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外研版初二英语上册期末测试题( 外研版初二英语上册期末测试题(一)
(满分100分) 满分 分 I. 单项选择(15分) 选出空白处的最佳答案。 ( )
  1. Mary tried to find some bread to eat, but there was left. A. something C. everything ( B. anything D. nothing
  2. We didn’t know the new teacher, so he himself before the class began. A. introduced C. helped B. enjoyed D. taught
  3. ?After a long walk, why not a drink? ?Sounds good! A. stop to have C. to stop having B. stop having D. to stop to have
  4. ?Have you ever your pen pal? ?Yes, I got one yesterday. A. heard of C. heard from B. heard about D. written to
  5. The room cool in summer and warm in winter. A. feels B. looks C. tastes D. sounds
  6. of us has read the book, so we know nothing about it. A. Some B. All C. Both D. None
  7. ?Would you like to go to the cinema with me, Tom? ?Sorry, I it before. A. see B. saw C. will see D. have seen
  8. ?What do you think of this picture? ?. We like it very much. A. Boring C. Sad B. Fantastic D. Delicious
  9. It’s very easy the man carry the heavy bag. A. of; for C. for; to B. to; to D. by; for
  10. Tony a nice present yesterday, but he didn’t know who it was from. A. received C. sent B. accepted D. bought
  11. ? I phoned you last night. Why didn’t you answer?
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? Sorry. I TV at that time and didn’t hear it. A. am watching C. watch ( B. was watching D. watched
  12. These little rabbits are lovely, ? A. aren’t they C. don’t they B. are they D. do they
  13. ?Whose book is this? ?It Carter’s. It has his name on it. A. might not C. could be B. can’t be D. must be
  14. ?I failed the English test again. ?! But work hard, and you can do well next time. A. Good luck C. Congratulations B. Bad Luck D. Don’t worry
  15. ?Excuse me, sir. ? ?Turn left and walk down the road. You won’t miss it! A. Where is the KFC? B. When will the train leave? C. What’s the weather like? D. Can I help you?
II. 完形填空(15分) 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从各题所给的四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最 佳选项。 My cousin Alex is a university student. Last year he went to China and stayed there months. I was 17 that Alex could take such a long holiday 19 18 16 two
he never had any money. But
he told me that he got a job. It was to give
lessons to an owner of a small shop. In fact, I knew 20 21 it was very important for him 24
Alex couldn’t teach him well, but the owner
to practice his English. He had a lot of foreign customers, to 22 English. Alex 23
three hours a day talking to him. In return the owner 25
Alex a room, three meals a day and
pocket money. When I asked if the owner learned
much English, Alex said that he learned a lot of Chinese. ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  16. A. during )
  17. A. angry )
  18. A. because )
  19. A. Chinese )
  20. A. had )
  21. A. so B. after B. surprised B. and B. French B. wanted B. till C. for C. bored C. that C. German C. refused C. since D. before D. worried D. then D. English D. agreed D. or
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( ( ( (
  22. A. say )
  23. A. used )
  24. A. showed )
  25. A. a little
B. tell B. spent B. gave B. much
C. speak C. took C. sent C. lots of
D. talk D. paid D. borrowed D. a lot of
III. 阅读理解(20分) A The panda lives only in the mountain bamboo forests of Southwest China. There are only about 1,000 wild pandas left in the world. Pandas are members of the bear family. They wear a white coat with some black bands(条纹). Their favourite food is bamboo. However, if they are very hungry and cannot find bamboo, pandas may eat grass, fruits, or sometimes, small animals like chicken. Pandas do not live in groups. They only leave their home from March to May to look for a mate(配偶). A mother panda usually has two babies once. Baby pandas are very small, pink and weigh about 140 grams when they are born. Mother pandas feed their babies with milk. A baby panda opens its eyes at six to seven weeks. It starts to learn how to walk when it is about three or four months old. Mother pandas look after their babies for about 18 months. Once the young is strong enough, it says goodbye to its mother and moves out to live by itself. ( )
  26. Which of the following is NOT TRUE about pandas? A. They live only in China. B. There are only about 1,000 pandas in the world. C. They are members of the bear family. D. They don’t live in groups. ( )
  27. According to the passage, pandas may eat all the following except(除了) . A. bamboo C. chicken ( B. grass D. dog
  28. What does a baby panda look like? A. It is white with black bands. B. It is very small and pink. C. It can’t open its eyes. D. It is very strong.
  29. How long do mother pandas look after their babies? A. Three or four months. C. A year and a half. B. Half a year. D. Two years.
  30. The passage tells us about . A. what pandas look like B. how pandas feed their babies C. food of pandas
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D. living habits(习惯) of pandas B The Spring Festival is a traditional Chinese festival. Chinese people do a lot to celebrate this great festival. For example, they have a big dinner, light fireworks, and make dumplings and so on. In 1983, when CCTV held its first Spring Festival Eve Variety Show(春节联欢晚会), watching the evening show became a very important part of the big festival. On Spring Festival Eve, families chat on and on when they have delicious dishes around the table. But at 8:00pm, when the party begins, people all over the country turn their eyes to the TV. “Watching TV has become a habit for my family that night,” said Zhang Tianlu, 13, from Shanghai. “I can’t imagine what we would do without it.” The show usually lasts five hours. Young people can watch some of their favourite pop stars. These stars sing and dance. “My family love the show because of its short plays,” said Xu Dong, 14, from Nanjing. “After a year’s hard work, it’s very good that family members can relax and have fun together.” ( )
  31. Chinese people to celebrate the Spring Festival. A. do nothing C. watch TV ( B. do many things D. make dumplings
  32. On Spring Festival Eve, has become a very important part of the night. A. watching the Spring Festival Eve Variety Show B. eating a big meal C. chatting D. lighting fireworks
  33. The first Spring Festival Eve Variety Show was held in by CCTV. A. 1980 C. 1988 B. 1986 D. 1983
  34. Usually the show lasts hours. A. 2 B. 4 C. 5 D. 6
  35. Xu Dong’s family like watching . A. singing and dancing B. folk music C. classical music D. short plays
IV. 词汇(10分) A) 根据句意、首字母或汉语意思写出所缺单词。
  36. This sign is in English and I don’t understand it. Can you t it into Chinese for me?
  37. Jack’s father was p. He doesn’t have money to pay for Jack’s education.
  38. I received a s birthday present, Leaning English.
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  39. It’s s in winter in the north of China.
  40. Playing too much computer games is not good, e for students. B) 用括号内所给单词的适当形式填空。
  41. Children, please don’t make any (noisy) in the hospital.
  42. This (cheer) music makes the students happy.
  43. (luck), Tom passed all of the Math exams in the term.
  44. The famous singers are having a concert (raise) money for the people in Sichuan.
  45. Mr Chan has been to the US (two). V. 根据汉语意思完成句子。(10分)
  46. 史密斯一家为那些漂亮的花拍了许多照片。 The Smiths many the beautiful flowers.
  47. 海伦到底怎么做到的?快点告诉我! How did Helen make it? Tell me quickly!
  48. 小强与他的新朋友相处得怎么样? How does Xiaoqiang his new friends?
  49. 晚上去看电影是个不错的主意。 go to the cinema this evening.
  50. 同学们有时去参观博物馆。 The students visit the museum . VI. 写出下列句子的同义句。(10分)
  51. Remember to bring your dictionary to me next time. Don’t bring your dictionary to me next time.
  52. How is the weather in your hometown? the in your hometown?
  53. Bob sent a card to Miss Smith on Teacher’s Day. Bob Miss Smith on Teacher’s Day.
  54. Tim’s brother joined the PLA three years ago. Tim’s brother the PLA three years.
  55. I’m excited that I got Zheng Yijian’s autograph(签名). I’m excited Zheng Yijian’s autograph. VII. 任务型阅读(10分) Tom had a busy weekend last week. On Saturday morning he went to visit his grandmother with his parents. She lived in a beautiful town. There Tom climbed the mountains with his cousin in the afternoon and they had a good time there. After dinner, they went shopping in the supermarket. In the evening he saw an interesting play on TV. His favorite actress Song Dandan is in the play. On Sunday morning Tom wanted to play football, but it rained very hard. So he had to stay at home. He wanted to play the guitar, but he couldn’t find it. So he did some reading and listened to some pop music. In the afternoon, He helped mum do some cleaning and played chess
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with dad. In the evening, he studied for the coming maths test. Then it was time to go to bed. 根据短文内容完成下列表格。 Tom had a busy weekend last week. Saturday Morning Afternoon Evening Sunday Morning Afternoon Evening VIII. 书面表达(10分) 假如你是珍妮,刚刚收到笔友南希的邮件,她想让你介绍一些学英语的方法。请根据下 列提示,给南希回一封邮件。 要求:条理清楚,书写规范,语句通顺;60词左右。 How to learn English ★Listen carefully ★Use English as often as you can ★Read widely(广泛地) ★Watch English films or programmes, learn to sing English songs or make pen friends with foreigners Dear Nancy, I’m very glad to receive your email. _ _ _ I’m sure you will learn English well. Y ours, J enny He visited his grandmother with his parents. There Tom (
  56) with his cousin. He (
  57) TV. He do some reading and listened to some (
  58). He helped mum (
  59) and played chess with dad. He studied for the coming (
参考答案 1-5 DAACA 6-10 DDBCA 11-15 BADBA 16-20 CBADB 21-25 ACBBA
  36. translate especially
  41. noise
  42. cheerful
  43. Luckily
  44. to raise
  45. twice
  46. took;
  37. poor 26-30 BDBCD 31-35 BADCD
  38. special
  39. snowy
初中英语学习室 http://www.trjlseng.com
photos of
  47. on earth forget to
  52. What’s; weather like the mountains
  60. maths test One possible version: Dear Nancy, I’m very glad to receive your email. Please try to do these things, and then you may do it better. First, listen carefully in class and use English as often as you can. You can talk with your friends and write diaries in English. Next, read more English books or newspapers. Also you can learn to sing English songs, watch English films or programmes on TV or make pen friends with foreigners. I’m sure you will learn English well. Yours, Jenny
  53. sent; a card
  57. watched
  54. has been in; for
  55. to get
  58. pop music
  56. climbed
  48. get on with
  49. It’s a good idea to
  50. from time to time

  59. do some cleaning



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