外贸英语写作模拟试题 12
外贸英语写作模拟试题 12
姓名: 姓名: Part One: Questions 1-20 Directions: There are 20 sentences in this part. For each sentence there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the ONE that best completes the sentence. (在下列各题中选择一个最佳答案填 )20% 空。 )
  1. Customers are understandably angry the delay. A. with B. for C. at D. toward
  2. Unless data can be assembled , we will lose business to our competitors. A. quicker C. more quick
  3. first class was questioned by the auditor. A. His traveling C. His travel D. He travel
  4. Yesterday the manager, along with the office secretary and accountant, invited to the conference . A. was C. is
  5. Our staff agreed that stand must be unified. A. their C. it’s A. he...him C. him...he
  7. Members debated the of decentralization. A. pro and con C. pros and cons wide age group. A. As C. Since
  9. Send this form to requests it. A. whomever C. whom B. whoever D. who B. Like D. Because B. pro’s and con’s D. pro-and-con B. our D. its B. he...his D. him...his B. were D. are B. He traveling B. more quickly D. much quickly 学号: 学号: 分数: 分数:
A. both C. either A. principle C. principled A. best-seller list C. list best seller November. A. so as C. in time A. Based C. Relied multinationals. A. has been C. is A. moreover C. therefore
  17. I hope you able to accept this invitation. A. to be C. will be A. any C. any other A. as last year’s C. as last year
  20. needs adequate nourishment. A. Everybody C. Somebody
B. two D. one B. principal D. principality B. best seller list D. list of best-seller

  11. I understand that Mr. Wood is the officer of the bank.

  12. For only $35 you can choose three novels currently or recently on the .

  13. We were told that the consignment would be sent to reach the final destination by mid B. in order D. as B. Basing D. Relying

  14. on our past experience, we suggest establishing a branch office in that city.

  15. In the past two decades, the growth of direct foreign investment mainly due to the activities of B. had been D. was B. hence D. nevertheless B. are D. being B. other any D. other B. as there were to last year’s D. as there were to last year B. Every body D. Nobody

  16. She has not done a good job, , she made some improvements.

  6. A serious disagreement between the management and caused dismissal.

  18. She is more conscientious than teacher I have ever had.

  8. you have probably seen in our advertisements in fashion magazines, our products appeal to a

  19. There should not be as many objections to this year’s proposal .

  10. This agreement is applicable to transactions in direction between the two parties.
外贸英语写作模拟试题 12
Part Two: Questions 21-30 There is one mistake in each of the following questions. Detect and correct the mistakes. Write your corrections together with the mistakes on the answer sheet.(下列每句各有一个错误,找出错误并改 (下列每句各有一个错误, )20% 正。请将错误及改正写在答题纸上。 请将错误及改正写在答题纸上。 ) Example: Who’s taking care the dog while you’re away? taking care → taking care of
  21. Chinese students studying aboard are proud of the achievements their motherland has made.
  22. I’ll resign as an accountant no matter you agree or not.
  23. Inside this gadget is installed a microcomputer; therefore, it is easier and more convenience to use.

  33. when you / bring more paper / to the office / and envelopes / come back
  34. might / anything unexpected / business transactions / in the fulfillment of / happen
  35. in the world / you / no one else / than Arnold John / who works harder / can find
  36. to fulfill this year / everybody knows / sales quota / a very challenging / that / we have
  37. that / the bank / it goes without saying / with reasonable care / should / it receives / examine the documents
  38. requires / long-term plans / the next ten years / over / the board / on your department’s / a report

  24. I suggest that he gets up early next morning so as to arrive at the airport in time.
  39. prefer / convenient to you / if / I would / that is / a late morning appointment
  25. Complete satisfied, the president decided to reward all of his subordinates.
  40. has further increased / a recent survey / that / shows / in the past year / foreign investment
  26. Wealth achieving through dishonest means does not bring genuine happiness.
  27. As so much debt in the fiscal year, the company ran into trouble.
  28. I neither have the time nor the energy for the task you assigned me.
  29. The new shredder-compactor helped us save money, reducing pollution, and recycle paper.
  30. Having not been familiar with his ability, the board would not assign the new manager any challenging task. Part Four: Questions 41-50 Each of the following sentences contains one punctuation error. One punctuation in each is either missing or misused. Detect the error and write the missing punctuation or your correction together with the word before the punctuation on the answer sheet.(下面每句都有一个标点符号错误,该用 (下面每句都有一个标点符号错误, 标点处未用标点或标点符号用错。改正错误或补写标点, 标点处未用标点或标点符号用错。改正错误或补写标点,并将其与前面的一个单词一起填写在答题 纸上。 )10% 纸上。 ) Example: A. What a nice present you gave me. B. You think you are right don’t you?
  41.Open the safe at ten o’clock please. Part Three: Questions 31-40 Write logical sentences with the words and phrases given. (用所给的词和词组写出符合逻辑的句子。 用所给的词和词组写出符合逻辑的句子。 用所给的词和词组写出符合逻辑的句子 ) 10%
  31. in the first half of / against / we have raised / this year / foreign exporters / many anti-dumping suits
  44. There appeared a bright cheerful expression on her face when she heard the news.
  32. that you will need / which will / the report / be incorporated into / I assume / about two weeks / for the collection of data
  45. There are two requirements for the job, namely, three years’ working experience and a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

  42. You called the manager this morning, didn’t you.
  43. Because, we offer three unique catalogs, it is easy for you to do your Christmas shopping.
外贸英语写作模拟试题 12

  46. Our working hours are from 9∶ 00 a.m. to
  4. 30 p.m.
  47. When questioned about a conflict of interest, the consultant replied that the allegations were “hogwash.
  48. In business writing, a good style must, first of all be clear.
  49. It’s time for the meeting, the chairman is going to speak to us.
  50. This method has been widely adopted, however, it is not yet clear that it is the best one.
Part Six:Letter Writing Write a letter in 130-150 words.25%
  52. 根据下列信息写一封推销化妆品的书信, 字数在 130-150 之间。
  1) 本人名叫梅丽,是新美化妆品公司的销售经理。
  2) 现有一种全新的美容品系列,经一些美容院试用,确认对润肤和护发有很好的长效作用,因此, 许多商店正在热购本公司的这一新产品。
  3) 附上产品介绍手册和价格表各一份,计划本周五上午拜访贵美容院(beauty salon),届时带上样品 若干。
  4) 盼届时能与贵院经理方小姐面谈。
Part Five:Memo Writing Write a memo in about 50 words.15%
  51. You are Zhong Hua, a secretary of Beijing Branch of Dubar Engineering. Your vice president, Jacob Smith will come to Beijing Branch from Hong Kong. Write a memo to tell the Engineering Department ?the flight number and the date and time of Mr. Smith’s arrival, ?to meet him in the airport and also book a room for him, and ?the purpose of Mr. Smith’s visit and how long he will stay in Beijing.



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