第三周 Fri.-Sun. 词汇练习题
第一组 复习 Lesson 9

  1. All her energies are upon her children and she seems to have little time for anything else. [CET-4:
  03.1] A) guided B) aimed C) directed D) focused

  2. It was the first time that such a had to be taken at a British nuclear power station. [CET-4:
  04.6] A) presentation B) precaution C) preparation D) prediction

  3. All the arrangements should be completed your departure. [CET-4:
  05.6] A) prior to B) superior to C) contrary to D) parallel to

  4. Because of a engagement, Lora couldn’t attend my birthday party last Saturday. [CET-4:
  04.1] A) pioneer B) premature C) prior D) past

  5. We realized that he was under great , so we took no notice of his bad temper. [TEM-4:05] A) excitement B) stress C) crisis D) nervousness

  6. The less the surface of the ground yields to the weight of a fully-loaded truck, to the truck. [TEM-4:04] A) the greater stress is C) the stress is greater B) greater is the stress D) the greater the stress

  7. Vitamins are complex that the body requires in very small amounts. [CET-4:
  03.1] A) matters B) materials C) particles D) substances

  8. The subject of safety must be placed at the top of the . [CET-6:
  04.6] A) agenda B) bulletin C) routine D) timetable

  9. Nancy is only a sort of of her husband’s opinion and has no ideas of her own. [CET-4:
  04.6] A) sample B) reproduction C) shadow D) echo

  10. His brain has worked away on the idea of a universal cure. [TEM-4:06] A) rich B) quick C) productive D) fertile

  11. that he wasn’t happy with the arrangements, I tried to book a different hotel. [CET-4:
  04.6] A) Perceiving B) Penetrating C) Puzzling
D) Preserving

  12. These continual in temperature make it impossible to decide what to wear. [CET-6:
  04.6] A) transitions B) transformations C) exchanges D) fluctuations

  13. With prices so much, it is difficult for the school to plan a budget. [CET-6:
  03.1] A) vibrating B) fluctuating C) fluttering D) swinging

  14. Shares on the stock market have as a result of a world-wide economic downturn. [TEM-4:03] A) turned B) changed C) floated D) fluctuated

  15. We’ve just installed a fan to cooking smells from the kitchen. [CET-6:
  03.6] A) eject B) expel C) exclude D) exile

  16. She gave directions about the way the rug should be cleaned. [CET-6:
  05.1] A) explicit B) brisk C) transient D) opaque

  17. Creating so much confusion, Mason realized he had better make what he was trying to tell the audience. [CET-6:
  04.1] A) exclusive B) explicit C) objective D) obscure

  18. The law on drinking and driving is stated. [CET-6:
  01.6] A) extravagantly B) empirically C) exceptionally D) explicitly

  1. [D]她所有的精力都集中在孩子身上,她似乎没有什么时间干别的事。
  2. [B]这是英国核电站第一次不得不采取这种预防措施。
  3. [A]所有的安排必须在你出发前完成。
  4. [C]因为另有安排在先,上个周六 Lora 无法参加我的生日晚会。
  5. [B]我们知道他压力很大,所以也就不计较他的坏脾气了。
  6. [D]在一辆满载卡车的重压下,地表变形越小,卡车所受压力越大。
  7. [D]维生素是复杂的物质,人体的需求量十分小。
  8. [A]安全问题必须被放在日程的首要位置。
  9. [D]Nancy 只是她先生的观点的应声虫,而没有一点自己的想法。
  10. [D]他那才思泉涌的大脑已在进一步思考着要寻找一种普遍运用的治疗方案。
  11. [A]看出他对这些安排不满意,我就想法预订了另一家宾馆。
  12. [D]气温的持续波动使人没法决定穿什么衣服。
  13. [B]由于价格波动得很厉害,学校很难做出预算。
  14. [D]一场世界范围的经济衰退使股市股票价格出现了波动。
  15. [B]我们刚刚安装了一只风扇,用来排出厨房里做饭的气味。

  16. [A]毯子该怎么清洗,她说得很明白。
  17. [B](看到自己)造成了如此多的困惑,Mason 意识到最好把他的意思直截了当地告诉听 众。
  18. [D]有关饮酒和驾驶的法律规定得很清楚。
复习 Lesson 10

  1. Don’t trust the speaker any more, since the remarks he made in his lectures are never with the facts. [CET-6:
  05.6] A) symmetrical B) comparative C) compatible D) harmonious

  2. This new laser printer is with all leading software. [CET-6:
  03.1] A) comparable B) competitive C) compatible D) cooperative

  3. Being impatient is with being a good teacher. [CET-6:
  01.6] A) intrinsic B) ingenious C) incompatible D) inherent

  4. Encouraged by their culture to voice their opinions freely, the Canadians are not afraid to go against the group , and will argue their viewpoints enthusiastically, though rarely aggressively. [CET-6:
  05.1] A) consent B) conscience C) consensus D) consciousness

  5. Now a paper in Science argues that organic chemicals in the rock come mostly from on earth rather than bacteria on Mars. [CET-6:
  00.6] A) configuration B) constitution C) condemnation D) contamination

  6. My brother’s plans are very ; he wants to master English, French and Spanish before he is sixteen. [CET-4:
  02.1] A) arbitrary B) aggressive C) ambitious D) abundant

  7. My sister is quite and plans to get an M. A. degree within one year. [CET-6:
  00.1] A) aggressive B) enthusiastic C) ambitious D) considerate

  8. Failure in a required subject may result in the of a diploma. [CET-6:
  01.6] A) refusal B) betrayal C) denial D) burial

  9. Hurricanes are killer winds, and their power lies in the physical damage they can do. [CET-6:
  01.1] A) cumulative B) destructive C) turbulent D) prevalent

  10. Jack is not very decisive, and he always finds himself in a as if he doesn’t know what he really wants to do. [CET-6:
  05.6] A) fantasy B) dilemma C) contradiction
D) conflict

  11. Doctors are often caught in a because they have to decide whether they should tell their patients the truth or not. [CET-6:
  02.1] A) puzzle B) perplexity C) dilemma D) bewilderment

  12. Parents often faced the between doing what they felt was good for the development of the child and what they could stand by way of undisciplined noise and destructiveness. [CET-6:
  00.1] A) junction B) paradox C) premise D) dilemma

  13. Although we tried to concentrate on the lecture, we were by the noise from the next room. [CET-6:
  05.6] A) distracted B) displaced C) dispersed D) discarded

  14. She was deeply by the amount of criticism her play received. [CET-6:
  05.1] A) deported B) deprived C) involved D) frustrated

  15. The team’s efforts to score were by the opposing goalkeeper. [TEM-4:10/01] A) frustrated B) prevented C) discouraged D) accomplished

  16. The native Canadians lived in with nature, for they respected nature as a provider of life. [CET-4:
  05.6] A) coordination B) acquaintance C) contact D) harmony

  17. I went along thinking of nothing , only looking at things around me. [CET-4:
  04.6] A) in particular B) in harmony C) in doubt D) in brief

  18. If you want to get into that tunnel, you first have to away all the rocks. [CET-6:
  04.1] A) haul B) repel C) dispose D) snatch

  19. If you want to get into that tunnel, you first have to away all the rocks. [CET-6:
  00.1] A) repel B) haul C) transfer D) dispose

  20. We don’t know why so many people in that region like to wear dresses of such colors. [CET-4:
  05.6] A) low B) humble C) mild D) dull

  21. He had an almost irresistible to talk to the crowd when he entered Hyde Park. [CET-6:
  05.1] A) impulse B) instinct C) stimulation D) surge

  1. [C]不要再相信那位演讲者了,因为他在讲座中所讲的话与事实根本不符。
  2. [C]这台新激光打印机和所有主要的软件都兼容。
  3. [C]没有耐心就不能成为好老师。
  4. [C]加拿大文化鼓励人们自由地表达自己的观点。他们敢于反对集体达成的一致意见,尽管 很少人会咄咄逼人,但大都会热烈地为自己的观点辩护。
  5. [D]最近《科学》杂志上刊登的一篇文章指出,该岩石中的有机化学成分大部分是来自地球 的污染,而不是来自于火星上的细菌。
  6. [C]我兄弟有一个雄心勃勃的计划;他想在 16 岁之前掌握英语、法语和西班牙语。
  7. [C]我姐姐很有抱负,计划在一年内拿到硕士学位。
  8. [C]一门必修课不及格可能会拿不到毕业证书。
  9. [B]飓风具有杀伤力,其破坏力在于它们所能造成的物质损坏。
  10. [B]杰克没什么主见,他总是处于犹豫当中,似乎不知道自己该做什么。
  11. [C]医生常常感到进退两难,因为他们必须决定是否要告诉病人实情。
  12. [D]父母们经常遇到这样两难的处境:一方面得做他们认为对孩子们的成长有益的事情; 另一方面又必须忍受孩子们毫无拘束的吵闹和破坏行为。
  13. [A]虽然我们努力专心听讲座,但是隔壁房间传来的噪音还是分散了我们的注意力。
  14. [D]她的表演受到那么多的批评让她很泄气。
  15. [A]该队几次试图破门得分的努力都被对方守门员挫败了。
  16. [D]当地的加拿大人与自然和谐相处,因为他们敬重自然,认为自然是生命的提供者。
  17. [A]我漫无目的地走着,只是随便看看周围的东西。
  18. [A]如果你想进入那个地道,首先必须拖走所有的岩石。
  19. [B]如果你想进隧道,首先必须把这些岩石统统拖走。
  20. [D]我们不知道为什么在那个地区有如此多的人喜欢穿颜色这么老气的衣服。
  21. [A]当他进入海德公园时,他有一种几乎无法控制的冲动,要向群众说话。
复习 Lesson 11

  1. She expressed her strong determination that nothing could her to give up her career as a teacher. [CET-6:
  05.1] A) induce B) deduce C) reduce D) attract

  2. The lady in this strange tale very obviously suffers from a serious mental illness. Her plot against a completely innocent old man is a clear sign of . [CET-6:
  02.1] A) impulse B) insanity C) inspiration
D) disposition

  3. Mutual respect for territorial is one of the bases upon which our two countries develop relationships. [CET-6:
  03.6] A) reliability B) unity C) entirety D) integrity

  4. While a full understanding of what causes the disease may be several years away, leading to a successful treatment could come much sooner. [CET-6:
  02.1] A) a distinction B) a breakthrough C) an identification D) an interpretation

  5. Researchers have discovered that with animals in an active way may lower a person’s blood pressure. [CET-6:
  06.6] A) interacting B) integrating C) migrating D) merging

  6. Parents have to learn how to follow a baby’s behavior and adapt the tone of their to the baby’s capabilities. [CET-6:
  05.6] A) perceptions B) consultations C) interactions D) interruptions

  7. The first two stages in the development of civilized man were probably the invention of weapons and the discovery of fire, although nobody knows exactly when he acquired the use of the .[TEM-4:03] A) latter B) latest C) later D) last

  8. We find that some birds twice a year between hot and cold countries. [CET-6:
  03.1] A) transfer B) commute C) migrate D) emigrate

  9. In order to make things convenient for the people, the department is planning to set up some shops in the residential area. [CET-4:
  04.6] A) flowing B) drifting C) mobile D) unstable

  10. I think we need to see an investment before we make an expensive mistake. [CET-6:
  00.6] A) guide B) entrepreneur C) consultant D) assessor

  11. I was advised to arrange for insurance I needed medical treatment. [CET-4:
  99.1] A) nevertheless B) although C) in case D) so that

  12. The London Marathon is a difficult race. , thousands of runners participate every year. [CET-4:
  06.1] A) Therefore B) Furthermore C) Accordingly D) Nevertheless

  13. The relatives of those killed in the crash got together to seek . [CET-6:
  04.6] A) premium B) compensation C) repayment D) refund

  14. The of the word is unknown, but it is certainly not from Greek. [TEM-4:10/01] A) origin B) generation C) descent D) cause

  15. The majority of citizens tend to believe that the death penalty will help decrease
the crime rate. [CET-6:
  06.6] A) overflowing B) overwhelming C) prevalent D) premium

  16. You cannot imagine how I feel with my duties sometimes. [CET-6:
  04.6] A) overflowed B) overthrown C) overwhelmed D) overturned

  17. Nowadays many rural people flock to the city to look for jobs on the assumption that the streets there are with gold. [CET-6:
  05.6] A) overwhelmed B) stocked C) paved D) overlapped

  18. There is no evidence that people can control their dreams, at least in experimental situations in a lab. [CET-4:
  04.1] A) rigid B) solid C) smooth D) harsh

  19. We’ll you for any damage done to your house while we are in it. [CET-6:
  00.6] A) compensate B) remedy C) supplement D) retrieve

  20. The bank is reported in the local newspaper in broad daylight yesterday. [CET-4:
  01.1] A) robbed B) to have been robbed


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