(牛津初中英语总复习) 8B Unit 6 一.【精选词汇】 【精选词汇】 一重点短语
  1. train for a charity walk 为慈善行走训练→train for…为…训练 (p
  2. take place ⑴发生,不及物动词短语,不能用于被动语态,主语通常是事物.⑵举 行=be held. 〈知识链接〉⑴Great changes have taken place in our country since 19
  89. (发生) 知识链接〉 ⑵ How often do Olympic Games take place?=How often are Olympic Games held? (举行)
  3. a visit to South Hill, 5 km south of Sunny Street, the only hill→only 之前不能 用 a/an, play hide-and-seek, flat land for flying kites 适合放风筝的平地, fly kites on the flat land 在平地上放风筝, a small lake for fishing 一个可以钓鱼的小湖, route of the walk 慈善行走的路线, see/enjoy the beautiful view of the country, a large area of flat land, early in the morning 清晨, the perfect place for the charity walk (p102-p1
  4. pay attention to+ 名词/代词 /动名词,注意 …→pay more attention to…多 注 意…→pay no attention to…没注意…, 记住被动语态:attention be paid to…
  5. get an application form 领取申请表, in the application form 填写申请表, fill return the application form 上交申请表 (p1
  6. the first ten people to finish the hike 率先完成本次慈善行走的前十人 知识链接〉 〈知识链接〉first 是形容词,意思是"最早的,最前面的",常用于 the first/last…to do sth,e.g. ⑴The old man was not used to the life in the city in the first two months. ⑵Read the first three paragraphs.阅读前三段.
  7. have the chance to do so 有机会这样做→If you get a chance, take it.如果你有机会, 就抓住它. (1
  07) 二词汇解析
  1. People who need help(需要帮助的人):the+形容词=形容词+people,表示一类的 人, 作主语时, 谓语动词用复数形式. 常见的有: blind=blind people 盲人, deaf the the =deaf people 聋哑人, disabled=disabled people 残疾人, elderly=elderly people the the =the old=old people 老年人, homeless=homeless people 无家可归的人, poor the the =poor people
  2. first-aid 急救的,first-aid centre=emergency centre 急救中心
  3. worldwide 全世界的,overcoat 外套,upstairs 在楼上→downstairs 在楼下, postman→postmen 邮递员,gentleman→gentlemen 君子;先生;绅士→ladies and gentlemen 女士们,先生们,airline 航线;航空公司,countryside→in the countryside 在乡下
  4. grandchild( 外 ) 孙 子 ; ( 外 ) 孙 女 →grandson( 外 ) 孙 子 , granddaughter( 外 ) 孙 女 →grandparent(外)祖父母,grandfather(外)祖父,grandmother(外)祖母,grandpa(口语) 爷爷;外公,grandma(口语)奶奶;外婆,countryside 乡下;农村→in the countryside 在乡下;在农村.
  5. 常见的病情:have/have got a headache 头痛,have a toothache 牙痛,have a stomachache 胃痛,have a cold 感冒→have a bad cold 患重感冒→have a bit of a cold 有点感冒, have a cough 咳嗽→have a bad cough 咳嗽得厉害, have a fever 发烧→have a high fever 发高烧,have a runny nose 流鼻涕.
  6. toothbrush 牙刷→复数:toothbrushes,不能说成 teethbrush;刷牙 brush teeth. 二.【重点句型】 【重点句型】
  1. It's meaningful to support charities.
  2. Oxfam Trailwalker has been one of Hong Kong 's biggest fund-raising events since 19
  81. (p
  94) 知识链接〉 〈知识链接〉one of+物主代词/名词所有格/the, these, those…+最高级+名词复 数,…的最…的之一,作主语时谓语动词用单数形式.e.g. One of her most famous
films is called Titanic.
  3. People over eighteen can group themselves into a team of four and join this charity walk. 〈知识链接〉⑴people over eighteen 年满 18 岁的人→people under 18 不到 18 岁的 知识链接〉 人 ⑵group oneself into a team of…自行组成…人一组 ⑶join this charity walk 参加这次 慈善行走
  4. Oxfam Trailwalker is a tough hike because you have to finish walking a 100-kilometre trail within 48 hours. 知识链接〉 within 在…之内, within an hour 在一小时之内, an hour 一小时以后. in 〈知识链接〉
  5. It means you may have to walk for two days and nights without sleep. 这意味着你也许得连续走两天两夜不睡觉. 知识链接〉 ⑴mean 表示…的意思; 意味着, What does this word mean? ⑵mean e.g. 〈知识链接〉 doing sth 意味着做某事, 主语通常是表示事物的词. Success means working hard. e.g. ⑶mean to do sth 打算做某事; 企图做某事, I meant to call you yesterday, but I was e.g. too busy.
  6. It is an excellent chance for people to learn team spirit. 知识链接〉 ⑴team spirit 团队精神⑵excellent=very good 优秀的; 极好的 e.g. He is 〈知识链接〉 an excellent swimmer.
  7. All the team members must plan everything together before the event. You need to walk together to finish the hike because only the team's finishing time will be recorded. 知识链接〉 〈知识链接〉⑴record n.&vt.记录,e.g. keep the record 保持记录,break the record 打 破记录,set a record 创造记录 ⑵finish→finishing, finishing line 终点线→starting line 起跑线
  8. It is necessary for you to support and help each other before and during the event.
  9. You cannot carry everything with you, so it is useful to have support teams to bring you food and drinks. 知识链接〉 〈 知识链接 〉 ⑴注意 not everything 表示部分否定. ⑵support team 外援队伍 (p
  10. The money is used to help poor people and to support development projects. 〈知识链接〉⑴be used to do sth 被用来做某事 ⑵development projects 发展事业 知识链接〉
  11. It is necessary that you start training a few months before the walk. 知识链接〉 〈知识链接〉⑴It is+形容词+that 从句. ⑵start training 开始训练
  12. This will be an experience you will never forget. 知识链接〉 〈知识链接〉⑴you will never forget 是省略关系代词 which/that 的定语从句,限定 experience. ⑵experience (不可数名词)经验→experienced 富有经验的, 常用短语 have experience in (doing) sth=be experienced in (doing) sth 在(做)某事方面有经验,e.g. ①Mr Wu has lots of experience in teaching English. ②Jet Lee is experienced in acting in action films. ⑶experience(可数名词)经历,e.g. He told us about his experiences in Europe .
  13. Have you heard about a money-collecting event called Oxfam Trailwalker? (B2, p
  96) 〈知识链接〉money-collecting=fund-raising 筹款;募集资金 知识链接〉
  14. Bring an umbrella if necessary. 如果有必要,带一把伞. (p1
  15. If you are interested in hiking and helping poor children, do not miss this chance. (p1
  16. If you finish the walk within two hours, you will receive a certificate.获得证书
  17. For further information, please contact Amy on 555863
  90.欲知详情,请致电 55586390,与艾米联系. 知识链接〉 〈知识链接〉类似的表达有:For more details, please contact/call Amy on 555863
  90. 从句. 三.【语法详解】 It is+形容词+to do sth. It is+形容词+that 从句 【语法详解】 +形容词+ +形容词+ It is+形容词+for sb to do sth. +形容词+ 一It is+形容词+to do sth. +形容词+ It 是形式主语,动词不定式是真正的主语,该句型用来描述行为和情境.e.g. ⑴It is difficult to walk through eight country parks. ⑵It is very useful to have support
teams. ⑶It is polite to give seats to the elderly. ⑶It is good to help blind people cross the road. ⑸It is helpful to donate money to charities. ⑹It is fun to do voluntary work. ⑺It is difficult to learn Maths.=Maths is difficult to learn. 从句. 二It is+形容词+that 从句 +形容词+ It 是形式主语,that 从句是真正主语,表达人们对某事是怎么想的.e.g. ⑴It's meaningful that some doctors and nurses volunteer to work for ORBIS. ⑵It's wrong that some people look down on deaf people. ⑶It's necessary that governments help the homeless go back to their hometowns. 三It is+形容词+for sb to do sth. +形容词+ 该句型用来说明正在谈论的对象,某人做某事怎么样,常用的形容词有:easy, difficult, hard, necessary, useful, useless, important, meaningful ⑴It is necessary for Daniel to practise before the walk. ⑵It's impossible for him to finish his homework within two hours. ⑶It is hard for her to carry the heavy box. 四It is+形容词+of sb to do sth. +形容词+ 该句型表示对某人行为的看法."It be+形容词+of sb to do sth."可以表达为"Sb be +形容词+to do sth.";如果不能更改,则必须使用 It is+形容词+for sb to do sth. 例如: ⑴It is selfish of Eddie to eat the whole cake.=Eddie is selfish to eat the whole cake. ⑵It is useful for us to learn English well.不能说成 We are useful to learn English well. 从句."与 可以互换. 四"It is+形容词+that 从句 与"It is+形容词+for sb to do sth."可以互换. +形容词+ +形容词+ 可以互换 It is hard for her to carry the heavy box.=It is hard that she carries the heavy box.


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