外研版八年级英语下册期末练习题( 外研版八年级英语下册期末练习题(一)
一,单项填空(20 分)
  1. Does Ted tell you if he No, he doesn't. But if he A. will come, will come
  5. Excuse me, can you tell me I often heard her A. sing A. the … / A. go A. left A. went
  9. A. since A. so that
  10. The writer A. had been
  11. A. when B. has been B. while I was watching TV C. as B. sang I like playing B. the … the I still remember B. to go C. going ? in the room. C. singing D. sings basketball. D. / … / violin, but Tom likes playing C. / … the D. went C. to leave C. will go C. until C. but D. been away around the sun. D. have been I met him in the street. D. after D. such that D. had gone I could catch the early bus.. to Hong Kong twice. C. has gone D. for to tell you. island, but she doesn't feel . D. to turn it off . suddenly the lights went on. next Sunday? , I'll give you a ring.
B. comes, will come C. comes, comes D. will come, comes
A. why was the train late B. why the train was late C. why is the train late D. why the train is late
walking by the river every day at the age of

  6. She has for her hometown for nearly ten years. B. gone away B. goes B. when
  7. The teacher told us the earth I didn't know he came back I got up early B. because

  12. Wait for a moment, I have A. something interesting
  13. She lived on
B. interesting something C. anything interesting D. interesting anything
A. an alone … lonely B. an alone … alone C. a lonely … alone D. a lonely … lonely
  14. The radio is too noisy. Father asked me A. turn off it
  16. A. Plenty of A. to save A. in B. turn it off C. to turn off it her classmates. C. among D. to D. Much She is the tallest B. between
visitors came to Beijing for the 2008 Olympic Games on August 8th. B. A couple of B. to saving C. Little C. save the student's life in the earthquake(地震) in Sichuan. D. saving C. comes up D. comes up with D. / … still once a month. B. comes out he is very young, A. Though … but B. Although … but . he does very well. C. Although … /

  17. The soldier gave his life
  18. The magazine A. comes on

  20. I'd like to go with you!
A. So do I
B. So would I
C. So I would
D. So I do 1 lunch.in the
二,完形填空(10 分) One afternoon,Benson was reading the newspapers and his mother was busy kitchen.She ran _2_ cooking oil and asked Benson to buy a bottle 43 Benson decided to ride there. left his bike He as he was going to be away only for a short couldn't __6__ his bike. Just then he saw a man bike.Stop. Benson shouted.The man didn't " the thief. The thief became so frightened get his bike back.
  1.A.ready for
  2.A.out of
  6.A.look for
  10.A.this B.prepare B.out B.with B.outside B.when B.look after B.running B.away B.that C.to prepare C.for C.from C.in C.minute C.find C.ride C.stop C.before C.as A The computer is a very good machine. It can do a lot of everyday work so people can use it in many ways. Writers can use it to write interesting stories. Painters can use it to draw beautiful pictures. If you like talking, you can talk to people from anywhere on the computer. You can watch movies and listen to music. Many children like playing games. Computers can help you. In the shop, someone buys something from you. You can put the information about the sale (销售). Then the computer can work on the information and tell you a report (报告) about shopping. In research (研究), if you want to know about the moon, you can ask the computer and the computer can answer on the screen. In some large factories, you can't see many people. Why not? Robots can do most of work instead of (代替) people. How does the robot work? The computer tells it what to do. This is our computer. Perhaps one day the computer can think and feel. Then it will make our life better and better. 根据短文内容选择最佳答案
  1.We can on the computer. A. not play games B. get real fruits C. talk to anyone far away D. find no information
  2.You can't see many people in some large factories because . A. computers can do anything C. people all stay in the room
  3.Which of the following is NOT true? A. People need computers' help B. People have to use computers C. Computers can do most of the work D. Computers can think like people B. some robots help them D. people work on the computer D.preparing D.after D.of D.out of D.second D.find out D.run D.know D.out D.when 10 4 _7 8 the shop.
the shop before he went inside. Benson didn't lock the bike along the road. found that was his bike. "That's my He but rode away quickly. 9
5 ,When he came out of the shop a few minutes later, Benson
Benson ran after him but couldn't catch up. few boys who was playing nearby heard him shout mad ran A
he left the bike on the road and ran away.Benson was glad to

  8.A.understand B.hear
三,阅读理解(15 分)

  4.From the passage we can know the word 'robot' means in Chinese. A. 机器人 A. People's Lives C. How Computers Work TV Programmes Channel (频道) 1 18:00 Around China 18:30 Children's programme 19:00 CCTV News 19:30 Weather report 19:40 Around the world 20:10 TV play: Sisters 21:00 English for today 21:15 Popular music 22:05 On TV next week 根据短文内容选择正确答案
  1. If you want to know sth. about Japan, Which of the following programmes would be the best one? A. Weather A.19:20 on Channel 2 A.30 minutes A. English news B.TV theatre C. Around the world D. Animal world D.21:15 on Channel 1
  2. You are a basketball fan(迷). You may watch TV at . B.19:40 on Channel 1 C.20:20 on Channel 2 C.90 minutes
  3. How long does the TV play "Sisters" last? B.50 minutes D.120 minutes D. All the above
  4. You can watch the programmes if you want to learn English on TV. B. English classroom C. English for today
  5. If you are fond of (爱好) music, you can turn on the TV at the following time except(除…以外. A.21:15 on Channel 1 B.19:25 on Channel 2 C.22:05 on Channel 2 D.20:10 on Channel 1 C William Henry Harrison, the ninth president of the U.S, was born in a small town. When he was a boy, he was very quiet and shy. Because he was so quiet, every one thought that he wasn't bright (聪明). The people in the town often put a nickel (五分币) and a dime (一角银币) before him and ask him which to choose. He always chose the nickel and they laughed. One day a woman felt sorry for him. She asked, "Why do you never take a dime and always choose a nickel instead? Do you know a nickel is worth (值…钱) much less than a dime ?" "Certainly I know it," William answered slowly. "But if I choose the dime, they will not ask me to choose them any more. 根据短文内容判断正(T), 误(F)
  1. William Henry Harrison was the ninth president of the United Nations.
  2.When he was a boy, he liked to speak little.
  3.The people thought he was not bright because he was shy and quiet.
  4.When he always chose the nickel, the people thought he didn't know that a nickel was worth less than a dime. Channel 2 17:45 Computers today 18:10 Foreign arts 18:30 English classroom 19:00 Animal world 19:25 MTV 20:20 Sports 21:00 TV theatre: Tea House 21:45 English news 22:05 Music bridge B. 储存器 C. 打印机 D.外星人
  5.Which is the best title (标题)? B. Computers D. The Importance of Computers B

  5.He always chose the nickel because he wanted the people to believe that he didn't know the difference between a nickel and a dime. 四,根据句意和首字母写出单词(10 分)
  1. Yang Liwei is one of the most famous h
  2. Tony, what are our p
  3. J is the first month of the year.
  4. We should protect the e
  5. Where are you going c
  7. Their newspaper is very s
  8. His words are very friendly, It's a very kind t
  9. The boy is i
  10. Mum believes that b
  1. It was raining
  2. Father said he
  3. Our math teacher asked us
  4. If it
  5. Why 六,句型转换(10 分)
  1.I will live in Beijing in ten years. (就画线部分提问) you live in Beijing?
  2.Sally played football yesterday. (改为一般将来时) Sally
  3.There will be more people in our country. (改为否定句) more people in our country.
  4."Do you like flowers, Mum?" Mr.Li said. (改为间接引语) Mr.Li
  5.Meimei studies math very well. (改为同义句) Meimei does 七,根据汉语完成英语(10 分) 1,他解释说他访问的目的就是交朋友. He explained that his visit 2,加勒比海盗是一个极好的惊险片. Pirates of the Caribbean is a 3,白求恩是中国最著名的英雄之一. Bethune is It 5,这个孩子是这样的小他不能去上学. The child is 6,那些工人只休息一天. he can't go to school/ China's most . of it's tall rocks. 4,它以它的高大岩石的奇形怪状而出名. . about . math. . tomorrow. (rain) tomorrow, we Mike in Harry Potter. life skills are especially important. (heavy),and we didn't go to climb the hill. (hurt) the soup yesterday. (not use)calculators. (not go) to school. (study)English last year?
  6. On New Year's Day, many people make r so that we have a happy place. , Jack? for the new year. . Readers like it very much. . in China. at the weekend.
五,用送给单词的正确形式填空(10 分)
The workers only 7,一到九点他们就上床休息. They We 9,老师问凯莉萨利到底怎么啦? The teacher asked Kylie We should know Lucy:Morning! What can do for you? simple dishes, but not go to bed the concert.
. it's nine o'clock.
Sally. our parents.
10,我们应该知道怎么样简单的做点饭菜,而不是过多的依靠父母. 八,补全对话:只在相应的横线上填写序号(5 分) Jake:We'd like to make a trip for a weekend holiday, please. Lucy:There are many travel paths.1? Jake:We'd like to choose Jing gang mountains. Lucy:It's really worth visiting.2? Jake:We're not sure.Which hotel do you think is comfortable? Lucy:The Holiday Home is very good.What's more important,
  3. Jake:We don't want to live in all expensive hotel.That's what we'll do. Lucy:4? Jake:OK.I'll ask my wife to fill in this form.By the way, is it all right if we pay by credit card? Lucy:
  5.Enjoy your weekend. A.Would you please fill in this form. C.Yes, it is all right. E.Which hotel do you want to put up? H.Where do you want to go? 九,书面表达(10 分) 我们在平日的学习中,肯定会一天的学习生活让我们难忘,你想一想会是哪一天?为什么? 用英语写一篇作文说一说,80 字左右. B.What will you do? D.It is very cheap. G.Who will you go with?



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