牛津小学四年级 4A 英语综合练习测试试卷 姓名 成绩
五、 正确抄写下列句子
  4% Look danny’s under the fountain。
六、 ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
  5% )
  1. A. rectangle )
  2. A. plants )
  3. A. my )
  4. A. pick )
  5. A. shoulder )
  1. A. dress )
  2. A. listen )
  3. A. full )
  4. A. spare )
  5. A. messy B. square B. she B. fruit B. face B. lake B. music B. butter B. here B. empty C. long D. star C. they D. you C. climb D. walk C. room D. finger C. mess C. bike C. cup C. their C. hobby D. chess D. fridge D. fun D. there D. my B. rubbers C. rulers D. exercise books
八、 选择题
  15% ( )
  1. Kitty has got B. a C. an kite is this? It’s Mike’s. exercise book.
A. some ( )
A. Who’s B. Whose C. what’s ( )
  3. How many hoops? . C. They’re there.
A. There’s one. ( )
  4. Danny
B. I have one. sweets.
A. like (
B. don’t like .
C. doesn’t like
  5. Alice is B. on C. under
A. in (
  6. It’s a rectangle. It’s long. What is it? It’s a B. ruler C. rope
A. bag (
is the pencil? Seventeen yuan. B. How much C. How many draw. C. can’t…can
A. How old ( (
  8. Alice A. can… can
dive, but she B. can’t… can’t
  9. That’s my friend. B. She’s C. Her a box? B. has…has I
Name is Lily.
A. My ( (
  10. Who )
  11.We B.have
A. have… have
C. has…have
a new classroom . C.has have a new schoolbag. schoolbag is heavy.
A.are (
A.I, My (
B.My, I
C.I, My your head.
  13.Put your English book A.at B.in C.on are there ? C.bookes
  14.How many B.books
A.book (
  15. Bai Ling B.have C.is
long hair and big eyes.
  1. They’re our exercise books. (对划线部分进行提问)
  2. Kitty’s got a bottle of juice. (改为一般疑问句,并作肯定回答)
  3. The butter is five yuan. (对划线部分进行提问)
  4. Ben can fly a kite. (改为否定句)
  5. Does Peter like dogs? (改为肯定句)
  6.There are ten books on the table. (对划线部分提问)

  7. He can fly. (改为一般疑问句并作否定回答)
  8.My father is a bus driver. (改为否定句)

  9.Her name is Linda. (对划线部分提问)
  10. He likes dogs.(改为否定句和一般疑问句)
  7% A: A: A: B: A: OK. B: One, two, three… nineteen. There’re 十一、阅读理解 Look at that girl. Her name is Supergirl. She has long hair. She can run. She can dive and swim. But she can’t cook. She has got a dog. It is Superdog. Supergirl and Superdog are good friends. 阅读后回答下列问题:
  1. Who’s that girl?
  2. Is her hair long? . . chocolates. have you got, Danny? of chocolates. It’s is it? chocolates? it an count the chocolates. my bag. B: I’ve got a B: It’s twenty yuan.

  3. Can Supergirl cook?
  4. What has Supergirl got?
  5. Are Supergirl and Superdog good friends?
. . .
It’s Sunday. There’re many children in the park. Alice, Kally, Wendy and Kitty are in the park. They are having a picnic. They’ve got some biscuits, sandwiches, apple juice, bananas and oranges. Alice likes to eat sandwiches. Kally and Wendy like biscuits. They put the rubbish(垃圾) into the bin(垃圾桶). Look, What’s in the sky? Oh, many kites. 判断下列句子与上面内容是否相符,是的用“T”表示,不符的用“F”表示。5% ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. There are four children flying kites in the park. )
  2. Children can have a picnic in the park.. )
  3. They’ve got some orange juice. )
  4. They leave the rubbish in the bin. )
  5. They’ve got some fruit.
十二、 写作: 以“My family ”为题,三种句型,不少于五句。



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