2009 年综合新书 (蓝色标题为 09 年新增文章)
第六部分 完形填空
第一篇: A Health Profile 态度,姿态剖面, 侧面, 外形(C 级) A health profile is a portrait of all of the factors that influence your health. To draw 获得 your health profile, you will need to know what diseases run in your family, what health hazards 冒险, 危险, 冒险 you may be exposed to at work, how your daily diet compares to the recommended standards1, how much time per week you spend exercising and what type of exercise you engage in , how stressful your work and family environments are, what kinds of illnesses you get regularly, and whether or not you have any one of a number of addictions. To complete this portrait 类型, 模型, 标本, you(r) should have a checkup to determine how your blood, heart, and lungs are functioning. This checkup will serve as a baseline, to which you can then compare later tests. Once this profile is thoroughly drawn, you can begin to think about setting health priorities 优先, 重点; 优先权 based on your particular portrait. For example, if you drink. Two martinis every evening, have a high-stress job, are overweight, smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, and use marijuana occasionally on weekends, you should quit smoking first, followed by losing the excess weight, reducing the stress of your job, giving up your marihuana habit, and then finally giving some thought to those martinis 马提尼酒 if you want to prevent first cancer, and then heart disease. Even for the youthful working person who has never been sick a day in his life, who is in excellent health, a good look at all health habits and at work and home environments may suggest changes that will benefit him in the future.
第二篇: Making Yourself a Good Record(C 级) If you are an American and you think you might need to borrow money someday, the best thing to do is start early. That’s because just at many employers want to hire only people with experience, banks and other creditors are usually reluctant to lend to those without a proven track record1 paying back, on time, the money they have borrowed.
But if you need experience just to get a start, how do you get that stat in the first place? With a little help from your parents usually, while you are still financially dependent on them. It is easy to get a credit card or student loan when you are in college, because banks figure your parents will bail you out if you fail to pay. So just as students take on interships to build up their resumes, one’s university time can be a good time to work on another important personal record: the credit report . Credit reports are a summary of one’s personal credit history, gathered by a credit reporting agency, or CRA. Banks and companies?including hospitals, landlords and insurance companies ?regularly report to the three main CR As in the US on how their customers are doing at paying back the money they owe . Anyone with a “legitimate business need” has the right to order individuals’ reports from the CRAs. Potential creditors usually compile the information in the reports into a credit “score”, ranking the level of creditworthiness. Lack of experience in borrowing in addition to a bad record of doing so, can result in a low score
  2. Even if you are not considering taking out a loan for such a large purchase as a home or car, your credit report can be important to getting through life. Landlords often ask for the reports to judge whether a person can be trusted to pay the rent. Credit checks are necessary for getting a credit card, even for purchasing a mobile phone calling plan. People can obtain a copy of their own credit report, usually at a cost of around US$8-
  9. Some consumer organizations recommend doing this once a year to allow one to catch any mistakes that have slipped into the record or, even worse, to find out whether any fraud has taken place. Though the system is controlled by laws meant to protect people’s privacy, it isn’t fool-proof: Sometimes people take out bad loans in others’ names, ruining their records. In a society addicted to credit, that can be a disaster.
第三篇: Pretty Good(C 级) When Spanish football club Barcelona paid US$35 million for Ronaldinho last
summer, they weren’t buying a pretty face. “I am ugly ,” admits the Brazilian superstar. “But everyone has got a different kind of beauty. What I do have is charm.” Indeed he has. His buck teeth1, flowing hair2, big smile, and of course his amazing skills are always eye-catching3 on the pitch. The 23-year-old striker scored two goals in a 3-2 win over Deportivo La Coruna on March
  1. It was Barcelona’s sixth win in a row and, thanks to their Brazilian’s 10-goal contribution, what looked like a poor season could now end a success. Ronaldinho?full name Ronaldo De Assis Moreira?is one of many South Americans who learned their skills playing in the backstreets before showing them off4 on the world stage. Great things were expected when Gremio signed 签名(于), 署名(于)~, 签署 him as a seven-year-old5, and he soon became friends with Ronaldo, who was then the other young star of Brazilian football. It was Ronaldo who first called him Ronaldinho, which means Little Ronaldo, and the name stuck
  6. 卡住的; 不能动弹的 He first played for his country in 1999 but it was at the 2002 World Cup where he showed his real worth, scoring an unbelievable free-kick in Brazil’s quarter-final victory over England. “I have never failed to deliver in big matches,” Ronaldinho says. “My game is based on improvisation 即席创作 . Often a forward does not have the time to decide whether to shoot or pass. It is instinct that gives out the orders.” While he may not have David Beckham’s good looks, Ronaldinho has a playboy reputation 名誉, 名声 off the pitch 投,投掷,抛:投掷. At former club Paris Saint Germain, which sold him to Barcelona, he broke club rules by going out and enjoying the city’s nightlife.7 “Without doubt, Ronaldinho is the most difficult player I have ever come across,” says former PSG coach Luis Ferdandez. “The main problem for any coach is that one player without discipline can hurt the whole team.” But Ronaldinho doesn’t think he has done anything wrong. “I am just a young person who enjoys life ,” he says. 第四篇 Where Have All Our Visitors Gone? (C 级) Sixty years ago, a man named Kenneth Arnold saw something that people are still seeing today -something that changed popular culture for ever.
Flying his plane over mountains in the US state of Washington, he saw a line of strange objects, either crescent -shaped or disc-like, flying with the motion of a saucer skimming on water. The media soon picked up on the story - the Flying Saucers were here1! Was the earth being visited by creatures from another planet? Soon, so many sightings were made that the US military began to investigate It called these strange objects UFO2s ? Unidentified Flying Objects, and that is how they are known 5 today. Military investigations found no evidence of visitors from outer space. But that did not stop the true believers The military were covering up, they said. Or maybe it was because the travelers from space were of such superior intelligence that they could hide from the most sophisticated military analysts. People have always seen strange lights in the sky. In the past these were explained in religious ways. In a world where religion was less influential and science fiction was popular, signs from god were replaced by visitors from other planets. The date of the first UFO signings was also significant. In 1947, World War II had just ended and the cold war was just beginning. Humanity seemed locked in endless conflicts. Like generations before them, people looked to the skies for help. But instead of seeking God, they looked for help from super-intelligent aliens with advanced technology. Belief in UFOs became the first religion of science. However, even people who believe in UFOs are not quite sure why they visit the earth. The universe is a big place and it is reasonable to assume that there is life somewhere out there. It is possible that aliens have worked out how to travel through space. Yet some people report that they have been taken by aliens and have had experiments performed on them. Why would anyone travel across half the universe to conduct medical experiments on people living in small towns in the United States?
第五篇: A Country’s Standard of Living(C 级) The “standard of living” of any country means the average person’s share of the goods and services the country produces. A country’s standard of living, therefore , depends first and foremost on its capacity to produce wealth. “Wealth” in this sense is not money, for we do not live on money but on things that money can buy: “goods”
such as food and clothing, and “services” such as transport and “entertainment”
  1. A country’s capacity to produce wealth depends upon many factors, most of which have an effect on one another. Wealth depends to a great extent upon a country’s natural resources. Some regions of the world are well supplied with coal and minerals, and have fertile soil and a favorable climate; other regions possess none of them. Next to natural resources comes the ability to turn them to use. China is perhaps as well-off as the USA in natural resources, but suffered for many years from civil and external was, and for this and other reasons was unable to develop her resources. Sound and stable political conditions, and freedom from foreign invasions, enable a country to develop its natural resources peacefully and steadily, and to produce more wealth than another country equally well favoured by nature but less well ordered
  2. A country’s standard of living does not only depend upon the wealth that is produced and consumed within its own borders, but also upon what is directly produced through international trade. or example , Britain’s wealth in foodstuffs and other agricultural products would be much less if she had to depend only on those grown at home. Trade makes it possible for her surplus manufactured goods to be traded abroad for the agricultural products that would otherwise be lacking. A country’s wealth is, therefore, much influenced by its manufacturing capacity, provided that other countries can be found ready to accept its manufactures. 第六篇: Gun Rights in the US (C 级) Immediately after the shooting at Virginia Tech University, Americans gathered to mourn the dead. The president and the state governor both hurried there to share the grief . But the majority of Americans still cling to their right to own weapons. Strictly speaking, the US is not the only country where gun violence has destroyed lives, families and communities in everyday circumstance. But the US is one of the few countries that seems unwilling and politically incapable of doing anything serious to stop it. In countries like Britain and Canada, the government adopted stricter gun control soon after serious gun violence incidents. US leaders, however, are held hostage by the gun lobby and the electoral system.
The powerful National Rifle Association, the major supporter of gun rights in the US, is too strong for any party to take on. Most Republicans oppose gun controls anyway. Over the years, the Democrats have found that they can either campaign for gun control or win power, not both ; they prefer power. According to the US Bureau of Justice Statistics, firearm incidents accounted for nine percent of the
  4.7 million violent crimes in 20
  05. So, although opinion polls show most Americans want stricter gun laws, many don’t want to give up their arms they keep to protest themselves. Dave Hancock, a Virginia gun lover, is one example. In an interview he said. “If one professor in Virginia incident had been carrying a legal weapon they might have been able to stop all this.” In his opinion, the massacre is an argument for more people to carry weapons, not fewer. But at the root of Americans’ clinging to the right to bear arms is not just a fear of crime, but a mistrust of government, commented UK’s Guardian newspaper. One Virginia resident, who had a permit to carry a concealed firearm, told the Guardian that it was every American’s responsibility to have a gun. “Each person,” he said, “should not rely solely on the government for protection.”
第七篇 Water(C 级) From the beginning, water has furnished man with a source of food and a highway to travel upon. The first civilizations arose where Water was a dominant element in the environment, a challenge to man’s ingenuity. The Egyptians invented the 365-day calendar in response to the Nile’s annual flooding. The Babylonians, who were among the most famous law-makers in ancient times, invented laws regulating water usage. Water inspired the Chinese to build a 1,000- mile canal, a complex system which, after nearly 2,500 years, remains still practically in use and still commands the astonishment of engineers. But the ancients never found complete solutions to their water problems. The Yellow River is also known as “China’s Sorrow”; it is so unpredictable and dangerous that in a single flood it has caused a million deaths . Floods slowed the great civilization of the Indus River Valley,



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