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新目标八年级英语( 新目标八年级英语(下)综合能力培训八
知识遗忘率% NAME: 知识遗忘率% 词汇& 一、词汇& 短语精华
  1. an a 公寓/
Unit 1-5 半期总复习
知识巩固率% 知识巩固率%
a 宇航员

  2. I’ll live in Shanghai, because I went to Shanghai last year and love with it.
  3. (作为一名记者), I think I will meet lots of interesting people.
  4. win (获奖) 除了、、还有 除了、、还有 、
  5. 除了、、没有; 、 没有;
①My father is very busy Saturday. ②There are five red flowers the blue one. (一共六朵花) ③All of us will go to climb the Mount Qingyuan Jone.
  6. a letter me=write me a letter : 写信给、、 : 收到、、来信 、 、 n.(名词 adj(形容词 名词); 形容词)
  7. enough + n.(名词); adj(形容词) + enough ①Tom has to go shopping. 足够的时间
②The boy is (足够高) to reach the table. not、、until 直到、、才
  8. not、、until : 直到、、才 、 、 ①She (not leave) school she finished doing her homework.
  9. = It’s time for sb. to do sth. 该做某事的时候了。
不可数名词) (可数名词 可数名词)
  10. as much as possible: (不可数名词) as many as possible: (可数名词) ; ①You should read English as as possible every morning. ②You could eat those apples as as possible. 太多(不可数名词) 太多(可数名词)
  12. too much : 太多(不可数名词) too many : 太多(可数名词) much too: 实在太 ① He eats meat, so he is fat. 加入活动、
  13. take part in : 参加活动 join : 加入活动、团体 His brother the Party last term. She all kinds of after-school activities.
  14. + + + 让某人做某事怎样 (主语结构) Eg.
  1) It’s to in our and bedroom. 保持浴室和卧房的清洁对我们而言是相当重要的)
用心 爱心 专心 1

  15. The planes and at the every day. 那些飞机每天在那个机场起降。
  16. I , the bell . while 后面常接时态。 门铃响时,我正在读书。
  17. Everyone might have a wonderful in his . 每个人也许都有个美好的童年。
  18. I must climb the mount as as possible. (我必须尽快爬到那山顶)
  19. shout at / shout to the boy like that.(别对那男孩那样咆哮
  20. An accident = = at the Beijing International Airport last week. (上星期北京国际机场发生 发生了一起事故) 发生

  21. I heard about that you passed the English test. (我听说你通过了英语考试)
  22. Mr. Li told us, “The earth the sun.” (李老师告诉我们地球绕着太阳转)
  23. The was hard by on September 11, 20
  01. (2001 年 9 月 11 日世贸中心被恐怖分子严重破坏)
  24. Yang Liwei became a after his around the earth. hero 的复数是.(杨立伟经过他的绕地球飞行后成为了民族英雄)
  25. 惊讶;
  25. surprise 惊讶; surprising Eg.
  1) It was a result. surprised (令人吃惊的结果) 让我惊讶的是… 惊讶的是… 的是
  2) , he is interested in drawing. Eg.
  3) She was to get her lost bike.

  26. She said she was having a surprise party for Lana Friday night.
  27. =
  27. not … any more= = = = 不再

  29. In English, I’m at reading than listening. (它的老家是 )
  30. I can do in math. (它的老家 )
  31. I was sure she would it. (挺过…)

  32. The Peking University graduate went there a volunteer a one-year program.

  1. be famous as to
be famous for be famous
  2) Can I this shirt? Is it large or small? (
  3) My mother my sister this morning. (
  4) After the clothes, he got out of the bedroom. (
  5) The girl in blue. (
  6) Parents their children on
  1) Lu Xun a writer in China. (
  2) Lu Xun Chinese. (
  3) Lu Xun his works. (
  4) Chongqing its mountains.

  2. bring
Children’s Day. (
  7) She bought a nice in the store.
  1) You your brother to the school tomorrow. (
  2) I a little money with me. (
  3) They the bus to school yesterday. (
  4) The work us too much time. (
  5) It is raining outside, please the umbrella.

  6. spend buy
  1) It him half a hour to fish. (
  2) I the dictionary for $
  20. (
  3) I $20 for the pants. (
  4) The color TV us $10
  00. (
  5) I $2000 buying the computer.

  3. take away take care of
take off take after
  8. join join in take part in
  2) Don’t put it here, please it . (
  3) Your shoes are dirty, please them . (
  4) I must her at home. (
  5) The plane in a minute.
  1) Why not us playing the game. (
  2) He the Chinese Young League in 20
  05. (
  3) How many people will the basketball match next week? (
  4) His father the football club at young age.

  4. too much too many much too (
  1) They have work to do. (
  2) Is eating good for your health? (
  3) Are there __students to see animals in
用心 爱心

  9. others the other
the others another other
  1) Some cleaned the windows,
the zoo? (
  4) I don’t like shopping, it is crowded.
swept the floor. (
  2) This book is better than . (
  3) He has two sisters. One is a
teacher, is an actress.
  5. wear dress be in dress up put on try on
  1) She a red coat today.
二.同义词辨析。[ 区分细微差别,让学习更细致!] 中考阅读能力培养计划中考阅读能力培养计划-2 七年中考 中考英语 成都市二 00 七年中考英语 B 卷阅读原题 本次得分 A.短文填空。从下面方框中选出 lO 个单词。用它们的适当形式填入短文空格内,使短文意思正确、 短文填空。 通顺(每词限用一次)。请按编号将答案依次填入下边表格内。(共 10 小题,每小题 1 分;计 10 分)
either dream either get good happy
many real
sad see too
I used to watch a little girl playing basketball every day from my kitchen window.One day I asked her why she practiced so way I can go is 2 1 .She said: want to go to college.The only “I 3
a scholarship(奖学金).I like basketball and 1 want to be the
player in college.My dad told me: “If the dream is big enough,the facts don’t count. ” She never changed her mind.1 watched her through those junior high years and into senior high school.One day before she graduated from high school,I saw her sitting on the grass 4 .I asked her what was wrong.She told me that her coach said she was too short to 5 about going to college.She was
be a good basketball player,so she should stop heartbroken and it made me feel bad 6
.Then she smiled and told me her father said that coach was wrong.He did not 7 want to play for
understand the power(力量)of dream.Her father said to her: “If you
用心 爱心 专心
the scholarship of a good college,nothing but you
can stop your dream. ”He told her
again: “If the dream is big enough,the facts don’t count. ” The next year,she and her team went to a big game.She college team and was offered a scholarship to the 10 basketball team of their college.She 9 by a coach of a famous
was to get the college education that she had dreamed of and worked toward for all those years. “If the dream is big enough.t}le facts don’t count. ”It is true.
参考答案: 一、
  1. is famous as; is famous to; is famous for; is famous for
  2. will bring; take/bring; took; took; take
  3. takes after; take away; take off; take care of; will take off
  4. too much; too much; too many; much too; too much; too much, too many, much too
  5. is in/wears; try on; dressed/dressed up; putting on; is dressed; dress up; dress
  6. took; bought; paid /spent; cost; spent; spend /spent /will spend
  7. be able to; could /was able to; was able to
  8. join in; joined; take part in; joined
  9. others/the others; the other(s); the other; another; others; other



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