田 东 中 学 职 高 英 语 课 件
Unit 2 Expressing Feelings
Listen and Speak: Task 2
Get ready:

  1. You look happy today.
  2.We’re going to take photos of wild life in the USA.
  3. I wish I had the chance.
  4.What’s the matter?
  5.My trip to the US has been canceled.
  6.I hope things work out for you.? ?
Listening:Listen to the conversations and the following exercises.
Conversation One: Sam: Hi! George, you look happy today. a photo competition George: Yes. I’ve won . Sam: Congratulations! . What’s the prize.? the USA George: A trip to for free. We’re going take photos to of wild life there. Sam: How for you! exciting George: Yes. I always want to go to the USA. envious. Sam: I wish I had the chance. I feel But I am happy very for you. George: Thank you!.
Conversation Two: Sam: Hi! George. What ‘s the matter? sad George: I feel very . Sam: Why? What has happened? My trip George: to the USA has been canceled. disappointing Sam: Oh! How ! my job George: Not only that. I had to give up in order to go to the USA. sorry Sam: Oh! How terrible! I’m really to hear that. Maybe you another can find job. these days. George: It’s not so easy to fine a job. work out Sam: I hope things for you! George: Thank you!
Conversation One
Feelings Reasons
and excited happy and envious
He has got the Prize of a trip to the USA for free. He wishes he had the chance to go to the USA and He is very happy for George.
Conversation Two
Feelings Reasons
His trip to the USA has sad and been canceled and he disappointed had given up his job.
Sorry for George
George’s trip to the USA has been canceled and he had given his job.
Discussion: Tell each other your experiences of feeling excited and feeling disappointed.

  1.Go over Listen and Speak: Task 2
  2.Prepare for Write and Read: Task 2



   田 东 中 学 职 高 英 语 课 件 Unit 2 Expressing Feelings Listen and Speak: Task 2 Get ready: 1. You look happy today. 2.We’re going to take photos of wild life in the USA. 3. I wish I had the chance. 4.What’s the matter? 5.My trip to the US has been canceled ...

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