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Snow White
There is a princess. Her name is Snow White. Her skin is white and her lips are red. Snow White is kind, so everyone loves her. Only the Evil Queen doesn't like her. The Evil Queen has a magic mirror. She looks in it every day. Each morning, she asks the magic mirror, "Who is the most beautiful woman in the world?" The mirror says, "You are the most beautiful woman, my queen." Today the Evil Queen looks in her magic mirror again. "Who is the most beautiful woman in the world?" she asks. The mirror says, "Snow White is the most beautiful woman in the world. She has white skin and lips that are so red." The Evil Queen is very angry.
I am the most beautiful woman in the world," says the
Evil Queen. "I will send my servant to kill Snow White. Then I will be the most beautiful woman again."
The Evil Queen calls her servant and tells him to kill Snow White. The servant likes Snow White, so he can't kill her. He tells Snow White to run away quickly.
Snow White runs, runs, and runs. Finally she runs into the woods. The woods are scary and dark. Snow White is tired, hungry, and scared. In the woods, she sees a little house and goes inside. The little house belongs to seven little dwarfs. They are not at home now. They are out working. Snow White
looks around the little house. The room is a little messy, so she cleans it up.
The seven dwarfs come home and are surprised to see Snow White in the house. Because she is so nice, they soon like her. They even ask her to stay with them. Snow White is safe now.
The Evil Queen thinks Snow White is dead. "Now, I am the most beautiful woman in the world," she says. She asks the mirror, "Who's the most beautiful woman now?" The mirror still says, "Snow White."
The queen is so angry. "I will kill Snow White myself," she says. "I will drink magic water and become an old
and ugly witch. Then, I will see Snow White and give her a poisoned apple. She will eat it and go to sleep," the Evil Queen laughs. Snow White likes the seven dwarfs. She cooks food for them. She even cleans the little house. The seven dwarfs like Snow White. They are like a happy family. The Evil Queen finds Snow White. "Would you like to have a beautiful red apple?" the witch asks. She gives Snow White an apple. Snow White takes a bite of the apple and falls asleep. No one can ever wake her up. The witch laughs and runs away. The witch runs up a tall mountain, and the seven dwarfs chase her. The witch tries to hurt them, but she slips and falls down the mountain. She dies.
The seven dwarfs make a glass bed for Snow White. Around it they put flowers and beautiful things. Every day they cry, "We miss you, Snow White." Snow White does not wake up.
One day, a prince is passing by. He sees the beautiful Snow White on her special bed. "She is so beautiful, I want to kiss her." He gives Snow White a kiss. Just then, she wakes up. The prince asks her to marry him, and she says yes. Snow White and the prince live happily ever after.
Cinderella is a beautiful girl. She has two ugly stepsisters. They are not
kind to Cinderella. Cinderella does all of the work. She must cook, clean and do everything. One day, a letter comes to the house. It is a letter from the prince. He will have a big party. He would like the three girls to come. The prince wants to find a wife. Cinderella can't go to the party because she doesn't have beautiful clothes. Her stepsisters have beautiful clothes. They look very happy.
Cinderella is very sad.
Cinderella's stepsisters leave the house. They are going to the prince's party. Cinderella cries. She also wants to go to the party. Suddenly, a woman shows up. She is a kind fairy.
"Don't worry," says the fairy. "You can go to the prince's party." "I can't go," cries Cinderella. "I don't have a nice dress."
"It will be all right," says the fairy. "Go get a pumpkin, six mice and a rat." Cinderella quickly finds them. "What will you do?" Cinderella asks. The fairy waves her wand over the
pumpkin. The pumpkin is now a beautiful silver coach. The fairy waves her wand over the six mice. She changes them into six strong men. The six men will walk with the coach. Then the fairy changes the rat into a man. He is the driver of the coach. The coach is beautiful, but
Cinderella still looks sad. "I still can't
go to the party. My dress is too ugly," she says. "Don't worry," says the fairy. She waves her wand and makes Cinderella's dress beautiful.
Now Cinderella has a nice dress. It is gold and very pretty. Her shoes are made of glass. Cinderella is so beautiful. She can go to the party. "You must leave the party before twelve o'clock," says the fairy. "At 12:00 the magic will end." "I will be back before twelve o'clock," says Cinderella. She gets into the coach to go to the party.
The prince's palace is full of people. They are all happy to be at the big party. All the girls want to marry the prince. Then Cinderella walks into the
palace. "Who is she?" everyone asks. "She's so beautiful," they say. The prince sees Cinderella. He asks her to dance with him. All night long they dance and talk. The prince and Cinderella fall in love. At twelve o'clock, Cinderella runs out of the palace. Cinderella runs and loses one of her glass shoes. She must get home before twelve. She is late. She runs into the house. Now, she is wearing her old dress again. The prince finds Cinderella's shoe. "I know this shoe. It belongs to that beautiful girl. I'll find her," he says. The next morning, he goes from house to house to find her. He The goes two
to ugly
stepsisters try on the shoe, but their feet are too big. "Can I try it on?" asks Cinderella. "Yes," the prince says, so Cinderella tries the shoe on. It fits her foot. "I have found my princess," the prince says. Soon Cinderella and the prince get married. They live happily ever after.
Three Little Pigs
There are three little pigs. They live in a small house with their mother. "This house is too small. The three of you must leave home. You must build your own homes," says the mother pig one day. The first little pig gets some hay. "I will build a house of hay," he says. "It will not be hard. My house will be easy to
make. Then, I will go play."
"I will use sticks to make a house," says the second little pig. "It will be easy. Then, I will go play with my brother." The second little pig quickly builds his home. He goes outside to play.
"I will build my house of bricks. It will take a long time," says the third little pig. He builds his house. It is hard work, but the house is strong.
One day, the three little pigs see some footprints. They are the big bad wolf's footprints. The little pigs run to their homes. They are afraid of the big bad wolf. He eats little pigs.
The big bad wolf goes to the first little pig's house. The house is made of hay. "Little pig, little pig, let me come in!" says the wolf. "No way! I will not let you in," says the little pig.
"If you don't let me in, I will blow your house down!" says the wolf. The wolf blows hard. The house falls down. The first little pig runs away. He runs to the second little pig's house. The second little pig's house is made of sticks. The first little pig and the second little pig are in the house. They are both very afraid. "Little pigs, little pigs, let me come in!" says the wolf.
"No way! We will not let you in," say the two little pigs. "If you don't let me in, I will blow your house down!" says the wolf. The wolf blows down the second little pig's house. The stick house is easy to blow down. The two little pigs run to the third little pig's house. The wolf goes to the third little pig's house. The house is strong. It is made of bricks. "Little pigs, little pigs, let me come in!" says the wolf." No way! We will not let you in," say the three little pigs.
"If you don't let me in, I will blow your house down!" says the wolf. The wolf is hungry. He wants to eat all of the three little pigs. He blows and blows
and blows and blows, but the house cannot be blown down.
The wolf is angry. "I will get all of you," says the wolf. He climbs on top of the house. He goes down the chimney. The third little pig makes a fire.
"Owwwwwwwwww!" cries the wolf. The fire burns the wolf, and he runs away. The three little pigs never see him again.
The next day, the third little pig helps his brothers. He helps them build houses. They all build houses of brick. It takes a long time, but no one can ever blow their houses down.
The wolf runs far away. He doesn't eat little pigs anymore. It is too dangerous.
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