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太仓市 20
  07~2008 学年第二学期期末考试试卷
听力部分(25 分) 听力部分
一,对话理解 根据对话内容及问题选择正确答案(共 15 题,满分 15 分,对话读两遍) ( )
  1. He' outside the shop. A. s ( )
  2.A.Winter. B. He' in the cinema. s C.A utumn. C.He'll do his housework C. He' in the bird market s
( )
  3.A.He'll do his homework. B.He'll go to work. ( )
  4.A.1 st September ( )
  5.A.40 dollalrs. ( )
  6.A.The camel ( )
  7.A.It is ill ( )
  8.A.kill people ( )
  9.A.See the fihn ( )
  10.A.Clever ( )
  11.A.It's sunny ( )
  12.A.In the uncle's ( )
  13.A.Millie ( )
  14.A.play chess at home ( )
  15.A.7:1 5 B.10th October. B.14 dollar's. B.The zoo B.It died B.Spit poison
C.10th September C.44 dollars C.North Africa C.It has anottler baby C.Protect people C.Go to the zoo
B.Watch the dolphin show B.Generous B.It's rainy B.At home B.Tina C.Kind
C.It's cloudv C.In the hospital C.The man C.Dlay chess at scll001
B.play cards at home B.6:45
二,短文理解根据所听到的短文选择最佳答案(共 5 题,满分 10 分,短文读两遍) ( )
  16.Who is the headmaster? A.Mr King. B.Mr.Sam C.Mr.Tim.
( )
  17.When do lessons start every morning? A.At 8:30 B.At 8:
  00. C.At 11:
( )
  18.What do they do in the afternoon? A.They must learn English. B.They have to take exams.
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C.They are free to do anything. ( )
  19.What will the students do when they are ill? A.See a doctor. B.Have delicious food. C.Return home.
( )
  20.How soon will they get the results ofthe exam? A.In three weeks. B.In four weeks. C.In four months.
笔试部分(105 分) 笔试部分
一,单项选择:从 ABCD 选项中选择最佳答案(共 17 题,满分 17 分) 单项选择: ( )
  1.The libraryat nine every morning. A.isn't opened B.opens C.has opened D.has been openec
( )
  2.He thinks the short stories written by Luxun are very popularthe Chinese people. A.for B.among C.in D.between
( )
  3.The clotheswell these days. A.sell B.sells C.is sold D.sold
( )
  4.Do youmind ifI openthe window? A.No,thanks. B.Yes,please. C.You're welcome. D.Of course not.
( )
  5.All the students have foundvery important to learn English well. . A.it B.that C.which D.what
( )
  6.Class has begun.You must now. A.be stopped to talking C.stop talking B.be stopped from talking D.stop to talk
( )
  7.He usedto bed very late at night,but he is now used to to bed early. A.to go;to go C.to going;to drive B.to go;going D.to go;to going
( )
  8.Come and tell me all about it,? A.does he ( B.will he C.do you D.will you
  9.I wonder if ittomorrow.If it,we won't go there. A.will rain,rains C.rains,rains B.rains,will rain D.wi ll rain,will rain

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( )
  10.As he was ill last night.His mum made himvery early: A.to sleep B.sleep, C.sleeping D.slept.
( )
  11.Mr Wang has two children.One is a boy andis a girl. A.the other B.another C.other D.others.
( )
  12.You should do what we canthose poor people. . A.to help B.helped C.be helped D.be helping
( )1
  3.The computera television,doesn't it? A.is like B.1ike C.looks like D.looks
( )
  14.…Don't do it again!. … A.Yes,I won't C.Yes,I am B.Yes.I am not D.No.I won't
( )
  15.we'll have aholiday in summer every year. A.two months B.two-month C.two-months D.two-months,
( )
  16.Try to buy one before all the tickets. A.will be sold B.will be sold out C.are sold D.are sold out
( )
  17.Maryto Tom's birthday party last month. A.has invited B.has been invited C.asked D.was asked
小题; 二,完型填空(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 完型填空 共 Food is very important.Everyone needs to l well ifhe or she wants to have a strong body. minds also need a kind offood. Our This kind offood is 2 . begin to get knowledge We even 5 3 we are very young.Small children are 4 in everything around them.They learn
while they are watching and listening.When they are getting older,they begin to 6
story-books, science books, anything they like. When they find something new, they love to ask questions and 7 to find out answers. to get knowledge?If we learn by ourselves, will get 9 we knowledge.
What is the best 8 If we are 10
getting answers from others and do not ask why, will nevel learn well. we When
we study in the right way,we will learn more and understand better.
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( )
  1.A.sleep ( )
  2.A.sport ( )
B.read B.exercise B.when
C.drink C.knowledge C.after C.weak C.nothing
D.eat D.meat D.so D.better D.anything
( )
  4.A.interested ( )
  5.A.everything ( )
  6.A.lend ( )
  7.A.try ( )
  8.A.place ( )
  9.A.1ittle ( )
B.interesting B.something C.learn C.refuse C.way
B.read B.have B.school B.few B.always
D.write D.wait D.road D.some D.sonletilnes
C.many C.usually
小题; 三,阅读理解(共 10 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 20 分) 阅读理解 共 A A gentleman met Bill one day.The rich man said, "They say you are very clever,but I don't believe it.Bill said with a smile, am not clever.Instead,you are very stupid(愚蠢). "I " The gentleman became very angry.Bill said, "Please don't be angry,sir. " "If you don' believe what I said, me ask you one question. you have a group of cows, t let If and I give you another group,then how many groups of cows do you have?" "Why,that's the easiest question in the world! One and one is two,I have two groups of cows(母牛), Bill laughed and said. You are wrong, " " sir. Two groups put together are still one group.That is the easiest question in the world. " ( )
  1.What did Bill think of himself? A.He was very clever. C.He was no clever than the rich man. ( )
  2.What did Bill think of the rich man? A.He was very clever. C.He was not stupid B.He was not clever D.He was too stupid. B.He was not clever D.He was very stupid.
( )
  3.Why did the gentlemen become very angry? A.Because Bill's words hurt him.
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B.Because Bill didn't answer his question. C.Because he didn't believe his words. D.Because Bill asked him the easiest question in the world. ( )
  4.What did the rich man think of Bill's question? A.It was difficult. C.It was very easy. B.It was not very difficult. D.It was good. B The crow is an ordinary bird. is about twenty inches long and back all over. It Crows are dirty birds because the live on old bad food.Crows eat a lot of waste food.In this way they are more useful to us than any birds.They clean up the dirty rubbish in our streets. crows are always hungry.They look for food all day long,and in the evening you can see them in large number flying back to their nests in the trees. They sleep there at night. Crows are much nosier than other birds.Very often a large number of crow will get together on one house and talk . Sometimes they talk together, sometimes they do it by turns like human beings. and It is easy to tell from crowd's sounds whether they are pleased or angry.Perhaps crows talk a lot because they are friendlv birds. A pair of crows will live together all their lives.and if one of them dies, the other one becomes very sad and quiet for the rest of its life and sometimes it dies,too. ( )
  5.A crow isinches long. A.more than ten C.ten ( )
  6.Why are crows dirty? A.They are black all over the baby. C.They usually talk. ( )
  7.Crows are usually A.hungry B.pleased C.sad C There was a pilot(飞行员)and four people in a small plane.Suddenly there was something
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B.thirty D.1ess than twenty
B.They like to eat dirty food. D.They don't have baths.
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wrong with the machine while it was flying in the air.The plane began to fall down.The pilot told the people here were only four parachutes(降落伞).They all became worried and started to make excuses. "I must go, "said the pilot,taking one of the parachutes and jumped out. The first person stood up, "I'm a doctor"he said. help people live longer and I save "I lives. "He took a parachute and jumped out. The next person said, I must have a parachute. am a very clever person. have to attend " I I an important match.I know l will win the game because I'll be the cleverest person there. "He picked up a pack and jumped out. Two men were left--an old businessman and a young mountain climber.At this time the p1ane was going down fast.The businessman said, "Young man I am old but you are still young.You take the 1ast parachute"The young mountain climber smiled. "Don't worry," He said. "We can both jump out because there are still two parachutes.Just now the clever man jumped out with my backpack. " ( )
  8.Ail the people became worried because A.they couldn't find the parachutes B.they saw the pilot jump out first C.they were afraid the plane would be broken and knew there were not enough parachutes for each person. D.There was too much smoke and they couldn't jump out from the p1ane. ( )
  9.The clever man jumped out with. A.a parachute C.the backpack of the climber's B.nothing D.two parachutes
( )
  10.From the story we knowwould be dead. A.the clever man B.the businessman C.the pilot D.the doctor
四,短文填词(在所给的十一个单词中选出十个填入相应的空格中,共 10 题,满分 10 分) 短文填词 (There,happy,Then,presents,top,breakfast,down,kind,end,Eve,give) On Christmas 1
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,the night before Christmas Day children are very 2

. They put their
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clockings at the 3 4
of their beds before they go to bed.They want Father Christmas to
them some presents. Father Christmas is a very 5 man.He comes on Christmas Eve.He 1ands on 6
of each house and comes 7
the chimney into the fireplace and brings children a lot of
Christmas Day always begins before 9 . Children wake up very early. They can't wait to open the presents in their stockings. 10 Christmas!" 12 345 67 8910 五,填词根据句子意思填一个适当的词(共 10 题,满分 10 分) 填词根据句子意思填一个适当的词 共
  1.In having listening test,the students listen to the(喇叭).
  2.You will have a lot of(机会)to go abroad when you grow up.
  3.The two men standing there are both (邮递员).
  4.The people in Sichuan after the earthquake need a lot of(医学)treatment.
  5.It's said that it will be (雨)tomorrow.
  6.In our society(社会),the(富人)should help the poor people.
  7.We are all(骄傲)of these young soldiers in fighting against the big disaster(灾难).
  8.Wang Tao helped that(盲)person yesterday.
  9.How many of you are football(迷)?
  10. Zhang said to Mr Green that we Chinese parents have much more (责任)than him. Mr 六,句子翻译 根据汉语意思把下列句子译成英语(共 6 题,满分 l 8 分)
  2.我们来这里已经有 3 个小时了.
  3.用 5 分钟时间来做这事对你来说是很难的.
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they wake up their parents and call: "Merry
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  6.汶川人民得到了全国人民的大力支持. 七,书面表达(满分 20 分) 书面表达 满分 请根据下面表格中所提供的信息,用英语写一个 80 词左右的通知稿,将周末活动安排 告知全班同学.



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   1、旱上好(午安、晚安) Good morning.(afternoon evening) 2、您好! How are you? How do you do? Welcome to golden city restaurant. 3、再见,欢迎下次再来! Good-bye! Come again next time, you are Welcome. 4、慢走,感谢您的光临。 Mind your step and thank you for coming. 5、请稍等。 Please wai ...


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   中小学教育资源站(http://www.edudown.net),百万资源免费下载,无须注册! 08-09 四年级英语上册期末练习题(A) 08- 四年级英语上册期末练习题( ) 姓名: 班别: 听力部分( 听力部分(满分 60 分) 一、 听录音, 选出与录音相符合的一项, 并将其字母编号填在题前的括 号里,每小题将读两遍。 (每小题 1 分,共 10 分) ( ( )1. A. )2. A. B. B. C. C. 成绩: ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )3. A. RIYL ) 4. ...


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