四六级 - [四级词汇] 2011 英语四级考试必备:核心词汇(
[四级词汇] 2011 英语四级考试必备:核心词汇(
  1) abundant a. 丰富的,充裕的,大量的
acquire vt. 取得,获得;学到
accomplish vt .完成,到达;实行
adopt v. 收养;采用;采纳
adapt vi. 适应,适合;改编,改写 vt. 使适应
adequate a. 适当地;足够
adhere vi. 粘附,附着;遵守,坚持
attach vt. 系,贴;使附属
avenue n. 林荫道,大街
available a. 现成可用的;可得到的
applicable a. 可应用的,适当的
applicant n. 申请人
appeal n. vi. 呼吁,恳求
acknowledge v. 承认;致谢
apparent a. 显然的,明白的
appetite n. 胃口;欲望
awful a. 极坏的,威严的,可怕的
awkward a. 笨拙的,棘手的
await vt. 等候
appoint vt. 任命,委派
approach v. 接近 n. 途径,方式
appropriate a. 适当的
beforehand ad. 预先,事先
breadth n. 宽度
blast n. 爆炸;气流 vi. 炸,炸掉
breed n. 种,品种 v. 繁殖,产仔
barrel n. 桶
bargain n. 便宜货 vi. 讨价还价
barrier n. 障碍;棚栏
budget n. 预算 v. 编预算,作安排
bunch n. 群,伙;束,串
bundle n. 捆,包,束 vt. 收集,归拢
ceremony n. 典礼,仪式
chaos n. 混乱,紊乱
cargo n. (船、飞机等装载的)货物
coarse a. 粗的,粗糙的,粗劣的
coach n. 教练;长途公共汽车
code n. 准则,法规,密码
conservation n. 保存,保护
conservative a. 保守的
comparable a. (with, to) 可比较的,比得上的,类似的
comparative a. 比较的,相对的
complain vi. 抱怨,埋怨
deposit n. 存款,定金 v.存放,储蓄
[四级语法] 春假特辑:四级语法专项练习题-名词 1

  1. there any water in the bottle?
A) Have B) Has C) Are D) Is

  2. There two glasses of milk on the table in the room.
A) have B) has C) are D) is
3 I still want two of clothing for the coming party.
A) articles B) pieces C) bits D) sections

  4. A of smoke rose slowly from the roof of the hut.
A) piece B) column C) stream D) bar

  5. The beggar always asks for a of bread and a glass of beer.
A) section B) column C) loaf D) part

  6. Once a of lions lived in the forest.
A) pride B) swarm C) troupe D) herd

  7. A of football players arrived at the hotel last night.
A) gang B) team C) troupe D) school

  8. A flock of birds circling the field.
A) was B) were C) is being D) are being

  9. Some have been brought in from the car.
A) package B) packages C) the package D) the packages

  10. The elderly increasingly asserting their rights.
A) is being B) are being C) is D) are

  11. He then took butter, with the result that hardly any was left for the rest of us.
A) a few B) a little C) many D) a number of

  12. I have fewer than I did at the beginning of the term.
A) homework B) homework assignment
C) homeworks D) homework assignments

  13. This is .She wrote her name on the first page.
A)a Sherry’s book B)a book of Sherry C)a book of Sherry’s D)Sherry’s a book

  14. Do you know ? He seems to know you well.
A) the name of the man B) the name of the man’s
C) the man’s the name D) name of the man’s

  15. is the most beautiful one I have ever seen.
A) Bob brother’s car B) Car of Bob’s brother
C) Bob’s brother’s car D) The car of Bob’s brother

  16. He was able to recite at the age of three.
A) fifteen poems of Li Bai’s B) fifteen poems of Li Bai
C) fifteen Li Bai’s poems D) Li Bai’s fifteen poem

  17. The militia keeping guard yesterday evening.
A)is B)are C)was D)were

  18. The policeman is investigating the about the traffic accident.
A)passer-by B)passers-by C)passer-bys D)passers-bys

  19. The books on the left are for small children whereas the books on the right are for .
A)grown-ups B)growns-up C)grown-up D)grown ups

  20. His salary is low and he gets .
A)little luxuries B)few luxuries C)luxuries D)luxury

  21. He inherited five companies of his father’s and lived a life of .
A)luxuries B)many luxuries C)much luxuries D)luxury

  22. is from India.
A )The mayor’s of New York’s cat B )The mayor’s cat of New York
C )The mayor of New York’s cat D )The mayor’s cat of New York
23 . new baby is very lovely.
A)Sally’s and Tom’s B)Sally and Tom’s C)Sally’ s and Tom D)Sally and Tom

  24. Is worth a million dollars now, but he bought it for only two dollars ten years ago.
A)The portrait of John B)The John’s portrait
C)John’s the portrait D)The portrait of John’s

  25. He stood at .
A)the foot of the bed B)the bed’s foot C)the bed’s the foot D)the foot of bed’s

  1.d 2 c 3 a 4 b 5 c 6 a 7 b 8 a 9 b 10 d 11 b 12 d 13 c 14 a 15 c 16 a 17 d 18 b 19 a 20 b 21 d 22 c 23 b 24 d 25a
[四级听力] 2011 春假特辑:四级听力常考习语(

Let’s go to the restaurant across the street and get something to eat.

You must go across the bridge and then turn right.



the aging people = the old people
现代社会出现越来越严重的 aging problem(人口老龄化问题)等。


  1、shake all over 浑身颤抖

  2、all of a sudden 突然地
All of a sudden, I remembered her name. 我突然想起了她的名字。

  3、by all means 一定
I’ll come by all means. 我一定会来的。

  4、all night long 整晚
My present neighbor plays piano all night long. 我现在的邻居整晚都弹钢琴。

apply for(申请), 这是工作的第一步; 既然要申请, 必然需要递交 letter of application(求 职信),只要你足够 confident about yourself,就有可能获得 job interview(工作面试)
的机会。是否能够 give a good impression(留个好印象)给主管,那就得看你个人犄造化 了。
有些工作岗位会 require much traveling,(要求经常出差)还有些工作,做不了多久就会 希望 find a way out(找到出路)。


I am working as his teaching assistant. 我作为他的助教进行工作。

  2、as…as 就像……一样
I’ve heard that he is as well-known as Johnson herself. 我听说他跟约翰生本人自 己一样著名。
I don’t think it would be as boring as working in an office.
It wasn’t as easy as I had thought. 这不像我想的那么简单。
It’s not as bad as it looks. 这并不像看上去的那么糟糕。
Is that optional course as hard as everybody says?

  3、as far as I know 据我所知
As far as I know, whether there’ll be such a trip is yet to be decided.
As far as I know, he works until midnight every day.

  4、as well 也
If the weather is this hot tomorrow, we may as well give up the idea of playing tennis outside.

  1、as soon as 一……就,尽快
I will do that for you as soon as I have fixed the machine.
[四级阅读] 名师指导英语四级考试快速阅读得分技巧 略读(skimming), 指的是快速浏览全文的阅读方法。 略读的对象是文章的开始段、 结束段、 每段的段首句和结尾句。文章内容的概括性陈述一般都在这些位置。
  3)对各部分的内 容获得一个粗略的印象;(
对快速阅读而言, 略读最重要的意义在于对各部分的内容获得一个粗略印象, 以方便在寻读 的迅速确定答案所在的部分或段落。
① 有小标题的文章
解题技巧 对于有小标题的文章,把握开头或结尾部分就把握住了文章的主题与写作目的。 小标题相当于段落的主题句, 把握住小标题就把握住了文章的主要内容。 这些小标题在寻读 时也显得格外重要,从题干中的定位信息可以快速找到相关的小标题(模糊定位),再在小标 题下的内容中查找就可以了(精确定位)。这对于提高作题速度非常有帮助。
  5.Protect your references.
If your resume contains a section with the names and contact information of your references,take it out.There’s no sense in safeguarding your information while sharing private contact information of your references..
Q:To protect your references,you should not post online their
【解析】name and contact information / private contact information。根据题干中 的 protect your references 可以快速定位到小标题 5 下的内容。本段讲述的主要是是如 何来保护自己的证明人。段中说的主要内容就是要把联系人的姓名和联系方式从网上拿下 来。
原文的几个小标题为: How Much Trash Is Generated;How Is Trash Disposed of ;What Is a Landfill;Proposing the landfill;Building the Landfill;What Happens to Trash in a Landfill;How Is a Landfill Operated
Q:The passage gives a general description of the structure and use of a landfill.
【解析】选 Y。看文章的标题可知道全文主要描述的是垃圾填埋场的建设与使用。所以题干 正确.
② 无小标题的文章解题技巧 对于没有小标题的文章, 需要把握文章开头或结尾部分来把握 文章的主题与写作目的。 更重要的是浏览每段的段首和段尾, 对每一段的主题和内容获得一 个粗略的印象。 建议考生在浏览时将本段的主题词用笔圈出。 这些主题词将起到小标题的作 用。
….Today,the interstate system links every major city in the U.S. and the U.S.with Canada and Mexico.Built with safety in mind,the highways have wide lanes and shoulders,dividing medians or barriers,long entry and exit lanes,curves engineered for safe turns,and limited access.The death rate on highways is half that of all other U.S.roads(
  0.86 deaths per 100 million passenger miles compared to
  1.99 deaths per 100 million on all other roads)…
Q: In spite of safety considerations ,the death rate on interstate highways is still higher than that of ther American roads.
【解析】选 N。本段讲的是告诉公路的安全问题,death rate 是其中的一个关键词。根据 题干中的关键词定位到这一段, 再根据句中存在的比较关系再具体定位到段落的末尾处。 原 文说:“高速公路上的车祸死亡碧绿是其他路面上的一半”。所以题干说:“高速公路上的事 故死亡率比其他路面上的高”是错误的。
In the UK it is estimated that work-related stress is responsible for six million days of sick leave a year,with stress being linked to many minor and major illnesses.
For most people,work is a significant and meaningful part of life with the majority of us spending aroun 25% of our adult lives owrking. While work can provide us with purpose, satistaction,sell-esteem and spending power ,the workplace can also be a setting of stress and worry.
What is work-ralated stress?
Everyone is under some pressure in the workplace.Some external pressures can be a postive factor, helping us to be more productive.Some people actually thrive under short-term added pressure, and our bodies are designed to meet these short-term demands.Hormones are released to prepare us for a “fight of flight” response to demanding situations. However,excessive and prolonged stress can produce a range of physical and emotional health problems which have come to be grouped as “work-related stress”.
There is no single cause of work-ralated stress. While stress can be triggered by sudden, unexpected pressures, it is often the result of a combination of stressful factors which accumulate over time.Some people can become so used to the symptoms of excessive stress that it goes unnoticed to their detriment(危 害).Most work-related stress is related to management of work, relationships at work,organizational set-up and whether you feel you have power and control in your work.
The experience of stress is different for every person. Some people are affected mor than others, so what is stressful for ome person may not be stressful for another. It can depend on your personality type and on how you have learned to respond to pressure.
It is impossible to escape pressure at work altogether, so it is important to learn how to manage stress. There are a number of ways in which you can reduce the negative impact of stress.
Changes at work
If work-related stress is affecting you, it is important to deal with the problem as soon as possible. One of the most important factors in reducing stress


新东方四六级 - [四级词汇] 2011英语四级考试必备:核心词汇(6) 2.8

   新东方在线四六级 - [四级词汇] 2011 英语四级考试必备:核心词汇(6) 2.8 [四级词汇] 2011 英语四级考试必备:核心词汇(6) 阅读原文 来自:新东方在线 valid a. 有效的,有根据的;正当的 valley n. 山谷,峡谷 remote a. 遥远的,偏僻的 removal n. 除去,消除 render 解释比较长,可要仔细体会啊! precaution n. 预防,防备,警惕 idle a. 懒散的,无所事事的 identify n. 身份;个性,特性 resi ...

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   英语四级考试高频词汇 1. alter v.改变,改动,变更 2. burst vi. n.突然发生,爆裂 3. dispose vi.除掉;处置;解决;处理(of) 4. blast n.爆炸;气流 vi.炸,炸掉 5. consume v.消耗,耗尽 6. split v.劈开;割裂;分裂 a. 裂开的 7. spit v.吐(唾液等) ;唾弃 8. spill v.溢出,溅出,倒出 9. slip v.滑动,滑落;忽略 10. slide v.滑动,滑落 n.滑动;滑面;幻灯片 11. ...


   知识改变命运 勤奋塑造成功 整理人 时间 落叶 2011-4-15 天才是百分之九十九的勤奋加百分之一的灵感 大学英语四级词汇表 abandon vt.丢弃;放弃,抛弃 ability n.能力;能耐,本领 abnormal a.不正常的;变态的 aboard ad.在船(车)上;上船 abroad ad.(在)国外;到处 absence n.缺席,不在场;缺乏 absent a.不在场的;缺乏的 absolute a.绝对的;纯粹的 absolutely ad.完全地;绝对地 absorb ...


   青年人大学英语四级考试网 http://www.qnr.cn/waiyu/cet4/ http://www.qnr.cn/waiyu/cet4/ 整理,QQ 交流群:116847664 整理, 交流群: 大学英语四级考试流程 8:509:00 试音时间 9:009:10 播放考场指令,发放作文考卷 9:10 取下耳机,开始作文考试 9:35 发放含有快速阅读的试题册(但 9:40 才允许开始做) 9:409:55 做快速阅读 9:5510:00 收答题卡一(即作文和快速阅读) 9:5510: ...


   2011 的英语四级考试改革了 级大一的同学们,大学英语考试改革了!!! !!!经过 可亲可爱的 10 级大一的同学们,大学英语考试改革了!!!经过 2009 年 12 所高校进行机考试点之后, 年四级机考就要全面推广了。 月在全国 180 所高校进行机考试点之后,2011 年四级机考就要全面推广了。 在查阅了许多资料之后,我不得不说的是:四级机考,这个,真的很难。 在查阅了许多资料之后,我不得不说的是:四级机考,这个,真的很难。 新四级机考主要有三大不同: 新四级机考主要有三大不同: 首先 ...


   2011英语四级考试必备:核心词汇( 2011英语四级考试必备:核心词汇(1) 英语四级考试必备 abundant acquire a. 丰富的,充裕的,大量的 vt. 取得,获得;学到 accomplish vt .完成,到达;实行 adopt v. 收养;采用;采纳 adapt vi. 适应,适合;改编,改写 vt. 使适应 adequate a. 适当地;足够 adhere attach avenue available vi. 粘附,附着;遵守,坚持 vt. 系,贴;使附属 n. 林 ...


   acceptance n.接受,验收;承认 access n.接近;通道,入口 accessory n.同谋,从犯;附件 accident n.意外的;事故 accidental a.偶然的;非本质的 accommodate vt.容纳;供应,供给 accommodation n.招待设备;预定铺位 accompany vt.陪伴,陪同;伴随 accomplish vt.达到(目的);完成 accord vt.使一致;给予 accordance n.一致;和谐;授予 accordingly ...


   一、明星代言问题 On the Celebrity Spokesperson Currently, we could hardly live a single day without seeing a celebrity spokesperson promoting a product or a social campaign on TV, net or other media. This is an intensely popular trend that we cannot fail t ...


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   浅谈小学英语阅读教学 边爱娟 中山西路小学 [内容提要]: 基础教育阶段英语课程的任务的核心目标是培养学生的综合语言运用能力, 而 阅读能力是有效发展学生的综合语言运用能力的手段之一。 教师在小学阶段就应该有意识培 养学生的英语阅读习惯和能力,为学生的终身发展打下良好的基础。 [关键词]: 小学英语 阅读教学 教的策略 学的方法 小学阶段开设英语课程的目的是培养学生学习英语的积极情感,形成初步 的英语语感,为其打好语音、语调基础,最终使学生具备初步的用所学英语进行 交流的综合能力。 而学生阅 ...


   Generated by Foxit PDF Creator Foxit Software http://www.foxitsoftware.com For evaluation only. 资料有大小学习网收集 www.dxstudy.com (人教版+汤姆森)初三英语同步辅导(含同步练习)资料包(1 套)新课预习 [教学过程] 一. 重点句型 A. How do you study for a test? I study by listening to cassettes. How d ...


   (点击进入) 一般现在时 用法:经常性的和习惯性的动作 常用时间状语 : usually,sometimes,in spring, every day,in the morning 动词构成 :动词原型. 动词原型. work 动词+S.(主语是第三人称单数) 动词+S.(主语是第三人称单数)works 否定构成 : don’t+动原 doesn’t+动原 动原 动原 一般疑问构成及简答:Do+主语+动原+其它?Yes,I do. Do+主语 动原+其它? 主语+ Does+主语 动原+其它 ...