外研版初二英语(上)Module 8

Around town
I didn’t say yes to my mother. (改为同义句) I didn’t my mother.
  2. We can’t live on the sun. (改为同义句) for us to live on the sun.
  3. How do I get to the Forbidden City? (改为同义句)
  1)Which is the Forbidden City?
  2)Can you tell me how I can the Forbidden City?
  3) the Forbidden City?
  4)Can you tell me the Forbidden City?
  5)Can you tell me the Forbidden City ?
  4. We live in Dongyue Street. you live in?
  5. We live in Dongyue Street. you live in?
  6. How can I get to Dongfang Park, please? Which is Dongfang Park, please?
  7. Kate sits on my left. Tom sits on my right. I sit Kate Tom.
  8. The market is between the hospital and the school. the market?
  9. The bridge is very old. It’s 300 years old. This is an old bridge 300 years’ .
  10. Tony is behind Sam. Sam is Tony.
  11. Kate is on my left. I’m Kate. Kate is me.
  12. How can I get to Dongfang Park, please? Which is Dongfang Park?
  13. Could you let me have a look at your photo. Could you your photo ?
  14. The Tower of London is nine hundred years old. the Tower of London ?
  15. The teacher often asks us to do some exercises every day. The teacher often asks us exercises every day.
  16. 去那儿最好的方法是步行。 get there is . Unit 3 Language in use 一、 词组互译
  1. on the left of
  2. get off
  3. turn left
  4. go for a walk
  5. do some shopping
  6. 乘小船
  7. 在某人走边

  8. 在……的拐角处
  9. 在……的中间
  10. 去游泳 二、单项选择
  11. What about her some flowers? A. giving B. gave C. to give D. give
  12. They Mount Emei and will come back next week. A. have been to B. have gone to C. have been in D. went to
  13. I’m glad the news. A. to hear; excited B. hearing; exciting C. to hear; exciting D. hearing; exciting
  14. did you get there? We got there at 5 p.m. by train. A. When and how B. How and when C. What time D. How
  15. How can you there air? A. get to ; by B. reach ; by C. get ; in D. arrive; on
  16. Everyone is here,? A. aren’t they B. are they C. is everyone D. isn’t he
  17. The girl decided the Internet. A. search B. searching C. to search D. searched
  18. will you be in Shanghai? About three weeks. A. How soon B. How often C. How far D. How long
  19. I haven’t got a raincoat. I’ll have to buy. A. each B. some C. any D. one
  20. you visited the city? Yes, I it yesterday. A. Have; visited B. Have; have visited C. Did; have visited D. Did; visited 三、用所给单词的适当形式填空。
  21. The road is (danger). You will be in (danger) if you play on it.
  22. The shop (open) at seven every morning. It has been (open) for 5 years.
  23. Lily does (good) in swimming, but Lucy does (good) than Lily.
  24. I’m sorry (hear) that.
  25. Who sits between you and (him)? 四、综合填空 An old woman o 26 her window and looks out of it. The sun shines b2
  7. There’s a man in the g28 in front of her house. The old woman says in surpris e, “Oh! He is eating g29!” She goes o30 and asks the man, “Why are you eating grass? Are you h __31?” The man says, “Yes, I am very poor. I have n32 for my breakfast today and ….” The old woman tells him to go to the b33 door of her house, and she goes in again. The man s34 and I goes to the back door of the house. Then the old woman opens the door and says to the man, “The grass here is l __


外研版初二英语(上)Module 8 Around town

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