苏教版(凤凰) 苏教版(凤凰)牛津英语教案 2011
一、年级:七年级 二、教学内容: 7A Unit 6 Fashion 三、课型: Reading 四、教学目标
  1)词汇:cool, cotton, wool, leather, silk, comfortable
  2) 词组:have a fashion show, raise money for Project Hope, popular clothes, sports clothes, smart and modern, wear jeans
  2.能力目标:了解 4 位学生的着装情况, 能运用所学词汇表述服装 搭配。
  3.情感目标:通过阅读北京阳光中学同 学们的时装义演一文,倡 导学生多参加献爱心活动。 五、教学重难点: 学生能分清并记住有关服装名 称、质地和款式。了解不同场合 的服饰搭配,并能用恰当的形容 词去描绘。 Step1 Lead in
In this class, Kitty will introduce a students’ fashion show to us. But before the students’ fashion show, she went to see an ‘ International Fashion Show’, and took a lot of photos. Show some photos to students and ask some questions about them. Fashion show

  1. What do you think of her?
  2. What do you think of him?
  3. What do you think of her clothes?
  4. What do you think of her clothes Step 2 Reading
modern cool colorful beautiful

  1. Kitty is introducing the students’ fashion show. Read Kitty’s script and find out the answers quickly.
  1) Who are the students?
  2) What are they doing?
  3) Who is going to talk about raising money for poor students?
  4) What clothes are they wearing?
  2. Read after the tape together and tell me if the following statements are true or false.
  1) The Class 1, Grade 7 students have a fashion show every week .
  2) Sandy comes after Simon.
  3) Simon wears clothes from 1980s.
  4)Amy wears a red blouse and a pair of blue jeans.
  5) Young people like to wear jeans and trainers.
  3. Discussion: Divide the students into groups of four, ask one of them to report to the classmates ?
  1) Simon : He is wearing a pair of white trousers, a purple shirt. His tie is yellow and red .He looks colourful.
  2) Sandy : She is wearing a black, long red, a red . Her hair style is in the 1990s. She looks beautiful.
  3)Daniel: blue and yellow sports clothes smart and moden colourful trainers
  4)Amy is… Step 3 Practice

  1. Translate the following phrases in the text

  3)20 世纪 70 年代的服装
  9) 20 世纪 90 年代流行的发型
  2. Get the students to describe the pictures by using the words in the text.
  1) I think they are popular for boys. silk ,cotton, leather, comfortable, smart, cool
  2) I think they are popular for girls. wool, sweater, skirt , leather, boots, colourful, modern
  3. Ask the students to make a dialogue with their deskmates like this. A: What are you going to wear for the class meeting? B: ……色的衬衫, ……色的短裙, ……色的靴子。 A: That’s very beautiful/ nice… B: Thank you. What about you? A: ……色的 T 恤, ……色的裤子, ……色的运动鞋。 B: I think you will look cool/ smart… Step 4 Do more practice
  1. Please fill in the blanks in Part B3 on page
  2. Complete the conversation in Part C on page 95, and practice in groups. Step 5 Homework

  1. Read the text and try to retell it.
  2. Copy the phrases in the text. 说明 本课时是阅读课,主要训练学生对语篇的整体理解和文中细节信息的把握。 分清楚人物服装搭配,以及色彩款型的描绘。 教学中要帮助学生先学习重点词汇,尤其是服装的名称、质地和鞋子的类别 等。然后引导学生进入文章理解,归纳语点,并给予一定的语言环境让学生去运


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