(牛津初中英语总复习) 8B Unit 2 一.【精选词汇】 【精选词汇】 一重点短语
  1. go on a trip to South Hill →go on a trip to…去某地旅游 (p
  2. take you out for a few days 带你出去玩几天→take sb out 带某人出去
  3. go hiking, go skiing →go+v-ing 去做某事,see/enjoy the beautiful view 观看/欣赏美景 (p
  4. a symbol of Japan →the symbol of…的象征,e.g. Red is the symbol of danger.红色是危险的象征.
  5. have a really fantastic time=have a good/great/wonderful time=have fun =enjoy oneself (p
  6. at the entrance 在入口处 →at the exit 在出口处
  7. move at high speed 高速运转→at a speed of…以…的速度,at a speed of 100 km an hour
  8. scream and laugh through the whole ride →through 从物体的内部穿过
  9. a fast food restaurant 快餐店→fast food 快餐,国际著名快餐店:KFC 肯 德基,McDonald's 麦当劳
  10. clap and stream with joy 高兴地拍手尖叫 →介词短语 with joy 相当于 副词修饰动词. (p
  11. watch a three-D film,watch fireworks, look shiny and beautiful under the fireworks
  12. in all 总共;共计→first of all 首先
  13. scream with excitement 兴奋地尖叫→ with excitement=excitedly 激动 地;兴奋地 (p
  28) 知识链接〉 〈知识链接〉excite→excited 兴奋的→exciting 令人兴奋的;扣人心弦的; 刺激的→excitement n.激动,兴奋→with excitement=excitedly,be excited about (doing) sth 对…兴奋
  14. a really delightful holiday and a meaningful experience 一个高兴的假期, 一次有意义的经历 知识链接〉 〈知识链接〉experience ⑴n.(C)经历;e.g. He had a pleasant experience in Hong Kong last year. ⑵n.(U)经验→experienced adj.经验丰富的,have experience in (doing) sth =be experienced in (doing) sth 在某方面有经验, ①He has experience in e.g. teaching English.=He is experienced in teaching English. ①Dr Ma has much experience in eye operations.=Dr Ma is experienced in eye operations. ③Chow Yun Fat is an experienced actor. He has acted in many action films.
  15. buy a gift for my parents →buy sth for sb=buy sb sth (gift 比 present 高 雅) (p
  16. travel abroad 到国外旅游→go abroad 出国,e.g. He has gone abroad for further studies. (p
  17. during this May Day holiday 在"五一"假期里→during 是介词,后面不 能接句子.
  18. three and a half hours 三个半小时→one/an hour 一小时,half an hour 半 小时→one and a half hours 一个半小时,two and a half hours 两个半小时 (p
  19. have a bird's-eye view of Hong Kong →have a bird's-view of…鸟瞰;俯

  20. a modern city of tall buildings with lights shining in the evening 高楼林 立,灯火辉煌的现代化城市 →with lights shining 作后置定语,lights 与 shining 是主动关系. 用法拓展〉 〈用法拓展〉He sleeps with windows closed.
  21. the cultural centre of Hong Kong 香港的文化中心→the cultural centre 文 化中心 知识链接〉 〈知识链接〉culture n.文化→cultural adj.文化的 e.g. ①popular culture 大 众文化 ②Venice is a beautiful city full of culture and history.威尼斯是一座 具有深厚文化和历史底蕴的美丽城市. 用法拓展〉 〈用法拓展〉nature →natural, centre→central
  22. a good place to buy things, enjoy that day most, have great fun, seafood a restaurant, desserts and snacks,enjoy our trip to Hong Kong 二词汇解析
  1. popular tourist attractions(旅游胜地): Mount Fuji 富士山, Great Wall, the the Leaning Tower of Pisa 比萨斜塔, Little Mermaid 小美人鱼, Statue the the of Liberty 自由女神像,the Tower Bridge 伦敦塔桥,Big Ben 大本钟,the Grand Palace(泰国)大王宫,the Pattaya Beach(泰国)芭堤雅海滩,Ocean Park(香港)海洋公园,Window of the World(深圳)世界之窗. (p
  2. Hong Kong Disneyland(香港迪士尼乐园)的四大主题公园(theme park): Main Street USA(美国小镇大街), Tomorrowland(明日世界), Fantasyland(幻 想世界),Adventureland(探险世界).
  3.⑴cheerful→cheerless, colourful→colourless, careful→careless, hopeful→hopeless meaningful→meaningless, helpful→helpless, harmful→harmless, useful→useless ⑵delightful, wonderful, successful ⑶endless, noiseless=quiet 二.【重点句型】 【重点句型】
  1. It must be fun. Can I join you?一定很有趣.我能和你一起去吗?(p
  24) 知识链接〉 ⑴情态动词 must(表示推测)一定, 用于肯定句, 反义词: can't 〈知识链接〉 不可能.may 可能,may not 可能不.Probably, Perhaps, Maybe 都是副词, 通常用于句首. ⑵join sb 和某人一起做某事,e.g. Kitty joined them in the Disney parade.
  2. I haven't seen you since last month. →see 是瞬间动词 (p
  26) 知识链接〉 〈知识链接〉瞬间动词与表示一段时间的词同时出现在现在完成时的否 定句中,不能变为延续性动词.
  3. I met many of my favourite Disney characters, such as Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Alice and Cinderella, Mickey Mouse and all his friends were all there too.
  4. I couldn't stop taking photos with them. →can't/couldn't stop doing sth 禁 不住做某事 知识链接〉 can't/couldn't help doing sth 禁不住做某事, can't/couldn't wait 〈知识链接〉 to do sth 迫不及待做某事. 用法拓展〉 〈用法拓展〉stop doing sth 停止做某事,stop to do sth 停下来去做某事.
  5. The performers all wore different costumes and waved to people while they marched across the park, singing and dancing all the way. → all the way 一 路上 (p
〈知识链接〉⑴wave to sb 向某人招手/挥手→wave n.波;波浪 ⑵march 知识链接〉 across…迈步穿越… ⑶singing and dancing all the way 是现在分词短语,作伴随状态.
  6. I'm sure you'll love it.你一定会喜欢的.→I'm sure that sb will do sth.= Sb is sure to do sth. 知识链接〉 〈知识链接〉I'm sure that he will win the match.=He is sure to win the match.
  7. The line of people outside Space Mountain was endless. We thought it was hopeless to wait in the line. 太空山外人们排的队伍不见尽头.我们原以为排不上队了. (p
  30) 知识链接〉 ⑴endless 无尽的; 无休止的, ①endless love ①We have e.g. 〈知识链接〉 endless homework to do. ⑵wait in the line 排队等候 ⑶Sb thought+that 从句,某人原以为….
  8. I'm watching an interesting TV programme. It started at 7 p.m. and has been on for haf an hour. 知识链接〉 〈知识链接〉be on=be shown 放映→ be on show 展出, e.g. ①Many old things are on show in the museum. ①When we reached the cinema yesterday, the film had been on/shown for 5 minutes.
  9. ⑴She must be happy now, isn't she? ⑵She must be happy yesterday, wasn't she ? (p
  33) 知识链接〉 〈知识链接〉must 一定,表示推测时,反意疑问句中的附加疑问部分应 以时间状语为准.
  10. Spring is the best time for visiting Chinese garden. → Chinese garden 中 (p
  35) 国园林 知识链接〉 〈知识链接〉the best time for doing sth=the best time to do sth 做某事的最 佳时节 e.g. Autumn is the best time for visiting the Fragrant Hill.=Autumn is the best time to visit the Fragrant Hill.
  11. Do you have any ideas about what to do for May Day holiday?
  12. ?By the way, how long does it take to fly to Singapore? ?Sorry, I don't know, but I can check it for you. →by the way 顺便问一下, check sth for sb 替某人核实某事 知识链接〉 It 〈知识链接〉 takes sb some time to do sth. →How long does it take sb to do sth?
  13. The day of our trip to Hong Kong finally arrived. My parents and I were excited about this special trip because we all wanted to visit Disneyland and take photos with the cute cartoon characters. →the day of one's trip to…某人去某地旅行的那一天 (p
  38) 知识链接〉 〈知识链接〉⑴be excited about (doing) sth 对(做)某事感到兴奋 ⑵take photos 拍照,take photos with …和…拍照 ⑶cute=lovely 可爱的
  14. The weather in Hong Kong is quite different from that in Beijing.香港的 天气与北京不同. 〈 知识链接〉在 as…as…, not as/so…as…, the same as…, be different 知识链接〉 from…或形容词,副词的比较等级结构中,当主语为不可数名词时,后者 用 that 代替.当主语是名词复数时,后者用 those 代替.e.g. ①Usually the pollution in big cities is much more serious than that in the countries. ①There are more books in our library than those in theirs.

  15. I hope I can visit there again some day. →I hope+that 引导的一般将来 时或 can 从句. 知识链接〉 〈知识链接〉some day=one day 有朝一日;(将来的)一天.one day 还表 示过去的"某一天".
  16. I left a book at Millie's home. →leave sth+地点,把某物忘在某处; forget 忘记某事. 知识链接〉 〈知识链接〉⑴The forgetful man often leaves his bag on buses. ⑵?Why weren't you at the meeting? ?Sorry, I forgot. 三.【中考真题】 【中考真题】
  1. ?Where is Jim? I want to play chess with him. the computer room. You might find him there. (2007 常州) ?He A. has been to B. has gone to C. had been to D. had gone to
  2. ? has Liu Xiang taken part in world competitions? ?I've no idea. Let's find it out on the Internet. A. How many times B. How long C. How soon D. How much
  3. ?My bike is missing. I can't find it anywhere. ?I'm afraid you have to buy . A. it B. one C. any D. few
  4. I can't hear you (clear). Can you say it again? it
  5. ?Where did you get the book??From the library. And I have for two weeks. (2007 连云港) A. borrowed B. lent C. kept D. bought
  6. The audience (拍手,鼓掌) their hands as the performers stepped on the stage.


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