirmative or negative answers . Step Ⅳ Listening ( 15 mins ) ① New words and expressions aquarium 水族馆 shark 鲨鱼 seal 海豹 octopus 章鱼 souvenir 纪念品
hang out 闲逛 hang ? hanged 吊死/hung 吊着,挂着 take photos 拍照 fantastic 美妙的, 好极了的
② Make sure students know the meaning of these new words and expressions. Before listen to the tape, I will give students several questions relating to the listening content. Pre-listening questions: a. How was Tina’s trip? b. Did Tina go to the zoo? /Did Tina go to the aquarium? c. Were there any sharks/seals? d. What else did Tina do? ③ Listen to the radio tape for 3 times, the first time ,students just listen and try to know what it tells us; the second time, students finish the exercise in the textbook 1b and try to answer the pre-listening questions; the third time ,check the answers. Step Ⅴ Summary ( 4 mins ) At first, we review what we have learned in Unit 7, and recall how to make banana milk shake. Next, we come to the new lesson, Unit 8, and we learn the Simple Past Tense through ask and answer questions’ method to let students know how to describe the events happened in the past freely. Then, we learn some sentence patterns, such as “Did you …?” “Were there …?”, and the negative and affirmative answers to these two questions. We also practice this kind of ask and answer questions using the picture in Unit 8 Section A. At last, we come to Section A 1b , and listen to the radio tape. Before listening , I list some useful words and expressions and some pre-listening questions relating to the listening content. We listen to the tape for three times and finally finish the questions and the exercise in 1b, check the answer together. StepⅥ Homework ( 1 min ) Remember the simple past form of irregular verbs at the back of our textbook.



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