建立贸易关系的常用书信 Letters for Establishing Business Relations

  1.Importer Writes to Exporter
Dear Sirs,
We have obtained your address from the Commercial Counsellor of your Embassy in London and a re now writing you for the establishment of business relations.
We are very well connected with all the major dealers here of light industrial products, an d feel sure we can sell large quantities of Chinese goods if we get your offers at competiti ve prices.
As to our standing, we are permitted to mention the Bank of England, London, as a reference.
Please let us have all necessary information regarding your products for export.
Yours faithfully,
  1.commercial adj. 商业的,商务的 commercial counsellor 商务参赞 commercial counsellor's office 商务参赞处 commercial attache 商务专员 commercial articles 商品, (报上)商业新闻 commerce n. 商业
commerce department 商业部门
  2.embassy n. 大使馆 the American Embassy in Beijing 美国驻北京大使馆 ambassador n. 大使,使节
  3.dealer n. 商人 retail dealer (or:retailer) 零售商 wholesale dealer (or:wholesaler) 批发商 deal n. b. 贸易,成交,经营
make (or:do) a deal with... 与...做交易 deal on credit 信用交易,赊帐买卖
  4.connected with... 与...有联系;与...有关系
  5.light industrial product 轻工业产品
  6.competitive adj. 有竞争力的 competitive price 竞争价格 competitive capacity 竞争能力 competitive power 竞争能力 competitive edge 竞争优势 eg.If your price is competitive, we will place an order with you. 如果你方价格有竞争力的话, 我们将向你方发出订单. Your products has no competitive capacity in our market. 你方产品在我市场上没有竞争力. compete v. 竞争 ~with (or:against) sb. in sth. 在...方面与某人竞争 eg.We should compete with other enterprises in the quality of the products. 我们必须在产品的 质量方面与其它企业竞争. ~with (or:against) sb. for sth. 为...事情与某人竞争 eg.We must compete against other countries in trade for obtaining larger international marke t. 为了获取更大的国际市场我们必须与其他国家在贸易方面进行竞争. competition n. 竞争 eg.To enable us to meet competition, you must quote the lowest possible price. 为了使我们能 适应竞争, 你方必须报尽可能低的价格. competitor n. 竞争者,竞争对手 eg.We trust that the superior quality, attractive design and reasonable price of our product s will surely enable us to defeat the competitors. 我们相信我方产品的优良质量,诱人设计,合理 价格定能使我方击败竞争对手.
  7.standing 资信情况,信誉,固定的,永久的 standing cost 长期成本,固定成本 standing orders 长期订单 standing director 常务董事 有关"资信情况"的表达方法还有: credit standing 信誉情况
financial standing 财金情况 finances 财源,资金情况(常用复数)
  8.We are permitted to mention the Bank of England, London, as a reference. 我们已征得伦敦的 英国银行同意,把它们作为我们的咨询银行.
  9.regarding prep. 关于,与 with regard to, in regard to, as regards 同义,一般可以换用. eg.Regarding the terms of payment, we require confirmed and irrevocable letter of credit. 关 于支付条件,我们要求保兑的,不可撤消的信用证.

  2.Self Introduction by Exporter 出口商的自我介绍
Dear Sirs,
We write to introduce ourselves as one of the largest exporters, from China, of a wide rang e of Machinery and Equipments.
We enclose a copy of our latest catalog covering the details of all the items available at p resent, and hope some of these items will be of interest of you.
It will be a great pleasure to receive your inquiries for any of the items against which w e will send you our lowest quotations.
Should, by chance, your corporation not deal with the import of the goods mentioned above, w e would be most grateful if this letter could be forwarded to the correct import corporatio n.
We are looking forward to your favourable and prompt reply.
Yours faithfully,
  1.a wide range of... 大范围的..., 各类的...
  2.enclose v. 封入 eg.We enclose a copy of our price list. 随函附上我方价目表一份. 过去分词 enclosed 可作名词用,前面加定冠词.
eg.We believe you will find the enclosed interesting. 我们相信你们对所附之件会感兴趣. enclosure n. 附件(缩写:Encl. Enc.)
  3.catalogue n. 目录(也可写作 catalog)】 latest catalogue 最新目录 catalogue for the standardized parts 标准化零件目录 catalogue of material 材料目录
  4.available adj. 可利用的,可得到的,可供应的(做定语时前置后置均可,后置较为常用.) commodities available for export 供出口的商品 not available 缺货 We will ship by the first steamer available (or:the first available steamer) next mont h. 货物将由下月第一条便船装运. This is the only stock available (or:the only available stock). 这是唯一可供之货. We are sending you under cover a catalog covering the goods available at present. 随函附上 一份我方目前可供之货的目录单.
  5.inquiry n. 询价,询盘 (美国人常用,英国人有时使用 enquiry)
  6.quotation n. 报价,行情 quotation table (list) 价目表 exchange rate quotation 外汇行情 discount quotation 贴现行情 market quotation 市场行情 quote v.t. 开价 quote a price 报价 quote favourable terms 报优惠价
  7.deal with 经营,处理 Our company deals with the import and export of chemical products. 我们公司经营化工产品的 进出口业务. 表示"经营(某种或某类商品)"的说法很多,常见的有:handle, deal in, trade in, be in the l ine 等.上面的例句可改写为: Our company handles (or:deals in, trades in, is in the line of) the import and export of c hemical products.
  8. forward v.t. 转交,传递 Your letter of November 8 addressed to our Head Office has been forwarded (or:transmitte
d, referred, passed on, handed over) to us for attention and reply. 你方 11 月 8 日致我总公司的 函已转给我们办复.
  9.care of=c/o 由...转交,信封上常用. 如: Mr. David Smith c/o world Trading Co. 由世界贸易公司转交史密斯*大卫先生.
  10.favourable adj. 有利的,赞成的,有帮助的 表示赞同某事或表示对某人,某事有利,后接介词 to: We are favourable to your terms and conditions of this transaction. 我们同意你方这个交易的 条件. The market has so changed as to be favourable to the sellers. 市场变为对买方有利. 如果表示对某种行为有利一般接介词 for: The time is not favourable for the disposal of the goods. 现在不是卖货的有利时机. favourable reply 合意的回答,类似 good news, 相当于中文的"佳音","好消息". favourable price 优惠价格

  3.Exporter Writes to Importer 出口商给进口商的信 (
  1)Dear Sirs,
Your firm has been recommended to us by John Morris&Co., with whom we have done business fo r many years.
We specialize in the exportation of Chinese Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals, which have enjoye d great popularity in world market. We enclose a copy of our catalogue for your reference an d hope that you would contact us if any item is interesting to you.
We hope you will give us an early reply.
Yours faithfully,
  1.specialize in 专门(从事),专门(经营) We specialize in the import an export of Arts and Crafts. 我们专门经营工艺品的进出口.

  2.chemicals n. 常用复数,化工产品,化学制品 (=chemical products)
  3.pharmaceutical n. 药品,药剂,成药
  4.enjoy great popularity 享有盛誉 类似的表达方法有: The goods are most popular with our customers. The goods have commanded a good market. The goods are selling fast (or enjoy fast sales). The goods are universally acknowledged. The goods are unanimously acclaimed by our customers. "畅销品"有如下表达法: ready seller;quick seller;quick-selling product. Judging from our experience in marketing our garden tools in Australia, we are rather conf ident that they will soon become quick-selling products in your market. 根据我们在澳大利亚销 售园林工具的经验,我们相信这些产品将很快在你方市场上成为畅销品.
  5.contact v.t. 与...联系;与...接触 For further details, please contact our local office. 详情请向我们当地的分支机构探询. contact n. 联系;交往 We have been in contact with that firm for nearly two years. 我们与那家公司有近两年的交往.
  2) Dear Sirs,
Through the courtesy of Messrs. Freemen&Co., Ltd., Lagos, Nigeria, we come to know your nam e and address. Also we are informed that you are a prospective buyer of Chinese Cotton Piec e Goods. As this item falls within the scope of our business activities, we shall be please d to enter into business relations with you.
We enclose a brochure and a pricelist to acquaint you with our commodities now available fo r export. Quotations and samples will be airmailed to you upon receipt of your specific inqu iry.
Your favourable reply will be highly appreciated.
Yours faithfully,
  1.Through the courtesy of..., we come to know your name and address. 承蒙...使我们得知你公司 的名称和地址. 类似的表达方式还有: We owe your name and address to... We are indebted to... for your name and address.
  2.fall within the scope of our business activities 属于我们的经营范围 类似的表达方法有 be within (lie within, come under) the scope of our trade activities; b e within (lie within, fall within) our business scope (sphere)等.
  3.brochure n. 小册子(法语), 相当于英语 pamphlet
  4.acquaint v.t. 使认识,使了解 acquaint sb. with (或 of;that) In order to acquaint you with our products, we airmailed you two samples this morning. 为 使你方了解我方产品,我们今晨寄去两个样品.
  5.appreciate v. 感谢,感激(可接动名词,不可接不定式);理解,体会 We highly appreciate your kind cooperation.我们十分感激你方的合作. We shall appreciate your giving this matter your serious consideration. 请你方对此事认真考 虑为感. We shall appreciate it if you will send us a brochure and sample book by air immediatel y. 如能立即航寄一份说明书和一份样本,不胜感激. We hope you will appreciate our position. 希望你们能理解我们的处境. 其他用法还有: It will be greatly appreciated if you will send us your samples immediately. 如能立即寄来 你方样品, 我们将不胜感激. Your prompt reply will be greatly appreciated. 如能尽快回复将不胜感激.

  4.Self Introduction by Manufacturer 生产厂家的自我介绍
Dear Sirs,
We have learned, from the China Daily, that you are a leading importer of household electri c appliances, and at present you are in the market for Electric Fans.
We, therefore, take pleasure in informing you that we are anenterprise manufacturing vatiou s electric fans and have recently produced a new model of gentle breeze electric fan entitle d "Chang Feng" whose quality as well as functions has been proved by a scrupulous test, an d the designs and colours have been clearly explained in our illustrated catalog enclosed.
Considering the improvements it offers, we believe you will find our "Chang Feng" a very goo d seller in your market.
If you have interest in dealing with us in "Chang Feng" or other types of the goods shown i n our catalog, please inform us of your requirements together with your banker's name and ad dress.
For our credit standing, please refer to the following bank: The Bank of China, Xi'an Branc h (address)...
Your immediate reply would be highly appreciated.
Yours faithfully,
  1.leading improter 主要进口商 leading market 主要市场 leading stock 主要股份
  2.be in the market for 想要购买 One of our customers is in the market for Chinese Black Tea.我方一位客户想要购买中国红茶.
  3.scrupulous test 严格检验
  4.illustrated catalog 附有插图的目录
  5.refer to sb. for sth. 向某人打听(查询)某事 Please refer to the Bank of China, Xi'an Branch for our credit standing. 请向中国银行西安 分行查询我方资信情况. 上述句子也可以写成:
For our credit standing, please refer to the Bank of China, Xi'an Branch. 关于我方的资信情 况,请向中国银行西安分行查询. refer to 提到,谈判,谈及,涉及 We refer to your telex of May
  15. 兹谈及你方 5 月 15 日电传.

  5.Manufacturer Writes to Importer 厂家给进口商的信
Dear Sirs,
We owe your name and address to the Chamber of Commerce, Tokyo, who informed us that you ar e in the market for Personal Computers.
We are one of the largest computer manufacturers in our country and have handled with variou s kinds of the products for about 10 years. We approach you today in the hope of establishin g business relations with you and expect, by our joint effects, to enlarge our business scop e.
In order to acquaint you with our business lines, we enclose a copy of our illustrated catal ogue covering the main items suppliable at present. If you are interested in any of the item s, please tell us by fax. We'll give you our lowest quotations and try our best to comply wi th your requirment.
Our customers are always satisfied with our products and the service after sale. And we believe that you will be so too, after we do business together.



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