What day is it today? What day is after Monday?
Tuesday .
What day is before Saturday?
Pre- reading
Who is writing the letter? Feifei . What is the letter about? About Feifei’s lessons. Who is Feifei writing to?
Listen, listen and answer.
Does Feifei like her new timetable? When does Feifei have Maths? Does Feifei like her Chinese teacher? Which sentence tells you the answer? When does Feifei have lunch? Where does Feifei have lunch?
Does Feifei like her new timetable? Yes, she does. When does Feifei have Maths? Every day. Does Feifei like her Chinese teacher? Yes, she does.
Which sentence tells you the answer? My Chinese teacher is very nice and I’m good at Chinese. When does Feifei have lunch? At 12 o’clock. Where does Feifei have lunch? In the dining hall.
When does Feifei have English lessons? Every day. What lessons does Feifei have on Mondays? Geography. How many Computer Studies lessons does Feifei have? Two. Who, do you think, is Mary? I think she is Feifei’s friend.
Dear Mary, How are you? What’s the weather like in Canada now? Canada 加拿大 Canadian 加拿大人的,加拿大的, 加 拿大人
Today is our first day at school after the holidays. My new timetable is very good. I have English, Chinese and Maths lessons every day. English is my favourite Subject and I really like Chinese, too.
My Chinese teacher is very nice and I’m good at Chinese. be good at sth / doing sth. 表示“ 擅长 做某事” 他擅长游泳。 He is good at swimming. be good at = do well in
I have Geography lessons on Mondays. I have Science on Wednesdays and I have Computer Studies on Tuesdays and Friday. The Computer Studies lessons are always fun. I have Art,
Music and PE lessons as well.
I have to be at school all day and I have lunch at 12 o’clock in the dining hall. have to do sth. 不得不做某事。表客观 must 必须 表主观
Please write to me and tell about your lessons. Love from, Feifei write to sb. 给某人写信 I often write to my sister.
Listen and say.
ar / ?: / army cartoon farmer market park partner ar /
: / quarter war warn
Social Studies PE History Physics Art Computer Studies
Period 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Time Monday Tuesday 8:00-8:40 Chinese English 8:50-9:30 Computer Studies Science 9:30-9:50 BREAK 9:50-10:30 Maths Science PE 10:40-11:20 Social Studies 11:30-12:10 Art History 12:10- 2:00 LUNCH BREAK 2:00-2:40 Geography Maths Physics 2:50-3:30 English
Use the notes below to complete Jenny’s letter.
Wednesday Thursday
Period Period Period Period Period
English 1 Maths 2 3 Chinese 4 Computer Studies 5 Geography
Chinese English Maths Science Chinese
I like my new school very much. My favourite days are Wednesday and Thursday. On Wednesdays, we have . Please write to me and tell me about your lessons. Love from, Jenny

连词成句 I, at, good, am, English too, really, like, history, I PE, Wednesday, on, has, lessons, Lucy Art, Chinese, Geography, as, lessons, have, well, I


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