德阳五中初 2013 级期中测试题
I 听力部分(共三节,满分 20 分) 听力部分(共三节,
  1. 第一节 选出你所听到的单词,每小题念两遍。(每小题 1 分,计 5 分) ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. A. your )
  2. A. family )
  3. A. 232-3610 )
  4. A. your ruler )
  5. A. thank B. you B. last B. 232-4601 B. her watch B. thanks C. yours C. first C.243-26
  01. C. your watch C. Thank you.

  2. 第二节 根据你所听到的句子选择正确的答语。每小题念两遍。(每 小题 1 分,计 5 分) ( ( ( ( ( )
  6. A. Yes, he is. )
  7. A. No,those aren't. )
  8. A. Yes, I am. B. Yes,it is. B. No,they aren't. B. Yes, you are. C. No,he isn't. C. Yes,she is. C. No,you aren't. C. I'm fine. C. Tina.

  9. A. Nice to meet you, too. B. Thank you. )lO.A. No,I'm not. B. An orange.

  3. 第三节 根据你所听到的短文选择正确的答语,短文念三遍。(每小 题 2 分,计 10 分) ( )
  11. What's the boy's name? A. John. ( B. Peter. C. Helen.

  12. Who is Peter's mother? A. Helen. B. Linda. C, Maria.

  13. Who are my sisters? A. Linda and Lucy. B. Maria and Lily. C. Maria and Linda.

  14. Is Kate Peter's friend?
A. No, it isn't. (
B. Yes, she is.
C. Yes, he is.

  15. John and Helen are whose(谁的) parents? A. Peter's. B. Kate's. C. A and B.
II 笔试部分(满分 100 分) 笔试部分( 一、默写字母(20 分) (
  1)按字母表顺序,以斜体行书小写形式,写出全部字母(15 分)

  2)按字母表顺序,以斜体行书大写形式,写出全部元音字母(5 分)
二、语音,找出划线部分发音不同的选项(5 分) ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. A. this )
  2. A. do )
  3. A. he )
  4. A. take B. nice B. those B. spell B. case C. fine C. phone C. desk C. watch C. number D. game D. und er D. nine D. hello D. every

  5. A. computer B. uncle
三、单项选择(20 分) ( )
  1. are good friends. C. Me and Tom D. Tom and I
A. I and Tom B. Tom and me ( )
  2. ? A. What ( )
  3. Jim A. is; He ( )
  4. ? A. How ar (
is that in English? B. How a boy. B. am; His you spell photo? B. What do ?
?It’s a clock. C. What’s D. How’s
father is a doctor. C. is; His D. is ; Her
?P-H-O-T-O C. How do D. What’re

  5. ?Is that a pencil case? A. C-A-S-E
B. Yes, it isn’t C. Yes, it’s my pencil D. It’s a pencil case. the lost and found case, Jack?

  6. ?Is this your watch ?Yes,
A. at; it’s (
B. in; it is
C. in; this is
D. for; this’s

  7. David found a set of A. key B. keys English dictionary. B. my C. my an D. an my C. a key D. two keys

  8. That’s A. a

  9. A. Her
name is Sue Read. I’m an English girl. B. My book ? C. Your D. His

  10. ?Tom, is this
?No, it isn’t . My book is in my bag. A. his ( )
  11. These A. am ( )
  12. This is his A. watch ( B. watches C. are D. be B. is B. you my basketballs C. are D. he C. your D. her

  13. Two books and a pen A. am B. is my hat ? B. Where’s
in the backpack C. are D. be

  14. ? A. Where
?It’s on Jim’s table. C. How’s D. Who’s

  15. Your father is in the room. A. Bring B. Take C. See
the book to him. D. Look a watch. C. of D. to

  16. I need a book, a pen, a ball A. / B. and

  17. Some A. watchs B. things
are on the dresser. C. pen ? D. pencil ? D. Yes, she is

  18. Is your baseball under the chair ? A. Yes, I am B. Yes, it is ?
C. Yes, he is

  19. ?Are those your friends ? A. Yes, it is B. Yes, they are
C. Yes, they’re
D. No, it isn’t

  20. Please A. takes
your dictionary to school. B. bring C. find D. look
四、完形填空(10 分) This is a 1 of Jim’s family. This is Mrs. Green. 5 2 Mr. Green. 3 6 is Jim’s father. 7 girls? The 4 8
is Jim’s mother. Who
this boy a nd
is Jim, Mr. Green’s son. The
9 is kate, Mr. Green‘s daughter. Kate is 10 sister. Jim and
Kate are brother and sister. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. A. book )
  2. A. is )
  3. A. She )
  4. A. A )
  5. A. She )
  6. A. is )
  7. A. a )
  8. A. girl )
  9. A. girl )
  10.A. Jim B. photo B. am B. Her B. An B. Her B. am B. these B. boy B. boy B. Jims C. map C. are C. He C. These C. He C. love C. this C. boys C. boys C. Jim’s D. room D. be D. His D. This D. His D. an D. an D. girls D. girls D. Jim’
五、阅读理解(每小题 2 分,共 20 分) A Hello! I’m Ren Lijuan. R-E-N, Ren. L-I-J-U-A-N, Lijuan. I’m eleven and I’m a student. I’m in Class Six, Grade Seven. Lei Hao is my classmate (同班同学). He likes baseball. Miss Niu is my English teacher. She is a good teacher and we all like her. ( )
  1. Can you spell the name Ren Lijuan? A. Yes, I am ( B. yes, I can C. No, she can’t

  2. How old is Ren Lijuan? A. He is ten B. I’m ten C. She is eleven.

  3. What class is she in ? A. She is in Class 4 B. She is in Grade 6 C. She is in Class 6

  4. Is Miss Niu her Enghlish teacher ? A. She is her teacher B. Yes, he is C. Yes, she is

  5. Does Lei Hao like baseball ? A. Yes, he does B. No, he doesn’t C. I don’t know B
Dear Sally, When you go to see your brother, you can take some things to him:his math book, a baseball, a notebook, CDs and the video tape. You can play baseball tomorrow(明天) afternoon. The math book is on the dresser. The baseball is under the bed. The CDs are in the drawer. The video tape is behind the computer. I have put them away. OK? Have a good time! Baby!
Mom ( )
  1. You will take A. five ( )
  2. The maths book is from(从) A. mother ( B. brother C. Sally things to your brother when you go to see him. B. some C. three

  3. Which of the followings (下面的) are not taken (带) with you 7 A. CDs. B. Baseball. C. An English book.

  4. Where are the CDs ? A. They’re behind the computer. B. They’re in the in the drawer. C. They’re under the bed.

  5. Where is the video tape.'? A. It's on the computer. B. It' s in the drawer. C. it's behind the computer.
六、汉译英( 每题 1 分,共 5 分)
  1. Does he
  2. That (认识)the girl ? (听起来)good. (没)have a basketball.

  3. My brother Alan
  4. Let’s
(打)volleyball. (网球拍)are under the bed.

  5. A soccer ball and two tennis
七、补全对话,从第 II 栏中选出能回答第 I 栏句子的选项。(共 10 分) I栏
  1. Where is your pen ?
  2. Is her ruler on the table ?
  3. Do you have a watch ?
  4. Where are my keys ?
  5. Let’s play volleyball.
  6. Are the baseballs under the chair ?
  7. Are they your brothers ?
  8. What color is your pencil ?
  9. What’s Linda’s family name ?
  10. What’s her telephone number ?
  8. II 栏 A. They are in your bag. B.It’s yellow. C. It’s under the bed. D. Yes, it is. E. Yes, I do. F. No, they are my cousins. G. That sounds fun. H. Brown I. It’s 601?01
  89. J. No, they aren’t. They’re on the sofa.
八、句型转换(10 分)

  1. My friend is Guo Peng.(改为一般疑问句) friend Guo Peng?
  2. It is my friend.(改为复数形式) our
  3. This is a pen in Enghlish?(对画线部分提问) this in English?
  4. Those are erasers.(改为否定句) Those erasers

  5. Is that your book?(作否定回答) ,it .



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