Unit one Greeting and Introducing People Teaching Time: 5classes Teaching Goals: By the end of this unit, students can :
  1.Greet and introduce people in English
  2.Use the information in the cards to practice dialogue
  3.Clearly understand the way English people greet each other
  4.Describe a picture in simple English
Key Points: Everyday expressions the English people employ to greet and introduce people
1st class: 50ms. Talking Face to Face Step 1 . Presentation Ⅰ. Introducing myself according to my calling card: Good morning / afternoon, boys and girls! Nice to meet. Welcome to our college! My name is Yao fangfang . My English name is Yvonne. You can call me Mrs Yao or Yvonne as you like. From now on, we will be together through this term. I hope we can get well on with each other. I believe so! At last, I would like to give you my heartfelt wishes for you. May you have good study and campus life here. Ⅱ.Show them my calling card and explanation: first name/given name; (given at baptism)名 last name/ family name:姓
eg: Eliot T. Samuel Ⅲ.Give some useful expressions of greeting: A: Meeting people for the first time Hi / hello, nice to meet you. ( nice/glad/ honoured ) Or: How do you do? How do you do? B: Meeting people again Long time no see/ how are you/ how have you been? It's been quite a while, hasn't it? How are you? so so/ very well. That's all right. How is your work / family? Fine / nice/ pretty good/ not so bad/ just
Ⅳ. Let students introduce themselves to me! Use the expression above. Step
  2. Learn the samples Dialogue 1/ Dialogue
  2. Ask students read them aloud and then practice them in pairs. Give some advice on how to learn English well. Four basic skills: Read, listening speaking and writing. Step
  3. Act out ( homework) Look through and give the task to the students. Practice them in next class. Step 4 ..Homework: read aloud and learn by heart the "data bank" 2nd class: Being All Ears
Key language points
  1.leave a good impression upon sb. Your proper greeting leaves a good first impression upon me.
  2. rather
  3.each +V single
  4.that cool but inexperienced man
  5.I've got to
  6.speak of : mention
  7. nice to have met you. Step 1: Review check the homework. Act out Step
  2. Listen to the dialogue and decode (twice) Step
  3. Listen and respond Listen to the dialogue again and answer the following questions
  4.Listen and complete Now listen to dialogue and complete the following sentences. Step
  5. Listen and judge. Step
  6.Read?listen?match and conclude Material: Introduction are important. P7 Section Ⅲ( 3rd and 4th .5 classes) Maintaining a sharp eye Mr.: a courtesy title for any male adult not for styled sir", "Dr" etc, used before the man's family name or his position. b. Mrs. "太太" courtesy title for any married woman not : a styled"Lady","Dr." etc.used before her husband' s .surname c.Ms.: "女士"a courtesy bile for a woman,whether she is married or not,followed by the family name.
Miss: 小姐" title to address an unmarried woman or a girl. " A It is followed by the family name. Miss can also be used as he title of address to an (esp.unknown)unmarrined woman. In this case,it is not followed by the name. l. Explanation of Difficult Sentences.
  1.(Title)The Way Americans Greet Analysis:In this title,in which is omitted after the way> in…way means( to do sth ) by means of means a certain method 美国人致意的方式 Example:I think the way she runs her bookshop is worth studying.

  2. Speaking of time. I've got to run. A present participle clause used as an adverbial of cause/time. It means " when it comes to time, I am reminded of…" 说到时间,我得赶紧跑了. 3(Para.
  2)However,American introductions re usually rather simple Translation:然而美国式的介绍通常相当简单. Example:Money is important.However.you cannot buy happiness with money.
  4. (Par.
  2)Glad to meet you.I'm Miller.But call me Paul." 很高兴见到你.我是米勒, 但叫我保罗好啦.
  5. (Para.
  3)But Americans do sometimes ask such questions. Analysis : Do is used here to emphasize the following
verb."的的确确,真的". Translation:但是美国人有时确实问到诸如此类的问题.
  6. (Para. In this way they can get better acquainted with you
  3) and ?a topic for beginning a friendly conversation with you. Translation:这样他们便能更多地了解你,并由此为开端与 你友好地侃一场. Example: this way you can improve your spoken English . In Difficult and important words:
  1. Relationship n: instance of being related关系,联系 eg:He is making efforts to develop a lasting relationship with Lizard. Both the two countries want to have friendly relationship between them.

  2.wave v.move one's hand to and fro,up and down(to give a gf6eting or say goodbye)挥手致意,舞动 eg:When Jane waved goodbye to her Chinese fiends,she could hardly hold back her tears. The policeman waved him nearer The branches waved wildly in the wind.
  3. leave V.go away from;fail or neglect to离开,出发 留下, 遗忘 eg:The beautiful city has a deep impression upon our mind. He is going to leave for Austrian next week
  4.impression.effect reduced on the mind or feelings Elf$ eg:The Kacher has made a deep impression on my mind with his devotion to everything

  5. prefer v.like better,would rather do更喜欢,宁愿 eg:I prefer to have the meeting in the morning rather than in the afternoon. Which do you prefer,tea or coffee? Language points
  1. the Way Americans Greet the way that… the way in which the way +zero article eg: I do not like the way you did the thing/ you teach.
  2. greet sb: salute
  3. imply : suggest
  4. close and friendly

  5. similarly ← similar:大多数相同,但并非每个细节都相同. These pens are similar , but I like the blue one . same : 表示事物毫无改变或完全相同 I have used the same pen as before.
  6. prefer A to B: choose one thing rather another eg : she prefers meat to vegetable. I prefer singing to dancing.
  7. however: conj, denoting a contract of this sentence to previous one.
  8. acquaint: make familiar with, get to know eg: I have become acquainted with my new duties. Step
  2. Read and think Step
  3. Read complete
  4. Translate Step
  5. Simulate Homework: Passage 2 Check and explain next time. Section Ⅳ(6th class):Applied writing Step
  1. Learn to write cards in English. Step
  2. Read data bank by heart and try to remember them. Step
  3. Sentence writing Write through describing a picture Chinese New Year is also known as the Spring Festival, as it is the first day of the spring season according to the Chinese lunar calendar. This festival has been regarded as the most important traditional holiday for the Chinese people, whether they are home
or abroad. Many special customs for the festival have been developed. Paying a new year call is one of them. On this day, the new year greeting are given with a unique gesture. People will always bow to each other with their hands clasped while offering their best wishes for a happier and more prosperous new year. Section Ⅴ: Having some fun. Homework:
  1. Exercise 5 on page
  2.Try to write a short passage. Two topics to choose from: Why I come here? Whom I will be in three years?



   课程名称大学英语 适用专业非英语专业 总学时数 学分 4 128 (每学期 64 学时,其 中 讲授 48 学时 , 练习 16 学时〉 (一〉课程的地位,性质和任务 课程地位和性质 大学英语课程是非英语专业学生必修的 一 门基础课程 . 旨 在培养学生的英语综合应用能力,使他们在今后工作和社会史 往中能用英语有效地进行书面信息交流 , 提高综合文化素养, 以适应社会发展和 经济建设的需要. 课程的任务经过两个学期的学习,使学生掌握 一 定的英语基础知识和技能, 具有 一 定的听说读 ' 写 ...


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