Lesson 13 一。单选( )
  1.mll A.a B. e C.w D.b ( )
  2.st__ __e A.oo B.oa C.or D.oi ( )
  3. rest__ __rant A. ou B. oa C .au D. ua ( )
  4.wait__ A. or B. er C. ur D .ir ( )
  5. off__ce A.a B.e C.i D.o ( )
  6. Where they work ? A. are B.is C.do ( )
  7.A waiter works a restaurant。 A. on B .in C. to ( )
  8.A businessman works in office building. A .a B. the C. an ( )
  9. ?Where your mother work??She works in a hospital. A. do B. does C. is ( )
  10.A clerk works in a . A. store B. school C. restaurant 二.填空。
  1.A:Is she a cashier?B:(不),she is a (女服务员)。 A:Where does she work? B:She works in a (餐馆)。
  2.A:Is he a clerk?B:(不),he is a (医生).A:Where does he work? B:He (工作)in a hospital。
  3.A:Is she a businesswoman ? B:(不),she is a (职员)A:Where does she work? B:She works in a (办公大楼)。
  4.May I help you? I am a ._(售货员)
  5.Good morning, class! am a 老 I ( 师)
  6.Are you okay? I am a (医生)
  7.Five yuan, please。 I am a 。 (收 营员)
  8. Are you ready to order?I am a (女服务员)。 。 三.圈出正确的单词。
  1.A teacher works in a (shop, school,mall)。
  2. A waiter works in a (classroom,restaurant,library) 。
  3.A (businessman ,doctor,teacher)works in an office building。
  4.A clerk works in a ( store, classroom,street) 。
  5.A(cashier,teacher,doctor)works in a department store。 四.阅读理解。My name is Jenny. I′m a girl。My mother is a clerk。She works in a store。 She goes to work by bicycle. My father is a businessman. He works in an office building. He goes to work by car. 根据短文内容判断正(T)误(F) ( )
  1. Jenny′mother works in a restaurant。 ( )
  2.Her mother goes to work by car. ( )
  3. Jenny is a girl. ( )
  4. Her father is a waiter. Lesson14 一、写出表示月份的单词。June February October January April December July March May November September August
  4. 四 月
  5. 五 月
  6. 六 月
  7. 七 月
  8. 八 月
  9. 九 月
  12.十二月 二、连线。
  1.雪天 A.sunny 四、看例子写单词 snow?snowy
  2.雨天 B.snowy
  1. rain?
  3.晴天 C.cloudy
  3. sun?
  4. cloud?
  4.多云 D.rainy 三、填空。
  1.?How′s the weather??It′s cold and (雪天)
  2.? the weather??The weather is (雨天)
  3.?How′s the ??It′s hot and (晴天)
  4.?How′s the weather??It′s (多云) 五、翻译划线的单词
  1. How′s the weather?
  2. The weather is warm and rainy.
  3. It′s hot and sunny.
  4. The weather is windy and cloudy. 六 、 填 空
  1.In January,the weather is .
  2.In April,the weather is .
  3.In July, the weather is .
  4. In October, the weather is .
  5.There are months in a year.A.ten B.four C.twelve
  6. The weather windy and cloudy. A.are B.am C.is

  7. December, the weather is cold.A.In B.On C.At Lesson15 一、汉译英
  3.看电 视
  5.放风筝 二、单选。
  1.( )I want to put on my new dress.A.穿上 B.放下 C.拿上
  2.( )? Where are you going??To the bookshop across from the street.A.大街上 B.街对面 C. 街中心
  3.( )Her bike is .A.happy B.break C.broken
  4.( )I a new chain.A.need to B.need C.likes
  5.( )What you doing?A.is B.am C.are
  6.( )I want to .A.go shop B. go shoping C. go shopping 三. 补全对话。 Jenny: _1__,LiLei. LiLei: Good morning, Jenny! Jenny: __2_are you going? LiLei:To the department store. Jenny:Why? LiLei:I want to buy a bicycle._3__? Jenny:I want to go to the park. LiLei:OK,goodbye ! Jenny:_4!
  4. 四、翻译划线部分。
  1.I want to buy some ice cream.
  2.To the bicycle shop across from the street.
  3.I need a new chain.
  4.My bicycle is broken. 五、选择正确问句。 ( )
  1.Yes,I want to buy a shirt. A. What are you doing. B. May I help you? C. Do yo want to play? ( )
  2. It′s hot and sunny. A. How′s the weather? B. What time is it? C. What will you wear? ( )
  3.I′m going to the park. A. What do you do? B. Where are you going? C. When do you go to the park? ( )
  4. I′ll show you. This way, please. A. What do you want? B. Where are you going? C. Where is the gym? 六. 连词成句。
  1.like, dress, Do,this,you(?)
  2.want, dress, to,a,don′t,buy(.) I,
  5.ice cream,can,to,the,You,restaurant,to,go,eat(.) 第 2 单元达标测试 一、选择正确字母
  1.( )sh__p A.a B.b C.o
  2.( )by A.f B.x C.u
  3.( )rest__ __rantA.ub B.au C.cu
  4.( )ca__ __ier A.sh B.ch C.ha
  5.( )cl__ __k A.ir B.er C.or
  6.( )w__ __tress A.ai B.ao C.hi
  7.( ) wh__r__. A.a,a B.b,b C.e,e
  8.( )wnt A.o B.a C.h 二、 小小翻译家。
  2.tire shop
  4.Forget it!
  6.department store
  8.This way,please.
  10.stay home 三.单选
  1.( )How many months are there in a year? A.Yes,there are. B.Twelve. C.There are twelve month.
  2.( )It′s in July.The weather isin Beijing. A.warm B.cold C.hot
  3. ( )My bike is broken.So I go to school by. A.foot B.bus C.home ( )
  4.He is a __.He works in a restaurant.A.teacher B.waiter C.waitress ( )
  5. Wherethe dress?A.is B.am C.are
  1。 )当你想知道对方正在做什么时,你应该说:A.What do you do ? B. ( What are you doing? C.Where are you from?
  2. ( )你想知道天气怎样,你可以问:A. What the weather? B.How are you ? C.How′s the weather? 五.不全对话。Danny: What do you do want to do? Jenny: Let′s_1__shopping. Danny. Danny: Okay.__2_? Jenny: Let′s go to the silk shop. Danny: The silk shop ? No, I don′t_3__to buy silk.Jenny: Okay,then__4_go to the clothes shop.I want_5_ _6__ a new dress.Danny:Forget it! I don′t want to buy a__7_ _8__ .Jenny:Well,_9__ do you _10__ to buy? Danny:Ice cream.
  10. 六.阅读理解。Today is Sunday.It′s hot and sunny. Jenny wants to go shopping in the city.She wants to ride a bicycle to the city.But her father and mother want to drive a car.Her grandfather and grandmother don′t go shopping.They stay home.So Jenny goes shopping with her father and mother by car. 根据短文内容判断正(T) 误(F) ( )
  1. Jenny is a boy. ( )
  2. Jenny wants to go shopping by bus. ( )
  3. It′s sunny. ( )
  4. Her grandfather and grandmother want to go shopping. ( )
  5. Jenny goes shopping by car. 期中综合测试 一。选择正确字母。 ( )
  1.h__ndr_d A.o,e B.u,e C.u,i ( )
  2.f__ ty A.ar B.oa C.or ( )
  3.n r A.ae B.eh C.ea ( )
  4.bi__y__le A.c,c B.c,a C.a,a ( )
  5.l__br__ry A.a,i B.i,a C.i,b ( )
  6.b__y A.i B.e C.u ( )
  7.sh__p A.e B.o C.u ( )
  8.rest__ __rant A.au B.ao C.ua ( )
  9.c_sh_er A.o,i B.a,i C.i,a ( )
  10.w_ _tress A.ai B.oi C.ia 二. 翻译句子。
  1.Excuse me!
  3.Let me help you.
  5.I don′t understand.
  7.grocery store
  9.ride a bicycle
  10.去买东西 三.单选。 ( )
  1.Let′s__to the park.A.go B.to go C.goes D.going ( )
  2.Seven plus thirty?three equals.A.forty B. forty?one C.fiftyD. fourty ( )
  3.What do you want__? A.do B.to do C.does D.doing ( )
  4.?is the library??It′s over there.A.What B.Where C.How D. What′s ( )
  5.There are months in one year. 四.连词成句。
  1.go,buy,the,to, Let′s,market,to,vegetables(.)
  5.the,How,weather,is(?) 五.在括号里填上序号,是成一句话。 ( )
  1.How much is it? ( )
  2.I want to buy a new Shirt.( )
  3.Can I help you? ( )
  4.This is a white shirt. It′s beautiful. ( )
  5.Forty?five yuan. Lesson17 一。汉译英。
  6.two cows
  7. 一 只 白 鸭 子
  8.a small black pig
  9.在农场 二.选择。
  1.( )f_ _m A.ar B.er C.lv
  2.( )f_ _ld A.ei B.ea C.ie
  3.( )m__d A.p B.u C.f
  4.( )p_ _d A.on B.en C.in 三 . 用 英 语 填 空 。
  1.53 pig+17 pig=pig
  2.35 rabbit+27 rabbit=rabbit
  3.19 cow+74 cow=cow
  1.chicken du__ __ tru__ __
  2.cow __ __ar __ __ab
  3.what __ __ere __ __y
  4.cashier __ __op __ __oe
  5. chicken __ __air 六.选出每组单词中与其它单词不同类的一项 ( )
  1.A. chicken B.duck C.pond ( )
  2.A.cow B.pig C.field ( )
  3.A.clerk B.cashier C.shop ( )
  4.A.store B.restaurant C.they ( )
  5.A.book B.toy C.help Lesson 18 一.小小翻译。
  1.a white cat
  3.a goat
  4.一只绵羊 二.选择。
  1.( )g_ _t A.on B.oa C.oo
  2.( )c_t A.a B.e C.i
  3.( )sh_ _p A.ea B.ei C.ee
  4.( )d_g A.a B.f C.o
  5.( )chi_ _en A.ck B.ci C.ok
  6.( )c_w A.u B.o C.i



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