外贸英语 付款 Payment Terms
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(一) Payment is to be effected (made) before the end of this month. 这个月末 以前应该付款。 It's convenient to make payment in pound sterling. 用英镑付款较方便。 Now, as regards payment, we've agreed to use U.S. Dollar, am I right? 至 于付款,我们已同意用美圆,对吗? We may have some difficulties making payment in Japanese yen. 用日圆 付款可能会有困难。 I've never made payment in Renminbi before. 我从未用过人民币付款。 We can't accept payment on deferred terms. 我们不能接受延期付款。 What's your reason for the refusal of payment? 你们拒付的理由是什 么? Collection is not paid. 托收款未得照付。 We don't think you'll refuse to pay. 我们相信你们不会拒付。 Only one refusal of payment is acceptable to the bank. 银行只接受一次 拒付。 You ought to pay us the bank interest once payment is wrongly refused.
如果拒付错了,你们应该偿付我方的银行利息。 We'll not pay until shipping documents for the goods have reached us. 见 不到货物装船单据,我们不付款。 We're worrying that a decline in prices might lead to refusal of payment. 我们担心市场价格下跌会引起拒付。 Of course payment might be refused if anything goes wrong with the documents. 如果单据有问题,当然可以提出拒付。 The equipment will be paid in installments with the commodities produced by our factory. 设备以我们工厂生产的产品分期偿还。
Words and Phrases payment 支 付 , 付 款
to pay 付款,支付,偿还 dishonour deferred payment 延期付款 progressive payment 分 期 付 款 拒 付
payment on terms 定期付款 payment agreement 支 付 协 定
pay order 支付凭证 payment order 付 款 通 知
payment by banker 银行支付 payment by remittance 汇 拨 支 付
payment in part 部分付款 payment in full 全 部 付 讫
clean payment 单纯支付 simple payment 单 纯 支 付
payment by installment 分期付款 payment respite 延 期 付 款
payment at maturity 到期付款 payment in advance 预付 (货款) Order (C.W.O) 随订单付现 Cash On Delivery (C.O.D) 交货付现 Documents (C.A.D) 凭单付现 pay on delivery (P.O.D) 货 到 付 款 Cash Against Cash With
payment in kind 实物支付 payment for (in) cash 现 金 支 付 , 付 现
pay...Co. only 仅付...公司 pay...Co. not negotiable 付...公司,不准疏通 pay...Co. or order (pay to the order of...Co.) 付...公司或其指定人 refusal the refusal of payment 拒付 the bank interest 银 行 利 息 拒 绝
decline 下降,下跌 something goes wrong 某 事 上 出 问 题 , 出 现 差 错
commodity 产品 convenient 方便的 (二) Now we have settled the terms of payment. 现在我们已经谈妥了付款 条件。 Shall we have a talk about terms of payment today? 我们今天谈谈付款 条件怎么样? What is the mode of payment you wish to employ? 您希望用什么方式 付款? This is the normal terms of payment in international business. 这是国际 贸易中惯用的付款方 式。 We can't accept any other terms of payment. 我们不能接受其他的付款 条件。 If you can't be more flexible, we won't accept your terms of payment. 如 果你们不能灵活些,我们将不接受此种付款方式。
Words and Phrases payment terms 支付条件,付款方式 mode of payment 付款方式 the
flexible 灵活的,多变的 (三) Please protect our draft on presentation. 请见票即付。 Your draft will be honoured on presentation. 你方的汇票见票即付。 The draft was discounted in New York. 汇票已经在纽约贴现。 Our draft No.36 was dishonoured. 我们的第三十六号汇票被拒付了。 The draft has not been collected. 汇票之款尚未收进。 We'll be unable to meet these draft. 我们无力兑付这些汇票。 We've drawn a clean draft on you for the value of this sample shipment. 我们已经开出光票向你方索取这批货的价款。 We've drawn on you for payment of the invoice amounting to $20,0
  00. 我们已经按照发票金额
  20,000 美圆向你方开出了汇票。 The draft has been handed to the bank on clean collection. 汇票已经交 银行按光票托收。 You can draw on me just as if there were a letter of credit. 您就当作有 信用证一样,向我开汇票托收。 We're sending our draft through Bank of China for documentary collection. 我们将汇票交中国银行按跟单托收。 We'll draw on you by our documentary draft at sight on collection basis. 我们将按托收方式向你方开出即期跟单汇票。 We'll draw a sight bill in favour of the Export Bank Singapore. 我们要开 立一张以新加坡出口银行为收款人的即期汇票。
We've already remitted the amount by cheque. 我们已经将款以支票汇 出。 We enclose a cheque for RMB2
  00. 我们附上人民币 200 元的支票一 张。
Words and Phrases discount draft 汇票 Promisory cheque 支票 clean bill 光 票 Note 本 票 贴 现
documentary bill 跟单汇票 Sight Bill 即 期 汇 票
Time Bill 远期汇票 Usance Bill 远 期 汇 票
Commercial Bill 商业汇票 Banker's Bill 商 业 汇 票
Banker's Bill 银行汇票 Commercial Acceptance Bill 商 业 承 兑 汇 票 Acceptance Bill 银行承兑汇票 invoice Performer Invoice 形式发票 发 票 Bankers'

Consignment Invoice 寄售发票 Recipe Invoice 收 妥 发 票
Certified Invoice 证明发票 Manufacturers' Invoice 厂 商 发 票
At sight 即期,见票即付 At...days (month)after sight 付款人见票后若干天(月)付款 At...days sight 付款人见票后若干天即付款 after date 出票后若干天付款 At...days after B/L 提单签发后若干天付款 付 Mail transfer (M/T) 信汇 Demand Draft (D/D) 票 汇 remittance 汇 At...days
Telegraphic Transfer (T/T) 电汇 collection clean Bill for Collection 光票托收 Documentary Bill for Collection 跟单托收 for Collection 《托收统一规则》 Collection Advice 托收委托书 for Collection 光票托收委托书 Collection Bill Purchased 托 收 出 口 押 汇 Advice of Clean Bill Uniform Rules 托 收
Trust Receipt 信托收据 copy 副 本
original 正本



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