1. Where is the canteen? 饭堂在哪里? It's on the first floor. 它在一楼.
  2. Where are the washrooms? 卫生间在哪里? They are on the second floor. 它们在二楼.
  3. This is the teacher's office. 这是教师办公室.
  4. That is my classroom. 那是我的教室.
  5. Do you have a computer? 你有一台电脑吗? Yes, I do. / No, I don't. 是的,我有./ 不,我没有.
  6. Is this a teacher's desk? 这是讲台吗? Yes, it is. / No, it's not. 是的,它是./ 不,它不是.
  7. What time is it? 几点钟了? It's nine o'clock. 九点钟了.
  8. It's time for English class. 该上英语课了.
  9. It's time to go to school. 该上学了.
  10. I like the white sweater with the green skirt. 我喜欢这件白色的毛衣配这条绿色的裙子.

  11. What colour is it/ the shirt? 它/这件衬衣是什么颜色的? It's brown. 它是棕色的.
  12. What colour are the shoes? 这双鞋子是什么颜色的. They are yellow. 它们是黄色的.
  13. Whose T-shirt is it? 这是谁的 T 恤衫? It's my brother's. 它是我兄弟的.
  14. These are my shorts. 这些是我的短裤.
  15. What's the weather like today? 今天天气怎么样? It's sunny. 今天天气晴朗.
  16. What's the weather like in Beijing? 北京天气怎么样? It's cool. 天气凉爽.
  17. Can I wear my new dress? 我可以穿我的新连衣裙吗? Yes, you can. / No, you can't. 是的,你可以./ 不,你不可以.
  18. Let's play football. 让我们去踢足球.
  19. Is it cool? 天气凉爽吗?
Yes, it is. / No, it's not. 是的,凉爽./ 不,不凉爽.
  20. How much is it / the skirt? 它/这件衬衫多少钱? It's ten yuan. 它 10 元.
  21. How much are they / the tomatoes? 它们/这些西红柿多少钱? They are / They're thirteen yuan. 它们 13 元.
  22. Can I help you? 我可以帮助你吗? Yes. I want a pair of sneakers. 是的.我要一双运动鞋.
  23. These are rabbits. 这些是兔子.
  24. Those are cucumbers. 那些是黄瓜.
  25. They are carrots. 它们是胡萝卜.
  26. What are they/these/those? 它们/这些/那些是什么? They are lambs. 它们是羔羊.
  27. Are they/these/those horses? 它们/这些/那些是马吗? Yes, they are. / No, they aren't. 是的,它们是./ 不,它们不是.
  28. How many sheep are there? 那有多少只绵羊?
There are twelve. 有 12 只.
  29. How many notebooks do you have? 你有多少本笔记本? I have seven. 我有七本.
  30. How much is the sharpener? 这个卷笔刀多少钱? Two yuan. 2 元.



   Unit 1 句子 1. 你的笔友来自哪里?(两种写法 你的笔友是哪里人? 你的笔友来自哪里? 两种写法 你的笔友是哪里人? 两种写法)你的笔友是哪里人 2. 他/她讲哪种语言 他/她讲法语 她讲哪种语言? 她讲法语. 她讲哪种语言 她讲法语 3. 我住在加拿大的多伦多 我住在加拿大的多伦多. 4. 我想要一个中国的笔友 我想要一个中国的笔友. 5. 我喜欢和朋友去看电影. 我喜欢和朋友去看电影 朋友去看电影 6. 请写信告诉我有关你自己的情况 请写信告诉我有关你自己的情况. 7. 它太难了 ...


   七年级英语下册重点短语翻译 七年级英语下册重点短语翻译 16. next 在旁边 第 1-2 单元 1. from = from 来自 17. in of 在……前面 2. a = a bit 一点(修饰不可数名词) 18. between…… 在……和……之间 3. like sth / like sth 喜欢做某事 19. left/right 向左(右)转 (前者强调习惯,后者强调一次性) 20. the left/right 在左(右)边 21. a walk= a walk 4. ...


   七年级英语下册重点短语翻译 七年级英语下册重点短语翻译 16. next 在旁边 第 1-2 单元 1. from = from 来自 17. in of 在……前面 2. a = a bit 一点(修饰不可数名词) 18. between…… 在……和……之间 3. like sth / like sth 喜欢做某事 19. left/right 向左(右)转 (前者强调习惯,后者强调一次性) 20. the left/right 在左(右)边 21. a walk= a walk 4. ...


   Unit 1 1. Will people have robots in their homes in 20 years? 二 十年后人们家里会有机器人 吗? 2. People will live to be 200 years old. 人 们 将 会 活 到 200 岁. 3. I went to Shanghai last year and fell in love with it. 我去 年去了上海, 并且爱上了这 个城市. 4. I don’t like living alone ...


   初中一年级下册英语课文 第一课 第一单元 我们玩得很开心 贝蒂:你好,妈妈,你能听到我说话吗? 贝蒂的妈妈:使得,我能。你在哪里? 贝蒂:我正站在中国的长城上跟你通话呢? 贝蒂的妈妈:真的吗? 贝蒂:我们参加学校的郊游,而且玩的可高兴啦。 贝蒂的妈妈:好极了,贝蒂。其他人在做什么呢? 贝蒂:哦,托尼在吃冰激淋,王辉正在拍一些照片,玲玲在买礼物和明信片,大 明则躺在阳光下吃午饭。 贝蒂的妈妈:你能给我也寄一张明信片吗? 贝蒂:好的。我和玲玲正在写明信片呢。我们非常喜欢学校的这次郊游。好了, 我 ...


   总课时 :1 Lesson 1 May I speak to Mary? 教学内容: Let's talk。 教学目标: 会认读单词 speak,message,question,tell,number,learn,roll,spread,job, pull,pizza,bake。 学习元音字母 a 在非重读音节中读[i]。 学习 Let's talk,能听懂,会说,并能用来进行会话。 教学重、难点: 会认读单词 speak,message,question,tell,number,lear ...


   3eud 教育网 http://www.3edu.net 百万教学资源,完全免费,无须注册,天天更新! Unit5 Language Goal: Talk about what people are doing. Teaching Aims: The present Progressive Key Points: Is he reading Difficult points: ? Yes, he is. /No, he isn't. (结构式: I'm watching TV. T: Whe ...


   2,Chen Jie and Amy are . 小学五年级英语下册期末测试题 班级 听力部分:(共 听力部分:(共 30 分) :( 一,听录音,选出你听到的单词或词组.( 分) 听录音,选出你听到的单词或词组.(10 .( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )1 )2 )3 )4 )5 )6 )7 )8 )9 )10 A,spring A,March A,eat breakfast A,7:30 A,drinking A,fly kites A,nice A,go hiking A ...


   文 新 学 堂 教 学 教 案( 燕 郊 分 校) UNIT 7 一、用所给单词的正确形式或根据句意和首字母提示填空。 1. The teacher is coming. Would you mind (clean) the blackboard? 2. The river is very dirty. It smells (terrible). It is (terrible) polluted. 3. Last night he watched an (excite) football ...


   小学英语重点句型 小学英语重点句型 三年级上(第一册)句型总汇 What’s your name? My name’s Chen Jie。 Good morning。 Let’s go to school。 This is John。 Nice to meet you。 Good afternoon. How are you? Fine,thank you. Let's paint. I'm fine. I have a rabbit. Really? May I have a look? ...



   人教版英语必修三 Unit 3 The Million Pound Bank-Note 重难点 ●三维目标 三维目标 1.Knowledge: (1)Learn to read between the lines and know Wang Kung’s and Wang Wei’s different and similar attitudes toward the trip along the Mekong. (2)Understand the second part of Journe ...


   大学英语四级词汇训练 1200 题 1 (2011-3-29YY 英语四级讲座作业) 1.With the of Mary, all the girl students are eager to go to the party. A.exhibition B.exception C.except D.reception 2.Although the trffic is not busy, he likes to drive at a speed. A.spare B.fast C.moder ...


   1 welcome.n. 欢迎,接待 a. 受欢迎的,可任意的,可喜的 vt. 欢 迎,接待 int. 欢迎 Welcome to China! 欢迎你到中国来. They received a warm welcome. 他们受到热烈欢迎. . You are welcome to any book in my library. 我书房里所有的书你尽管用. . We welcome your kind help. 我们欢迎你的热心帮助. . She is welcome to the us ...


   剑桥少儿英语一级下测试题 剑桥少儿英语一级下测试题 Reading and writing Part 1 Look and read. Put a tick (√) or a cross(×) in the box Examples: This is a star. √ This is a monster. Questions: 1 × . 2 This is an onion. □ This is a bean. □ 3. This is a tomato. 4. □ This is a ...


   预测作文( 预测作文(一) Global Shortage of Fresh Water 1. 人们以为淡水是取之不尽的(提示:雨水、河水、井水……) 2. 实际上淡水是非常紧缺的(提示:人口增长、工业用水增加、污染……) 3. 我们应该怎么办 【范文】 范文】 At present, many people take it for granted that fresh water will never be used up because we can find it not only f ...