Unit 1
Passage A

  1. Anyone over the age of 18 is eligible to vote.

  2. A form to apply for these scholarships is sent by the university to each student
before the start of each semester.

  3. On the advice of my doctor, I decided to give up smoking.

  4. The park is located right in the center of town.

  5. The university provides all the materials and facilities we desire.
Passage B

  1. He knew in his heart that they would never meet again.

  2. He finally felt that he was on the road to success after they agreed to publish his
first book.

  3. He stopped to take a sip of water and then resumed speaking.

  4. The big project engages us so much that we can’t manage to take a holiday this year.

  5. Just as water is the most important of liquids, oxygen is the most important
of gases.
Unit 2
Passage A

  1. The policemen are busy filling out forms about the accident.

  2. I want to fill up the fuel tank before returning the car.

  3. If you want to make a complaint, you’d better follow the correct procedure.

  4. We couldn’t have finished the experiment so soon without John’s help.

  5. After the storm, the people on the shore anxiously scanned the lake for any sign of
the boat.
Passage B

  1. I’m not supposed to let anyone in without an ID card, but I’ll make an exception in
your case.

  2. He has learned his lesson from the failure and won’t repeat the mistake.

  3. I have great faith in your ability I’m sure you’ll succeed.

  4. Even though it was raining, we still went on with our match.

  5. I woke up to find myself lying on a hospital bed.
Unit 3
Passage A

  1. We need to cut down on our fuel consumption by having fewer cars on the road.

  2. The rise in power costs has added to our burden.

  3. You should judge by yourself, and not always follow your brother’s lead.

  4. That hairstyle is in fashion this year, but I am afraid it will be out of fashion
next year.

  5. We are fated to suffer from many failures in our quest for truth.
Passage B

  1. I find it increasingly difficult to live within my income.

  2. Modern politicians try to reach out to ordinary people in their TV speeches.

  3. Pupils should be helped to adopt a positive attitude to life.

  4. Everyone in the class is expected to participate in these discussions.

  5. If you commit a crime you must expect to be punished.
Unit 4
Passage A

  1. She waited at the bus stop until the last bus came in.

  2. If there is any way we can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  3. How many crew does he need to sail his yacht?

  4. I enjoyed her new book though it’s not quite as good as her last one.

  5. Never before have I met such a kind person.
Passage B

  1. The bus slowed down and stopped to allow the passenger to get on board.

  2. Many vehicles rolled by, but no one offered us a ride.

  3. Please get off the grass.

  4. He made his way to the marketplace right after work, as his wife had asked him to do.

  5. Luckily, Steve didn’t break any bones when he fell off his bike.
Unit 5
Passage A

  1. We have to put aside our emotions and take it from a professional standpoint.

  2. The play was so wonderful that I soon lost myself in the excitement of it.

  3. She hasn’t got any hobbies unless you call watching TV a hobby.

  4. He said that he had got the information first-hand from the Mayor himself.

  5. Since you can’t answer the question, perhaps we’d better ask someone else.
Passage B

  1. All the passengers pitched forward because the bus driver braked sharply.

  2. This agreement will break through the obstacles to free trade.

  3. The taxi arrived soon after I rang for it.

  4. My parents always waited up for me no matter what time I got home.

  5. Talks between the two countries completely broke down, because neither of them wanted
to give in.
Unit 6
Passage A

  1. It’s a difficult job, but I’d like to have a shot.

  2. This is a book about business practice as opposed to theory.

  3. Social activities never get in the way of her studies.

  4. It was not until 1911 that the first of the vitamins was identified.

  5. Natural disasters have obviously contributed to the country’s economic crisis.
Passage B

  1. Our marriage is happy but we’ve had many ups and downs.

  2. Many teachers of foreign languages are inclined to talk too much themselves in class.

  3. The famous actor keeps fit by working out for an hour every morning.

  4. After a long heart-to-heart talk with him, he r suspicion melted away.

  5. We have no vacancies now, but we’ll certainly keep your application in mind.
Unit 7
Passage A

  1. He did not regret what he had said but felt that he could have expressed it

  2. We’d better wait till 14 December. David will have had his exam by then, so he’ll
be able to go on holiday with us.

  3. He’s working on a new project which has to be finished by the end of the year.

  4. They are letting us use their lab, and in return, we are sharing with them the
results of our research.

  5. The typing of the term paper took up the whole day.
Passage B

  1. They sold their house and went off to live in Canada with their daughter.

  2. What will you be doing this time next week?
I’ll be working as usual.

  3. He was intelligent and hard-working and before long he took over the editing of the magazine.

  4. Don’t you hate it when someone hangs up on you before you finish speaking?

  5. To their horror, the roof of their house caught fire.
Unit 8
Passage A

  1. In pursuit of a healthier diet, people are eating more fish than they used to.

  2. We need to have the roof repaired before the bad weather sets in.

  3. The disease is spreading, and all young children are at risk.

  4. The information is transmitted from one computer to another through a telephone line.

  5. Jack is a fairly good runner. He wins more often than not.
Passage B

  1. If you delete 50 words, we can put the whole story on one page.

  2. On display were boxing gloves which bore the famous boxer’s signature.

  3. We can’t figure out why he did such a dumb thing.

  4. The Johnsons were very kind to me. They make me feel like one of the family.

  5. They say they want to talk to you in connection with the details of the contract.



   Unit 1 Passage A 1. Anyone over the age of 18 is eligible to vote. 2. A form to apply for these scholarships is sent by the university to each student before the start of each semester. 3. On the advice of my doctor, I decided to give up smo ...


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