Unit 1 You’ll really like him
Vocabulary Task

  1. c
  2. b
  3. a
  4. e
  5. d
  6. f

  1. A: Hello, my name is Elizabeth.
B: Hi, Elizabeth. I’m Jason.

  2. A: This is my friend Taka.
B: Hey, Taka. How’s it going?

  3. A: I’d like to introduce our new director, Andrea Williams.
B: It’s a pleasure to meet you, Ms. Williams.

  4. A: Have you met Jane?
B: Oh, yeah, we have met. How are you?

  5. A: I’d like you to meet Sheila Howard.
B: It’s nice to meet you.

  6. A: Dad, this is my roommate, Lee.
B: Good to meet you.
Listening Task
1 First Listening

  1. This is …

  2. I’d like you to meet…

  3. Have you met…

  4. Hello, my name is …
2 Second Listening

  1. It’s a pleasure to meet you.

  2. Pleased to meet you.

  3. Oh, yeah, we’ve met.

  4. Hi, Kathy.

  1. Businessman: Good afternoon, Ms. Watson. This is Jim Bauman from Hyundai.
Ms. Watson: It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Bauman.
Mr. Bauman: Good to meet you, Ms. Watson.

  2. Student: Mom, I’d like you to meet John Lee. He’s a classmate of mine.
Mr. Lee: Pleased to meet you, Mrs. Gray.
Ms. Gray: Oh, please call me Norma.

  3. Sherry: Kiri, have you met my good friend James?
Kiri: Oh, yeah, we’ve met.
James: We have?
Kiri: Yeah, at the New Year’s party!
James: Oh, right. How are you?

  4. Kathy: Hello, my name is Kathy! I’ll be your server tonight.
Customer: Hi, Kathy. What are the specials?
Real World Listening
Alice wants to go out with Robert.
T Alice likes Robert.
E Robert is interested in Alice.
T Alice introduces Jean to Robert.
T Jean thinks Robert is handsome.
F Jean is going out with Sam.
T Robert is interested in Jean.
T Jean and Robert have met before.
Alice: Look, there he is.
Jean: Who?
Alice: Robert, the guy I’ve been telling you about.
Jean: Oh. The guy you’re going out with?
Alice: I wish. The guy I WANT to go out with.
Jean: Oh, he’s really handsome. Um, let’s go talk to him.
Alice: Oh, OK. I’ll introduce you. I think you’ll really like him…Hi, Robert.
Robert: Oh, hi.
Alice: Have you met my friend, Jean?
Robert: Hey, Jean. I think we’ve met before.
Jean: We have? Where?
Robert: Last December, at Sam’s party
Jean: Oh, Sam.
Robert: Oh? Aren’t you going out with him anymore?
Jean: No, we broke up a couple of months ago.
Robert: Oh… Oh, really?
Unit 2 How can I reach you?
Vocabulary Task

  1. Country Code__ 1(USA), 64 (New Zealand)

  2. Area Code__613 (Kingstion, Ontario), 212 (New York)

  3. E-mail address__barb@freemail.com

  4. Web Address__http://www.happy.com

  5. Zip (Postal) Code__K7L 3J1 (Canada), NN40SN (England), 95973 (USA)

  1. The country code for the USA is
  1. It’s 64 for New Zealand.

  2. So if I want to call a number in Kingston, Ontario, I have to dial 613 before the phone number, and for New York 2

  3. Send me an e-mail. My address is barb@freemail.com

  4. You can get information on the company’s website at http://www.happy.com

  5. I’ve lived in three countries. My zip code in England was NN4 0SN, in the USA 95973, and in Canada it was K7L 3J
Listening Task
1 First Listening

  1. postal code

  2. phone number

  3. e-mail address

  4. web address
2 Second Listening

  1. 655-5670
  3. barb@yourmail.com

  2. 213-555-3421
  4. www.hp.com

  1. A: Say, I can’t read this number at the end of your address. Is it your phone number?
B: No, that’s my postal code. It’s 655-56

  2. A: [talking on the phone] Okay, I’ll call and get tickets to the concert. Oh, do you have the number of the ticket agent? 555-3421? Okay, great. I’ll call. Oh, wait a second. What’s the area code? 213, I got it!

  3. A: Barb’s on vacation but I need to get in touch with her.
B: Oh, well, she can get e-mail even when she’s at the beach. Send it to barb@your mail.com

  4. A: I need to get in touch with Hewlett Packard. I’m having problems with this printer. Don’t they have a website?
B: Yeah, I think it’s www.hp.com
Real World Listening
1 Predict
Dad asks: Did I call the right number? Do you have a place yet? What’s your e-mail addressf?
1 Get the main ideas

  1. A Japanese woman.

  2. At a school in Japan.

  3. yes, she does.

  4. Yes, he is Because she hasn’t contacted him since she went to Japan.

  5. Yes, she is.
Woman: Moshi-moshi. Gengo sentaa…
Father: Hello…Hello…Veronica…Veron…Ve-ro-ni-ca Smith…Is Veronica Smith there, Please?
Woman: Ah, Ah…Veronica-sensei…Veronica-sensei? Ah, wait a moment, please…
Father: [muttering to himself] Wait a moment? What’s going on?
Veronica: Hello.
Father: Hello, Veronica. Is that you?
Veronica: Yes, Dad. It’s me.
Father: Where is this place? Somebody was speaking Japanese to me. I mean, did I call the right number?
Veronica: Dad, you called the school number. And you’re lucky I’m here now. Dad, I told you. Don’t call the school number. Remember?
Father: Yes, but you didn’t give me your home phone number. Why didn’t you call me.
Veronica: I just got here a few days ago… okay, let me give it to you. Are you ready?
Father: Uh, ready. Ready. Okay.
Veronica: Okay. It’s 798-55-41
Father: 798-55-41
Veronica: Oh, oh, wait. Dial the country code. And that’s 81…and then… and then the number.
Father: Why is the number so long?
Veronica: Because it is, Dad.
Father: Do you have a place yet?
Veronica: Yeah. Let me give you the address. Are you ready?
Father: Um…yeah. Okay. What is it?
Veronica: It’s one dash one dash one fifty-five… Uegahara B3
Father: Uh, w-wh-wait. Wait, One…one what? Why is it so long?
Veronica: Dad, I’ve got to go. I’ll send it to you by e-mail. Bye. [kiss sound]
Father: But, what’s your e-mail address?
Unit 3 Don’t you wish we could live here?
Vocabulary Task

  1. ? I don’t like the place I live now. It’s too isolated. (negative)

  2. + I have a big balcony with a great view. I love it! (positive)

  3. ? I don’t like my parents’ house. It’s so old-fashioned. (negative)

  4. + Her new place is really wonderful ? it’s so roomy. (positive)

  5. + He thinks it’s important to feel comfort-able in a home. (positive)

  6. + I think it’s great to live in a modern building, don’t you? (positive)

  7. ? This apartment is too cramped; it’s too small for our family. (negative)

  8. + Amy has a beautiful spacious loft for her art studio. She’s really happy there. (positive)

  9. + Bill and Sherry have a nice, cozy little apartment in the city. They call it their love nest. (positive)
Listening Task
1 First Listening

  1. a small house

  2. a cozy apartment

  3. a modern house

  4. something old
2 Second Listening

  1. warm and cozy in the winter

  2. a great view

  3. modern house, easy to keep clean

  4. roomy, lots of space

  1. I want a small house, something that’ll be warm and cozy in the winter. My big old house is spacious, but it’s too hard to keep warm.

  2. I’m looking for a small, cozy apartment, but with a great view. I want to look at the mountains, not another apartment building.

  3. After living in an ld house all my life, I’m ready for a modern house, one that’s easy to keep clean. It should have all wood floors, no carpets.

  4. We’re looking for something old but roomy. Since we have three kids, they need lots of space to move around.
Real World Listening
1 Predict
It’s spacious, it has modern furniture, it has a view
2 Get the main ideas

  1. It’s spacious and modern.

  2. It has a view of the ocean.

  3. It makes her feel elegant and relaxed.

  4. It’s phony, uncomfortable, and he feels like he’s in a museum.
Diane: Isn’t this place fantastic?
John: Well, I don’t know…I mean, it’s okay.
Diane: It’s so big. So spacious. So much room. I feel so…free here.
John: It must be cold in the winter. Our place is so cozy and warm.
Diane: Oh, John! And the view! Look at the view of the ocean from this window! I feel so relaxed.
John: Oh, god. It makes me seasick. Our place is so much more down to earth.
Diane: Look at this furniture. It’s so modern. I feel so elegant here.
John: You do? I feel like I’m in a museum. It’s so phony, so uncomfortable. Are you supposed to sit in these chairs?
Diane: Oh, John, don’t you wish we could live in a place like this?
John: What’s wrong with our place?
Unit 4 It means a lot to me
Vocabulary Task

  1. b Henna tattoos ? For fun

  2. d Leather ring ? Grandmother gave it to me

  3. a Rakari bracelet ? To protect me

  4. f Silk scarf ? Makes me look good

  5. g Digital watch ? Reminds me of appointments.

  6. c Crystal necklace ? Friends said it has special powers

  7. e Silver pin ? Has a lot of sentimental value
Listening Task
1 First Listening

  1. a rakari ? a cloth bracelet

  2. a crystal necklace

  3. a diamond ring

  4. a gold earring
2 Second Listening

  1. a. to protect him

  2. b. she likes the way it looks

  3. a. it has sentimental value

  4. b. it makes him look good

  1. Mark: Hey, Steve, whatcha got on your wrist there?
Steve: Oh, it’s something my sister gave me.
Mark: Uh, a bracelet?
Steve: Sort of. It’s a “rakari,” a special piece of cloth Indian women give their brothers every August.
Mark: What’s it for?
Steve: To protect me.
Mark: Cool. I guess you’re safe for another year.

  2. Andrea: Oh, Shelly, what’s that on your necklace?
Shelly: It’s a quartz crystal.
Andrea: Oh, do you believe in crystals?
Shelly: Not really, but my boyfriend does, and he gave me this.
Andrea: What’s it supposed to do?
Shelly: He said it’s supposed to make our love last forever. And I like the way it looks.

  3. Claire: That’s an interesting ring, Bridget. Where’d you get it?
Bridget: Oh, I got this with money from my grandmother
Claire: Yeah? Is it a real diamond?
Bridget: Mm-hmm. It’s small, but it has a lot of sentimental value.
Claire: ‘Cause it reminds you of your grandma?
Bridget: Of course.

  4. Lisa: Oh, Scott. Is that an earring?
Scott: It’s a gold earring. I got it in Thailand.
Lisa: Is it something special?
Scott: No, I just think it makes me look good!
Real World Listening
1 Predict
It protects her from illness.
2 Get the main ideas
The necklace is made of silver. The witch doctor told her to wear it. Her grandmother gave it to her. When she took the necklace off, she got sick. When she put it back on, she got better.
Jean: I’m ready, are you? Why don’t you take that necklace off before you go in the pool?
Chandra: Oh, this? No, I never take it off. I wear it all the time. I’ve had it since I was a kid.
Jean: Really? You’ve worn it since you were little? Why?
Chandra: Well, when I was a baby, I lived in India. And I was sick all the time, so my parents took me to a doctor. And well, the doctor at first didn’t want to treat me because ?
Jean: What? Why?
Chandra: Well, because I was a girl.
Jean: Huh? Because you were a girl?
Chandra: Yeah, well, that’s the way it was. Anyway, so my parents took me to this witch doctor, and I…
Jean: A witch doctor
Chandra: Yeah, well, I guess you could call her a … I don’t know, a spiritual healer. She was an old woman in our village. And she took a look at me and she said I needed silver.
Jean: Silver?
Chandra: Yeah. She said I needed silver so that I could get better. And then my grandmother went to a jeweler and she had this silver necklace made for me. They put it on me, and I got better.
Jean: I don’t believe that.
Chandra: Well, I didn’t either for a while. But you know what? When I was 20 I took it off and I put it in a drawer for a little while. And then, I started to get sick again. And I didn’t get better. I was just sick all the time. And then I remembered the necklace, and I put it on. And after that, I was fine.
Jean: Wow.
Unit 5 It changed my life
Vocabulary Task

  1. Japan/Japanese

  2. Canada/French/English

  3. Panama/Spanish

  4. Brazil/Portuguese

  5. Thailand/Thai

  6. India/Hindi

  7. South Africa/ Afrikaans

  8. Morocco/ Arabic

  9. Germany/ German

  10. Norway/Norwegian

  1. Helen is going to Japan to study Japanese.

  2. Pam is from Canada. She speaks French and English.

  3. Linda’s family lives in Panama. They speak Spanish.

  4. Andrea is from brazil. She speaks Portuguese.

  5. Vira moved here from Thailand. He speaks Thai.

  6. Sita’s grandmother came from India 50 years ago. She speaks Hindi.

  7. Jean is South African. She speaks Afrikaans.

  8. Ali is from Morocco. He speaks Arabic.

  9. Hans lives in Germany. He speaks German.

  10. Lars is from Norway. He speaks Norwegian.
Listening Task
1 First Listening

  1. French
  3. Spanish

  2. Japanese
  4. Russian
2 Second Listening

  1. His relatives are French. He wants to travel to France.

  2. He’s interested in business. There are business opportunities in Japan.

  3. No other language was offered. Her friends speak Spanish.

  4. It’s a



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