七年级上学期英语学科新课改教学案 MODULE 10 Unit 3
主备人: 石凤梅 审核人 :英语学科编写组
  1.学会新单词及句型:kind,Wang Dong has a computer at home.He usually uses the computer in the evening.American teenagers often use computers.They usually go online and use the Internet to do their homework.
学习重难点: 重点:通过各种练习巩固一般现在时的用法。 难点:归纳总结基数词,序数词及祈使句的用法。
  1..写出下列基数词的序数词形式 one six ten two three four five
seven eleven
eight twelve
nine thirteen thirty-two

  2.用动词适当形式填空。 (
  1).When he ( use ) a computer ? (
  2). The old man ( not have ) a new house. (
  3). He would like ( play ) computer games. (
  4). you ( make )travel plans on the Internet ? (
  5). let us(play) basketball It's good for our health. (
  6). Darming always ( do ) his homework carefully.
  7). We can ( buy ) things online. (
  8).( not be ) late for school next time. (
  9) He (not use) a computer at home. (
  10) His father is a worker and he (work) in a factory.
  1. 讨论动词 do 在一般现在时疑问,否定形式中的用法 写出下列句子的一般疑问形式及否定形式 (
  1) I have a computer at home.
  2) He has a computer at home.
  3) Tom often does his homework in the evening.

  2. 疑问词(what ,how ,when ,how often ,why,who)填空
  1.? time do you get up on Sunday? At seven.
  2.? do you have for breakfast? An egg and some bread.
  3.do you go to school? On foot.
  4. does Tom go home ? At 5:
  5. does your father go to the cinema ? Once a week.
  6. do you like the film? Because it is interesting.
  7.do you have lunch ? At shool..
  8.does your father often watch TV with? With my mother.
  3. 归纳祈使句 (
  1). 打开门 the door.
  2). 不要打开门 open the door. (
  3). 请看黑板 at the blackboard, please. (
  4) 请不要看黑板 look at the blackboard, please.
  5). 上学不要迟到 be late for school. 巩固练习: 一.单项选择。
  1. Do you your homework? A. finish do C. finish doing B. finish to do D. finishes

  2.?How often do you use your computer?--. A. Not often. C. Never B. No, I don’t. D. I don’t never.

  3.-- do you go to the cinema? --On Sunday evening. A. How often B. When C. What time D. What

  4. I have a laptop I usually use it here and there. A. so B. and C. but D. or

  5. They usually use the Internet their homework. A. do B. for do C. to do D. doing
二. 根据句子意思和汉语提示,完成下列句子。
  1. 熊猫生活在中国吗? the panda in China.
  2. 她什么时候玩电脑? does she computer?
  3. 这时他们在看电视。 They’re at .
  4. 咱们星期天打篮球吧。 basketball o Sunday.
  5. Daming 常常下午 5 点回家。 Daming at five o’clock in the afternoon. 三. 阅读理解。 Betty is a school girl. She doesn’t go to school on Sunday, but she doesn’t get up late. She does morning exercise before she has breakfast. Then she helps her mother
do housework. Sometimes she goes out to do some shopping for her mother. She goes shopping by bike. She often brings a shopping basket with her. The basket is always full when she leaves the shop. She does her homework in the evening. People all say Betty is a good girl. ( )
  1. Betty is a . A. boy ( B. student C. teacher D. worker
  2. Betty eats breakfast after . A. doing morning exercise C. going shopping B. getting up D. doing homework
  3. Betty often helps her mother housework. A. for B. to C. of D. with
  4. Betty often goes to with a basket. A. school B. home C. buy things D. see movies
  5. Betty does her homework . A. in the morning B. in the afternoon C. in the evening D. all day
课后拓展:书面表达 以 “The Internet and I”为题,写一篇作文,描述因特网给你的生活带来 的变化,不少于 5 句话。
Module 10
Unit 3 巩固练习 1-5 CCBBC
  1. Does, live
  2.When, play
  3. watching TV, this time
一. 单项选择 二. 完成句子
  4. Let’s play 三. 阅读理解

  5. usually goes home 1-5 BADCC
课后拓展: 写作训练 The Internet and I I have got a computer at home, It helps me a lot. I’m a student and I use a laptop for my lessens. I also get information for lessens on the Internet. I don’t play games on it . I sometimes send emails to my friends. The Internet is my good friend now.


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