Unit 11 Have a nice trip!
Vocabulary Task

  1.A: How are you going from New York to Los Angeles?
B:By plane, of course.

  2.A:Are you walking to school today?
B: No, I’m going by bicycle.

  3.A: Are you buying a one-way or round-trip ticket?
B: Just one way.

  4.A:How do you get to the station so fast?
B:I use my in-line skates.

  5.A:It’s 9:
  00. the bus is late again.
B: Let’s take a taxi.

  6.A: Where does the train to Liverpool leave from?
B: It departs from Track E.

  7.A: Good luck. And have a nice trip.
B:Thanks! I’ll miss you.
Listening Task
1 First Listening

  1. school


  3. Bali

  4. Shanghai
2 Second Listening

  1.He’s going by car.

  2.His plane leaves in an hour.

  3.She wants to go to Bali by ship.

  4.She needs to buy a train ticket.

  1. A: I’m leaving for school tomorrow.
B:How are you getting there?
A:I’m driving. I have to go by car. I have so many things ? my computer, my clothes, my books.
B: Have a nice trip!
A: Thanks.

  2.A:Wake up! Wake up! It’s late! Your plane to Singapore leaves in about one hour!
B:Hmmm. What? Singapore?
A:You need to get to the airport. Your flight leaves at 9:
  30. Come on!

  3.A: I want to go to Bali by ship.
B:Why? That’s crazy. A ship’s too slow. Fly.
A:A plane is too fast. I want to relax on a ship for a few days.
B: Well, have a nice slow trip.
A: Thanks, I’ll miss you.

  4.A: I’d like a train ticket from Beijing to Shanghai.
B: Do you want a
round-trip ticket or a one-way ticket?
A:Round trip, please. Oh, when’s the next train?
B: The next train departs at 9:45 from Track
A: Wow! That’s in only five minutes. I need to hurry.
Real World Listening
1 Predict
In-line- skates, bicycle, kayak (other: pedal boat)
2 Get the main ideas
Started in England.

  1.Traveled by pedal boat. 111 days. Miami to San Francisco.

  2.Traveled by in-line skated. 12 months.

  3.San Francisco to Hawaii. Traveled by pedal boat. 53 days.

  4.Hawaii to Australia. Will travel by pedal boat.

  5.Across Australia. Will travel by bicycle.

  6.Australia to Indonesia/Malaysia. Will travel by kayak. (lower left box)

  7.Thailand, China, India, back to Europe/England. Will travel by bicycle.(top left box)
Interviewer: Jason, could you tell us about your round-the- world trip?
Jason:Sure. I started in England about five years ago,in a special boat.
Interviewer:A special boat? What do you mean?
Jason:It’s a pedal boat. I’m trying to go around the world just using human power.
Interviewer:Ah-hah. Human power? What do you mean, just human power?
Jason:Human power is just the power of myself. No wind and no motors.
Interviewer: Wow. That’s interesting. Where did you start?
Jason:I started in England and I pedaled across the Atlantic Ocean to the U.S. in 111 days. And then I in-line skated across the United States. To San Francisco.
Interviewer: That’s a long way. How long did that take?
Jason:Well, I thou- ght it was only going to take three months, but it ended up taking a year.
Interviewer: And now we’re here in Hawaii.
Interviewer: How did you get to Hawaii?
Jason:Well, I pedaled the boat from San Francisco to Hawaii in 53 days.
Interviewer: That’s a long time. And what are your plans from here? I’m going to pedal the boat from Hawaii to Australia. And then bicycle through Australia, kayak up through Indonesia to Malaysia, and then use a bicycle up through Thailand, China, India, and all the way back through Europe, back to my starting point in England.
Interviewer:Wow! And how long do you
think that will take?
Jason:Probably another four years.
Interviewer:Well, it’s been a pleasure meeting you, Jason. And I wish you good luck on the rest of your trip.
Jason:Thank you.
312 Unit 12 Not enough money
Vocabulary Task Answers/Script

  1.I’m saving money so that I can go to Europe.

  2.I can’t afford to buy the clothes I really like.

  3.The prices in this shop are way too high.

  4.We spend too much money every month.

  5.We need to make a budget.

  6.How much does this car cost?

  7.I earn a lot of money in my new job at the TV station.

  8.How much is the rent for this apartment?
Listening Task
1 First Listening

  1.to buy concert tickets

  2.to buy a new car

  3.for rent (for an apartment)

  4.to buy a jacket
2 Second Listening Answers

  2. $23,000

  3.$900 a month

  4.600 Hong Kong dollars or about 100 US dollars

  1.A: I need to earn some money fast. I want to get tickets for the Deep Fish concert next month.
B: Me, too. But I don’t have any money saved up.
A: Hmm. Dad, can we borrow 80 dollars? Dad: What?

  2.A:We need to get a car this year. I like this Toyota, but it’s $
B: Ahhh. We need to save some money.
A: I don’t know what to cut down on. We need to make a budget.

  3.A: Did you find a new
B: Yeah, but I can’t afford to live there. The rent is too high.
A: How much is it?
B:It’s $900 a month. I need a higher salary to live there.

  4.A: This is a great jacket, but look at the price! It’s way too expensive. $600!
B:No, wait. It’s pretty reasonable. You’re thinking in US dollars, not Hong Kong dollars. It’s only about 100 US dollars.
A:You’re right.
Real World Listening 1 Predict 2 Get the main ideas
A bagel & coffee:$
A train ticket:$
A movie ticket:$
Popcorn & drink:$
  4.50 ($
  3.00 popcorn) +
  1.50 (medium drink)
Taxi ride:$
  8.00 (fare)
Note: Sarah gives him a 10-dollar bill and says, “Thanks. Good night.” We can infer that she gave him a $
  2.00 tip. However, accept either $
  8.00 or $
Total = $
  32.25 ($
  8.00 fare) or $
  34.25 ($
  10.00 fare)
Sarah:Good morning. I’d like a large coffee and a bagel.
Clerk:That’ll be $
Sarah:Let’s see. The fare to downtown is $
  50. can I have one ticket to downtown?
Clerk:That’s $
Sarah:Hmm. The lunch special today is pizza with a small salad and a drink for $
  00. I think I’ll get that.
Friend: That’s a good deal. $
  00. I’ll get that, too.
Sarah:I’d like a ticket for the 8 o’clock show.
Clerk:That’s $
Sarah:Let’s get something to eat during the movie. I didn’t eat dinner. Hmm. What do they have? Hmm. A small popcorn is $
  3.00 and a medium drink is $
  50. I guess I want that.
Sarah:Let’s take a taxi home. It’s so late…and I’m so tired. Taxi!
Sarah:Please let us off at 56th and Broad- way.
Driver: Sure. ***
Driver: Here you go.
Sarah:How much is the fare?
Driver: It’s $
Sarah:Here’s a ten. Thanks. Goodnight.
313 Unit 13 Always on time!
Vocabulary Task Answers
6:15 gets up
6:30 takes a shower
7:20 catches the bus
8:15 has a class
12:30 eats lunch
3:00 goes to work
5:30 takes a break
11:00 goes to bed
Jamal gets up at 6:
  15. After he takes a shower, at about 6:30, he gets dressed. He catches the 7:20 bus to the university. His first class starts at 8:
  15. he has a busy morning. At 12:30 he eats lunch, then studies. At 3 o’clock he goes to work at a music store. He takes a break at 5:30, then works a few more hours. Then he usually goes home and goes to bed at around 11 o’clock.
Listening Task 1 First Listening Answers

  1.work, going out with friends

  2. getting up for work

  3. eating lunch (at the park)

  4. going to school, working at a restaurant
2 Second Listening

  1.from 9:00 until 6:00
  3. around one o’clock

  2.at 5:3
  04. from
2:30 until 11:00

  1. A:When do you work?
B:I work from 9 until
  6. After I finish work at 6 o’clock, I usually do something fun with my friends.

  2.A:What time do you get up?
B:Ahh, I get up very early. I get up at 5:30 for work. Sometimes it’s still dark. I don’t like to get up so early in the morning.

  3.A:What time do you eat lunch?
B:I usually eat around 1 o’clock. In warm weather, I like to eat at the park near my office.

  4.A: Are you free on Friday?
B: No, Fridays are busy for me. I go to school in the morning. Then at 2:30 I start work at a restaurant. I usually work until 11 o’clock at night.
Real World Listening
1 Predict
Emma, her doctor, Todd, her mother, and Robert called her.
2 Get the main ideas

  1.Emma. Two tickets for the concert. Meet at 7:30, main door (Warfield Music Hall)

  2.Doctor’s office. Appointment on Tuesday changed to 3:
  30. (Call if can’t come.)

  3.Todd. At park, 4:30 now. leaving.

  4.Julie’s mother. Dinner at 5:00 on Sunday.

  5.Robert. Meet at airport at 2:10 Monday. (Call if can’t meet.)
Message 1 (beep): Hi. This is Emma.Guess what? I got two tickets for the concert. Meet me at 7:30 at the Warfield Music Hall. At the main door at 7:
  30. Okay?
Message 2 (beep): This is Dr. Davis’s office. Your appointment on Tuesday was for 3:
  00. it’s been changed to 3:
  30. please call the office if you can’t come at 3:
Message 3 (beep):This is Todd. Where are you Julie? You said to meet you at the park at 4 o’clock. It’s 4:30 now. where are you? I’m leaving.
Message 4 (beep): Julie? This is your mother. The whole family is coming to dinner on Sunday at 5 o’clock. That’s 5 o’clock. Don’t be late.
Message 5 (beep): Hi: this is Robert. My flight arrives on Monday at 2:10 in the afternoon. Please meet me at the airport. Call me if you can’t meet me, okay? Bye.
Unit 14 It’s so cold!
Vocabulary Task
In Honolulu, it’s sunny, warm, and comfortable.
In Manila, it is cloudy today. There is some drizzle, but it is not very rainy.
In Aspen, Colorado, it’s snowy. The sky is clear.
There are no clouds. It looks cold.
In Sao Paulo, there is a storm. It is rainy and windy. There is thunder and lightning. In Jakarta, it’s hot. The temperature on the thermometer is 34℃
Listening Task
1 First Listening

  1.wind,thunder, lightning

  2.weather,warm, jacket


  4.raining,wet,clouds, sunny
2 Second Listening

  2.F.The thermom- eter says 28℃. It’s warm out.
  4.F The weather forecast said it would. (Note: weather forecasts can be wrong, but the forecast said it would rain.)

  1.A:Wow! Can you hear the wind?
B:Yeah, listen to that rain!
A:And, the thunder and lightning. This is a bad storm.

  2.A: What’s the weather like today? Do I need a jacket?
B:I think it’s warm out. Let me check the temperature. The thermometer says 28℃.
A:Great! I don’t ned a jacket.

  3.A:Look! It’s snow- ing. It’s snowing hard.
B:I love snow. I hope it snows all night.
A:Yeah, then we can go skiing.

  4.A: Do you have an umbrella? I don’t want to get wet.
B:What? It’s not raining. The sky is clear. There are no clouds.
A:It’s sunny now, but it is going to rain later this afternoon. I heard it on the news.
Real World Listening
1 Predict
2 Get the main ideas
Mexico today: warm, sunny, great, nice breeze, the weather’s perfect, beautiful
Mexico tomorrow: hurricane, strong winds, heavy rain
Canada today: Terrible, cold, rained in the morning, getting colder
Canada tomorrow: snow, big storm
Mark: Hi, Paul. It’s me.
Paul: Hi, Mark How’s your trip?
Mark: Great. I’m having a great time. The weather is perfect. Every day is warm, sunny, great. I sleep late, go to the beach. How’s it there?
Paul: Well, it’s terrible, actually. It’s cold and it rained this morning. It’s getting colder. It’s supposed to snow tomorrow. A big storm.
Mark: Too bad! You should be here with me.
Paul:I don’t know. Maybe.
Mark: What do you mean, maybe?
Paul: Did you hear the weather report today?
Mark: No, why?
Paul: You need to. So you can get ready.
Mark: Ready for what?
Paul: Ready for the hurricane.
Mark: Hurricane?
Paul: Yeah, I saw it on TV this morning. A hurricane is coming. There will be lots of strong winds tomorrow, and heavy rain. It’s a big hurricane, and it’s coming up the coast of Mexico.
Mark: Hurricane? I can’t believe it. Well, today is sunny and warm. And that’s all I care about. Nice breeze. Beautiful weather. I’m going to the beach. I’ll worry about the hurricane later.
Paul: Okay. I’ll talk to you later. But be careful.
Mark: I’ll can you tomorrow. Bye.
Unit 15 What do you
want to do?
Vocabulary Task
Answers/ Script

  1. f Let’s go for a walk in the park.

  2. hLet’s go see the new Fantasia. I heard it’s a great movie.

  3. g I want to go shopping because I need some new jeans.

  4. e Let’s go windsurfing at Kailua Beach.

  5. c I’d like to see the Monet exhibit at the art museum.

  6. d If it stops raining, we can play tennis.

  7. a Time to party! Let’s go dancing tonight.

  8. b Do you want to try my new 3-D space travel computer game?
Listening Task
1 First Listening

  1.see a movie

  2.go to a baseball game

  3.play computer games

  4.play tennis
2 Second Listening

  1.at 9:30 at night

  2.Saturday afternoon

  1.A:Do you want to see a movie tonight?
B:Sure. What time?
A:There’s a show at 7:10 and at 9:
B:Let’s go to the 9:30 show. I work until 7 o’clock tonight.

  2.A: Are you free on Saturday?
B: I’m free in the afternoon.
A: Do you want to go to the baseball game? I have two tickets.
B: Sure, sounds



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