纯属分享 单证英语 :进出口实用 英语 汇总
  1. 通知对方以开立 信用证 As you have confirmed theorder, we have arranged with the Bank of China to open an L/C in your favor for the amount of US $150,000 in accordance with the trade terms stipulated.
  2. 通知对方已寄出 信用证 According to your request for opening L/C, we are pleased to inform you that we have airmailed today through the Bank of China an irrevocable L/C for $200,000 in favor of the New York Trading Co., Inc. on the following terms and conditions.
  3. 通知对方已开立并寄出 信用证 We hasten to inform you that we have today been advised by the Bank of China of the establishment of an L/C in your favor to the amount of $100,000 available on or before April 30, 20
  01. We believe it will be in your hands within this week.
  4. 通知对方外国银行开立信用证 By order and for your account we have made fax instructions to our Los Angeles branch to establish an L/C in favor of the Pacific Trading Co., Inc., Los Angeles to the amount of US$50,0
  5. 通知对方已收到信用证 Thank you very much for your L/C covering your order No.1
  00. The goods you have ordered are being prepared for shipment. As soon as the shipment has been executed, you will be advised by fax and our letter will follow with the shipping documents.来源:www.examda.com
  6. 通知信用证的开立与有效期限 We have instructed the Bank of China to open an irrevocable letter of credit for US$35,0
  00. This will be advised by the bankers' correspondents, Beijing City Commercial Bank. They will accept your draft on them at 30 days after sight for the amount of your invoices. The credit id valid until September
  7. 通知对方已开立信用证, 并支付汇票 We have asked the Bank of China here to open a credit for US$50,000 in your favor and this will remain in force until March 31, 20
The bank will honor your draft at sight for the amount of your invoice drawn under the L/C.
  8. 督促对方开立信用证 In order to execute your order No.205, please urgently open an irrevocable L/C for the amount of US$100,000 in our favor, available until April
  30. As the shipping time is near, we ask you to instruct your bankers to open it so that we can receive it within this week.
  9. 督促对方确认订单并开立信用证 We are pleased to confirm your fax order today and inform you that your order No. 100 is now ready for shipment per M/S Pacific leaving Jilong around June
  10. Therefore we are anxious to receive your advice of L/C against this order.
  10. 要求提早开立信用证 We need a period of three months for production in order to execute this order and request your immediately arrangement for opening an L/C two months before the time of shipment.
  11. 督促迟迟未寄发的信用证 The letter of credit covering your order No. 500 has not yet reached us in spite of our repeated requests. We have been working on the manufacturers to execute your order at higher prices. Therefore we request you open an L/C urgently so that we can make the shipment stipulated.
  12. 收到信用证后, 立刻装运货物 The goods of your order are being manufactured in time for the shipping date requested. You inform us that you will open an irrevocable L/C, valid until August 31 and we as k you to send it promptly. Immediately on arrival of the L/C we will pack and ship the goods urgently as requested.来源:www.examda.com
  13. 通知准备装运, 并督促尽早开立信用证 We are pleased to confirm your order for electric typewriters amounting to US$100,0
  00. As requested, we are preparing to make shipment by the end of October and would request you open an irrevocable L/C in our favor as soon as possible, valid until November
  14. 要求修改信用证的付款条件 According to the L/C we received, the payment is to be made at 120 d/s. But we want it to be made at sight.
This has been agreed to by you and expressly mentioned in your order sheet. Therefore please amend it as stated.
  15. 因分批装运而必须修改信用证 We have just received your advice that you cannot carry out the complete shipment covering our order for sundries at one sailing. Therefore we have instructed our bankers to amend the L/C so that partial shipments may be allowed.来
  16. 因工厂罢工, 要求延长信用证期限 We are afraid the L/C may expire before shipment because of the strike in our factory. Therefore please explain our situation to your customers and try to get their consent to extend the L/C to August
  17. 要求修改信用证的计价方法 Your order has been accepted on FOB basis. Your L/C is described as C&F basis and some differences will be made between the invoice amount and the amount of you require. Therefore please amend the price of your L/C to FOB basis.
  18. 由于船位不足, 请求延长信用证的期限 In spite of our effort, we find it impossible to secure space for the shipment owing to the unusual shortage of shipping space. Please allow us to request that you extend your L/C to April
  19. 答应延长信用证的期限 As requested in your letter of April 10, we have instructed our bankers to extend the L/C No. 1025 up to and including October
  31. Therefore you will receive the extension advice by this weekend.



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