工二村小学四年级英语期末水平测试( 工二村小学四年级英语期末水平测试(20
  1) 四年级英语期末水平测试 )
听力部分 40%
Ⅰ.听辩单词 10% A) 听音,从 A,B,C,D 四个选项中选择你听到的单词,每道题读两遍。5% ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. A .board )
  2. A .painting )
  3. A .driver )
  4.A.bed )
  5.A .vegetable B. door C. floor D. fan
B. music B. teacher B. study B.vest
C. sports D. science C. player C.table C. fork D. student D. sofa D.window
B) 听音,选出与你听到的单词相符的图片。每道题读两遍。5%
( )
  1. A.
( )
  2. A.
( )
  3. A.
( )
  4. A.
( )
Ⅱ听辨句子 10% A) ( ( ( ( ( 听音,选出你听到的句子。每道题读两遍。5% )
  1、A. Clean the window. B. Put up the picture. C. Sweep the floor. D. Turn on the light. B. Answer the phone. )
  2、A. Sit on the sofa. C. Make the bed. D. Open the fridge. )
  3、A. Help yourself. B. Good job. C. Good idea. D. Here you are. )
  4、A. Pass me a plate. B. Give me a spoon. C. Use the chopsticks. D. Cut with the knife. B. Let me clean the board. )
  5、A. Let me have a look. C. Let me try. D. Let me show you.
B) 听音,看图,根据所听到的内容选择正确答语。每道题读两遍。5% ( )
  6. A. His name is John . B. Her name is Chen Jie . C. He’s Wu Yifan . ( )
  7. A. It’s a bee. B.It’s in the fan. C.It’s on the fan. ( )
  8. A. B. C. ( )
  9. They’re in the kitchen. She’s in the bedroom. He’s in the kitchen,
A. I have an English book. B. One English book.. C. One notebook..

A. She’s my mother. B. He’s a farmer. C.He’s my father.
Ⅲ. 听句子或短文(10%) A)听短语或句子,按听到的顺序为图片标上序号(5%) 听短语或句子,按听到的顺序为图片标上序号( 听短语或句子 )
B) 听音,判断所听内容与所给句子意思是否一致,是(T)否(F),每 组对话读两遍。(5%) ( )
  1. He is in the study. ( )
  2. I have seven books. ( )
  3. He is my uncle. ( )
  4. I’d like some bread and milk. ( )
  5. They are my parents. 对话,选择正确的答案。( 。(10%) Ⅳ 听对话,选择正确的答案。( ) ( )
  1. How many pictures do the boys have? A. 6 B. 8 C.10
( )
  2. What’s in your bag? A. 20 story-books ( )
  3. What can Tom see? A. a fan and a light B. a fan and a computer C. a computer and a light ( )
  4. Who will(将) clean the classroom? A. Zhang Peng B. Wu Yifan C. Chen Jie B. 20 Chinese books C. 20 notebooks
( )
  5. Mike would like. A. some chicken B. some milk C. some chicken and some milk
笔试部分 60% I. A)
  1. 单词 10% 连线找单词。5%
B)选出下列每组单词中与其他不属于同类的一项.5% ( ( ( ( ( II. ( )
  1. A. thirty )
  2. A. math )
  3. A. blue )
  4. A. tall )
  5. A. notebook B. fifty B. English B. ruler B. sports B. floor C. four C. book C. green C. strong C. wall D. too D. Chinese D. purple D. quiet D. door

选择,将答案填入题前的括号里。10% )
  1. 当有人问你“她叫什么名字?”,你回答: A. My name is Amy. B. Her name is Amy. C. His name is Amy. )
  2. 当你想告诉别人你有一个新朋友,你说: A. I have a friend. B. I have a new classmate. C. I have a new friend. )
  3. 下午和朋友见面,你说: A. Good morning. B. Good afternoon. C. Good evening. )
  4. 当你想让别人看这张图片时,你说: A. Look the picture. B. B. Look at the picture. C. See the picture. )
  5. 你想知道朋友说的人是学生还是老师,你问: A. Student or teacher? B. Student and teacher. C. Boy or girl? )
  6. 当你想告诉同学你有 42 本故事书,你说: A. I have thirty ?two picture books. B. I have forty-two story-books.

C. I have forty-two notebooks. )
  7. 当你向别人介绍“他是短头发。”你说: A. He has short hair. B. He have short hair. C. He is short hair. )
  8. 当你想对父母说自己的朋友很文静,你说: A. My friend is quiet. B. My friend is strong. C. My friend is tall. )
  9. 当你想对朋友说“他喜欢音乐”,你说: A. She like music. B. She likes music. C. He likes music. )
  10. 当朋友对你说“How are you?”你回答: A. Fine, thank you. B. I’m ten. C. How are you?
Ⅲ. 按要求完成下列句子 20% A)我是小翻译 12%
  6. I like music. The boy is thin. This is my computer. Do you like a yellow schoolbag? Tom is my good friend. My mother is a nurse.
B)照样子写一写 8% Model: Mike →short hair→ thin His name is Mike. He has short hair. He is thin.
  1. Amy →long hair →quiet

John →big eyes→ strong
根据语篇及图片填写单词。( 。(10%) Ⅳ 根据语篇及图片填写单词。( )
Welcome to my
1! Look! This is my room. It’s nice. There is
a desk, a 2 and a small 3 in it. There is a picture on the desk. You can see my mother in the picture. She is a

  4. She likes
5 very much.
阅读文章并判断正误,正确的打“√”,错误的打 。(10%) Ⅴ 阅读文章并判断正误,正确的打 ,错误的打“×”。( 。( ) Look at the picture! There is a woman in the car. She is my aunt. She is my father’s sister. Her husband(丈夫) is an English teacher. He is tall and strong. My aunt and uncle have two sons and a daughter. Jim and Tom are twins(双胞胎). They are
  12. They like science. How old is Ann? She is
  9. She likes music. They are happy together. ( )
  1. There are four people in my aunt’s family. ( )
  2. In the picture, my aunt is in the car. ( )
  3. My uncle is a Chinese teacher. ( )
  4. Ann is
  12. ( )
  5. Jim and Tom are twins.

Ⅰ A)floor painting driver study window CAABD
B) boy pencil classroom egg thirty BBABA
Ⅱ A) C. Sweep the floor.
B. Answer the phone.
D. Here you are.
A. Pass me a plate.
C. Let me try.
He’ C.It’ She’ B) C. He’s Wu Yifan C.It’s on the fan.B. She’s in the bedroom. A I h C.He’ ave an English book. C.He’s my father.

语 句 ,
顺 为图 标
  2. A)
  2. my family

  4. clean the board

  3. They like Chinese food.
  1. o
n the bed
  5. We are good friends. 24315
B)Is isn’ B)Is he in the study? No he isn’t.(F)
How many books do you have? I have 3 books(F)
Who is he? He is my uncle.(T)
What would you like for dinner? I’d like some fish and chicken.(F) I’
Who are they? They are my parents.(T)

对话, 对话,选择
。(10%) 。(10%) 10%

A: How many pictures do you have, boys?
B: We have

What’ A: What’s in your bag?
storyB: Twenty story-books.

A: Tom, what can you see?
B: I can see a fan and a computer.

A: Please clean the classroom, Zhang Peng.
B: All right.

A: What would you like, Mike?
I’ B: I’d like some chicken and some milk.
15 5



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