小题, 一、语言知识与运用(共 20 小题, 语言知识与运用( ) 第一节:单项选择( 小题, 第一节:单项选择(共 10 小题, )
  1.The telephone rang when we dinner. A. had B. have C. are having D. were having

  2.Everybody in the village knows this kind of fruit smells but tastes . A. terribly; good B. badly; good C. terrible; good D. bad; well

  3.Is easy for you to draw cartoon pictures? No, I don’t think so. A. it B. that C. this D. what

  4. Where does he come from? Pardon? I asked where . A. did he come from B. he came from C. he comes from D. does he come from

  5.He didn’t know he should go or not because we hasn’t got the answer yet. A. if B. weather C. that D. whether

  6.Sally told her brother play in the street. A. don’t B. doesn’t C. not D. not to

  7.Can films help us the culture of our society? Yes, of course. A. learn B. learning C. learned D. learns

  8.I don’t know if it tomorrow. If it , I will not go fishing. A. rains, rains B. rains, will rain C. will rain, rains D. will rain , will rain

  9.Though the new place was far from here, the boy insisted there alone. A. to go B. on go C. to going D. on going

  10.Sally said that she was going to visit a new friend . A. the next day 四、写作部分 根据句子意思, 用所给词的首字母填空,使句子完整、正确。 第一节 完成句子 根据句子意思 用所给词的首字母填空,使句子完整、正确。
  1.In many cities, people are not a to smoke in certain areas.
  2.The police promised to catch the thief w a month.
  3.The ending of the story made a deep i on people.
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B. the day before
C. tomorrow
D. this weekend

  4.The new teacher introduced himself first, and then he called out our names in o.
  5.Nowadays, we usually keep in touch with friends by c online or sending e-mails. 根据所给的汉语,用英语完成下列句子。 第二节 句子翻译 根据所给的汉语,用英语完成下列句子。
  6.他三十几岁就成为很有名的医生。 He became a famous doctor in
  7.我觉得累了, 所以停下休息一会儿。 I felt, so I stopped and a rest.
  8.学生们习惯早起. Students are to up early.
  9.游客们在城市里四处逛,看到了许多名胜古迹。 Visitors around the city and saw a lot of places of .
  10.女孩想家了,毕竟,她还只是个孩子。 The girl got homesick, , she’s still a child. .
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初二英语期末考试参考答案 0906 英语期末考试参考答案 期末考试
第一节: 第一节:单项选择
  16. D
  17. C
  18. A
  19. B
  20. D
  21. D
  22. A
  23. C
  24. D
  25. A
四、写作部分(共 35 分) 写作部分( 第一节 完成句子
  62. within
  63. impression
  64. order
  65. chatting
第二节 句子翻译
  66. his thirties/ his 30s
  69. looked, interest
  67. tired, took/ had
  70. after all
  68. used, getting
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