第一周 Fri. - Sun. 词汇练习题
第一组 复习 Lesson 1

  1. You should have been more patient that customer; I’m sure that selling him the watch was a possibility. [CET-4:
  98.1] A) of B) with C) for D) at

  2. Generous public funding of basic science would considerable benefits for the country’s health, wealth and security. [CET-4:
  99.1] A) lead to B) result from C) lie in D) settle down

  3. Only under special circumstances to take make-up tests. [CET-4:
  97.6] A) are freshmen permitted C) permitted are freshmen B) freshmen are permitted D) are permitted freshmen

  4. Time , the celebration will be held as scheduled. [TEM-4:03] A) permit B) permitting C) permitted D) permits

  5. The professor could hardly find sufficient grounds his arguments in favour of the new theory. [CET-4:
  00.6] A) to be based on B) to base on C) which to base on D) on which to base

  6. Because of his excellent administration, people lived in peace and and all previously neglected matters were taken care of. [CET-4:
  05.6] A) conviction B) contest C) consent D) content

  7. Young people are not to stand and look at works of art; they want art they can participate in. [CET-4:
  00.6] A) conservative B) content C) confident D) generous

  8. In the Mediterranean seaweed is so abundant and so easily harvested that it is never of great . [CET-4:
  05.6] A) fare B) payment C) worth D) expense

  9. Urban crowdedness would be greatly relieved if only the charged on public transport were more reasonable. [CET-4:
  03.1] A) fees B) fares C) payments D) costs

  10. The old paper mill has been to make way for a new shopping centre. [CET-4:
  06.1] A) cut down B) kept down C) torn down D) held down

  11. I didn’t to take a taxi but I had to as I was late. [CET-4:
  01.1] A) mean B) assume C) hope
D) suppose

  12. I don’t mind the decision as long as it is not too late. [CET-4:
  00.1] A) you to delay making C) your delaying to make B) your delaying making D) you delay to make

  13. Excuse me. If your call’s not too urgent, do you mind mine first? [CET-4:
  98.6] A) I make B) if I make C) me to make D) that I make

  14. This box is too heavy, give me a hand? [CET-4:
  98.1] A) would you mind C) will you like to B) would you please D) will you please to

  15. To prevent flooding in winter the water flowing from the dam is constantly by a computer. [CET-6:
  99.6] A) graded B) managed C) conducted D) monitored

  16. Though in a big city, Peter always prefers to paint the primitive scenes of country life. [CET-4:
  03.1] A) grown B) raised C) tended D) cultivated

  17. The situation described in the report terrible, but it may not happen. [CET-4:
  05.6] A) inclines B) maintains C) sounds D) remains

  18. As the old empires were broken up and new states were formed, new official tongues began to at an increasing rate. [CET-4:
  04.1] A) bring up B) build up C) spring up D) strike up

  1. [B]当时你要是对那位顾客更耐心些,我相信他可能会买这块手表。
  2. [A]充足的基础科学基金将为人民的健康、财富和安全带来相当大的益处。
  3. [A]只有在特殊情况下,才允许一年级学生补考。
  4. [B]如果时间上来得及,庆祝会将如期举行。
  5. [D]教授几乎找不到足够的理由作为其论据的基础以支持这种新理论。
  6. [D]由于他的出色管理,人们安居乐业,百废俱兴。
  7. [B]年轻人们不满足于站在那里观看那些艺术品,他们需要自己能参与其中的艺术。
  8. [C]在地中海,海藻是如此之多且很容易获取以致它的价值从来都不高。
  9. [B]如果公共交通的收费更合理,城市拥挤问题可以大大地得到缓解。
  10. [C]旧造纸厂已经被拆迁掉,给一个新的购物中心让出地方。
  11. [A]我本不想坐出租车,但又不得不坐,因为我迟到了。
  12. [B]只要不太迟,我不介意你延期做出决定。
  13. [B]对不起,如果你要打的电话不是很紧急的话,可否让我先打?

  14. [B]这只箱子太重了,你可以帮我一下吗?
  15. [D]为了防止冬季洪水泛滥,大坝的水流量总是由电脑进行控制的。
  16. [B]尽管在大城市长大,彼得还是喜欢画乡村生活的淳朴景象。
  17. [C]报告中描述的情形听起来可怕,但它也许不会发生。
  18. [C]随着古老帝国的瓦解和新国家的形成,新的官方语言开始以越来越快的速度出现。
复习 Lesson 2

  1. The energy by the chain reaction is transformed into heat. [CET-4:
  02.6] A) transferred B) released C) delivered D) conveyed

  2. During the TV interview, the singer announced that he was going to his new album soon. [TEM-4:09] A) release B) renew C) relieve D) rehearse

  3. The scheme was when it was discovered it would be very costly. [TEM-4:98] A) resigned B) surrendered C) released D) abandoned

  4. Our journey was slow because the train stopped at different villages. [CET-4:
  99.1] A) unceasingly B) gradually C) continuously D) continually

  5. As the director can’t come to the reception, I’m representing the company . [TEM-4:00] A) on his account B) on his behalf C) for his part D) in his interest

  6. Though she began her by singing in a local pop group, she is now a famous Hollywood movie star. [CET-4:
  05.1] A) employment B) career C) occupation D) profession

  7. In a sudden of anger, the man tore up everything within reach. [CET-4:
  00.1] A) attack B) burst C) split D) blast

  8. his sister, Jack is quiet and does not easily make friends with others. [CET-4:
  99.6] A) Dislike B) Unlike C) Alike D) Liking

  9. The Prime Minister was followed by five or six when he got off the plane. [CET-6:
  02.1] A) laymen B) servants C) directors D) attendants

  10. enough time and money, the researchers would have been able to discover more in this field. [TEM-4:98] A) Giving B) To give C) Given D) Being given

  11. There are few electronic applications to raise fears regarding future employment
opportunities than robots. [CET-4:
  98.6] A) likely B) more likely C) most likely D) much likely

  12. In those days, executives expected to spend most of their lives in the same firm and, unless they were dismissed for , to retire at the age of
  65. [CET-6:
  03.1] A) integrity B) denial C) incompetence D) deduction

  13. The couple has donated a not amount of money to the foundation. [TEM-4:06] A) inconsiderable B) inconsiderate C) inaccurate D) incomparable

  14. Rod is determined to get a seat for the concert it means standing in a queue all night. [CET-4:
  01.6] A) as if B) even if C) provided D) whatever

  15. We’ll visit Europe next year we have enough money. [CET-4:
  99.1] A) lest B) until C) unless D) provided

  16. We should be able to do the job for you quickly, you give us all the necessary information. [CET-6:
  99.6] A) in case B) provided that C) or else D) as if

  17. Tomorrow the mayor is to a group of Canadian businessmen on a tour of the city. [CET-4:
  05.1] A) coordinate B) cooperate C) accompany D) associate

  18. Professor Hawking is as one of the world’s greatest living physicists. [CET-6:
  02.6] A) dignified B) clarified C) acknowledged D) illustrated

  19. Despite almost universal of the vital importance of women’s literacy, education remains a dream for far too many women in far too many countries of the world. [CET-6:
  01.6] A) identification B) compliment C) confession D) acknowledgement

  20. Norman Davis will be remembered by many with not only as a great scholar but also as a most delightful and faithful friend. [CET-4:
  05.1] A) kindness B) friendliness C) warmth D) affection

  21. The they felt for each other was obvious to everyone who saw them. [CET-6:
  04.6] A) affection B) adherence C) sensibility D) sensitivity

  22. Critics believe that the control of television by mass advertising has the quality of the programs. [CET-4:
  04.6] A) lessened B) declined C) affected D) effected

  1. [B]连锁反应所释放出的能量已转换成热能。
  2. [A]在电视采访中,这个歌手宣布不久就要发行自己的新唱片。
  3. [D]当发现这个计划费用太高时,就放弃了。
  4. [D]我们的旅行速度比较慢,因为火车连续在不同的小村庄停车。
  5. [B]由于领导不能参加招待会,所以由我(替他)代表公司出席。
  6. [B]尽管她以一个地方流行组合歌手的身份开始自己的职业生涯, 但现在她已经是一位耀眼 的好莱坞影星了。
  7. [B]盛怒之下,这个男人只要抓到东西就撕碎。
  8. [B]与他姐姐不一样,杰克很安静,不轻易与其他人交朋友。
  9. [D]总理从飞机上下来时,身后跟着五六个随从。
  10. [C]如果这些研究者能有更多的时间和金钱的话,他们就可能在这个领域有更多的发现。
  11. [B]很少有其他电子设备能比机器人更引起人们对将来就业的担忧。
  12. [C]那时,经理们都希望在同一家公司度过大半生,并且希望在 65 岁时退休,除非因为不 能胜任而遭到解雇。
  13. [A]这对夫妇已经为基金会捐出了为数不少的一笔钱。
  14. [B]罗德决心弄到一张音乐会门票,即使这意味着他需要排一整晚的队。
  15. [D]如果我们有足够的钱,我们明年将游览欧洲。
  16. [B]只要你向我们提供所有必要的信息,我们就能立即为你做这项工作。
  17. [C]明天市长将陪同一个加拿大商团参观市容。
  18. [C]Hawking 教授被认为是当今在世的最伟大的物理学家之一。
  19. [D]尽管几乎全世界都承认妇女读书识字很重要,但在太多的国家对太多的妇女来说教育 仍然只是一个梦。
  20. [D]许多人会满怀爱意地记住诺曼?戴维斯,他们不仅把他当作一位伟大的学者,而且还把 他当作一个令人非常愉快的忠实朋友。
  21. [A]他们之间的爱慕之情是每个看到他们的人都能看出来的。
  22. [C]批评家们认为大量广告对于电视的控制已经影响到节目的质量。
复习 Lesson 3

  1. I suggested he should himself to his new conditions. [CET-4:
  01.1] A) adopt B) regulate C) suit D) adapt

  2. The newcomers found it impossible to themselves to the climate sufficiently to make permanent homes in the new country. [CET-4:
A) suit B) adapt C) regulate D) coordinate

  3. Animals that could not themselves to the changed environment perished and those that could survived. [TEM-4:97] A) change B) adapt C) modify D) conform

  4.The old couple decided to a boy and a girl though they had three children of their own. [CET-4:
  97.6] A) adapt B) bring C) receive D) adopt

  5. Having had her as a professor and adviser, I can tell you that she is an force who pushes her students to excel far beyond their own expectations. [CET-6:
  01.1] A) inspirational B) educational C) excessive D) instantaneous

  6. With its own parliament and currency and a common for peace, the European Union declared itself?in 11 official languages?open for business. [CET-6:
  06.6] A) inspiration B) assimilation C) intuition D) aspiration

  7. We are doing this work in the of reforms in the economic, social and cultural spheres. [CET-6:
  02.1] A) context B) contest C) pretext D) texture

  8. Floods cause billions of dollars worth of property damage . [CET-4:
  98.6] A) relatively B) actually C) annually D) comparatively

  9. The post-World War II baby resulted in a 43 percent increase in the number of teenagers in the 1960s and 1970s. [CET-6:
  04.6] A) boost B) boom C) production D) prosperity

  10. With the development in science and technology man can make various flowers before their time. [CET-4:
  01.6] A) be bloomed B) bloom C) bloomed D) blooming

  11. All flights because of the terrible weather, they had to go there by train. [CET-4:
  02.1] A) having been canceled C) having canceled B) had been canceled D) were canceled

  12. As we can no longer wait for the delivery of our order, we have to it. [CET-4:
  00.6] A) postpone B) refuse C) delay D) cancel

  13. All flights because of the snowstorm, many passengers could do nothing but take the train. [CET-4:
  99.1] A) had been canceled C) were canceled B) have been canceled D) having been canceled

  14. The man in the corner confessed to a lie to the manager of the company. [CET-4:
  97.6] A) have told B) be told C) being told D) having told

  15. I was so in today’s history lesson. I didn’t understand a thing. [CET-4:
  04.6] A) amazed B) neglected C) confused D) amused

  16. Tryon was extremely angry, but cool-headed enough to storming into the boss’s office. [CET-4:
  02.1] A) prevent B) prohibit C) turn D) avoid

  17. The mayor the police officer a medal of honor for his heroic deed in rescuing the earthquake victims. [CET-4:
  05.6] A) rewarded B) awarded C) credited D) prized

  18. The board of the company has decided to its operations to include all aspects of the clothing business. [CET-4:
  04.6] A) multiply B) lengthen C) expand D) stretch

  19. Between 1974 and 1997, the number of overseas visitor


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