外延版高一英语必修四 Module 1 课时训练
Part One : Cloze test. Complete the blanks with the words or phrases in our textbook. The City of the Future What will the city of the future look like? No one knows 1 ,
and making predictions is a risky business. But one thing is certain --they are going to get bigger before they get smaller. In the future, care for the environment will become very important natural resources 3 2 earth’s
. We will use lots of recycled materials, such
as plastic, aluminium, steel, glass, wood and paper, and we will waste fewer natural resources. We will also have to 5 4 more
alternative energy, such as solar and wind power. All this
seems certain, but there are plenty of things about city life in the future which are not certain. To find out what young people think about the future of urban life, a teacher at a university in Texas in the United States asked his students to think how they would run a city of 50,000 people in the year 20
  25. Here are some of the ideas they had: Garbage ships To 6 garbage problems, the city will 7
huge spaceships with waste materials and send them towards the sun,
preventing landfill and environmental problems. Batman Nets Police will arrest criminals by firing nets instead of guns. Forget smoking No smoking will be allowed within a future city’s
limits. Smoking will be possible only outside cities, and outdoors. Forget the malls In the future all shopping will be done online, and catalogues will have voice commands to place orders. Telephones for life Everyone will be given a telephone number at birth 8 will never change 9 where they live.
All forms of recreation, such as cinemas, bowling, 10 by the city.
softball, concerts and others will be provided Cars All cars will 11
by electricity, solar energy or wind, and
it will be possible to change the colour of cars at the flick of a switch. Telesurgery Distance surgery will become common as doctors
carry out operations from thousands of miles away, with each city having its own telesurgery outpatient clinic. Holidays at home Senior citizens and people with disabilities will be able to go anywhere in the world using high-tech cameras their head. Space travel Travelling in space by ordinary citizens will be
common. Each city will have its own spaceport. Part Two: Exercises I. Write out the proper words according to the initial letters or the Chinese given.
  1. Have you got an a
  2. Do you take seriously his p
  3. Nowadays we r
  4. Gardening is a form of r
  5. He underwent open-heart s
  6. I can d suggestion? of a government defeat?
increasingly on computers for help. . .
tell you what I will be doing after school. .

  7. America is rich in natural r
  8. All the
(犯人) have been arrested.

  9. He wanted to find out what young people think about the future of (城市) life.
  10.There is always a
  12. (界限) to what others can do for you.
(命令) were quickly obeyed. (最终) he was tired of the life there. (拒绝) the new heart.

  13.After the transplant his body
  14.He has lost the
  15.Clouds of different
(能力) of speech . (形状) made the sky especially
beautiful. II. Choose the correct answers.
  1. Few people are able to it. A. make a use make prediction
  2. After the earthquake, we can see the A. ruin
  3. You can A. depend it on B. ruins C. destroy of the village D. damage B. make a decision C. make a promise D. of the future but we can imagine
that all the goods are delivered on time. B. rely on it C. put it on D. take on it of them. D. have used up his head in his

  4. Could I have a cigarette? I seem to A. have run out B. use up C. run out

  5. There sat an old man in a black coat, hands thinking. A. put B. with C. and D. for

  6. You can find the map of China A. looked
  7. I B. shaped C. shaping
like a cock. D. rejected
when there came a knock at the door. B. just about to go to bed C. was about
A. am going to bed to go to bed
D. have gone to bed

  8. Look, it is cloudy now. I’m sure A. it will rain shall rain
  9. It experiment. A. will not be, will know know D. is, know long before we B. it’s going to rain
. C. it is to rain D. it
the result of the
B. is, will know
C. will not be,

  10. Can you attend the meeting tonight? No, A. I will have seen have seen
  11. The little boy embarrassed. A. cut B. made C. fired D. loaded the future of that many questions at me, leaving me the manager about something important. B. I’ll be seeing C. I should see D. I

  12. He said he was not optimistic country. A. of
  13. B. with C. on D. about
English we must work hard at it. A. So as to master master
B. Mastering
C. Mastered
D. To

  14. Give the book to A. who
  15. mountain. B. whoever
wants it. C. no matter who D. whomever
we decided to spend the night at the foot of the
A. With the moon appeared moon being appeared
B. The moon appeared
C. The
D. As the moon appeared tomorrow?

  16. What would you do if it
We have to carry it on, since we’ve got everything ready. (05’ 全国卷) A. rain B. rains C. will rain D. is raining

  17. Did you tell Julia about the result? Oh, no, I forgot. I A. will be calling her now. (05’全国卷 II) B. will call C. call D. am to call and see

  18. As soon as he comes back, I’ll tell him when him. (05’北京) A. you will come you come
  19. B. will you come C. you come
D. do
into use in April. 2000, the hotline was meant for residents reporting water and heating supply breakdowns (05’ 上海)
A. Put
B. Putting
C. Having put
D. Being put the North

  20. The American Civil War lasted four years won in the end. (05’广东) A. after B. before C. when D. then
III. Translate the sentences into English.
  1. 聚会中有个小青年总缠着我,我甩不开他。 (attach…to…)
  2. 这种手机很快就会被淘汰。 (on the way out)
  3. 部队的服装和食品是免费供应的。 (charge)
  4. 他们往卡车上装了什么?(load)
  5. 摆在我面前的选择之一是离开学校。 (alternative)
  6. 关爱环境是每个人的职责。 (care for)
  7. 我们很少有时间参加娱乐活动。 (have little time to do…)
  8. 我收到了他的来信还附带了一张照片。 (with something done)
  9. 那时,我遭到了班级的慢待。 (reject)
  10.我想他是住在那里的,但是我不敢肯定。 (for sure) Part Three: Reading Comprehension I. Fill in the blanks, using the proper forms of the words below. ( respect, watch, wander off, nest, worthwhile, discover, forest, where, argue, observe, work out, sleep, behave,
entertainment, understand )
A PROTECTION OF AFRICAN WILDLIFE It is 5:45 am and the sun is just rising over Gombe National Park in East Africa. Our group are all going to visit the chimps in the 1 . Jane has studied these animals for many years and helped 2 how much they 3 like humans. 4
a family of chimps wake up is our first activity of the day. This means going back to a place 5 we left the chimp family 6
in a tree the night before. Everybody sits and waits while the animals in the group begin to wake up and move. Then we follow as the family begins to 7 into the forest. Most of the time,
chimps either feed or clean each other as a way of showing love in their family. Jane warns us that everybody will be very tired and dirty by the afternoon and she is right. But the evening makes it all 8 . The mother chimp and her babies play in the tree and, after
they come into her arms, we see them go to sleep together in their 9 for the night. Nobody before has fully understand chimp behaviour. Jane spent many years 10 and recording their daily activities. She did
not study at a university but she was determined to work with animals in their own environment. When she arrived at Gombe in
1960, it was unusual for a woman to live in the forest. Only after her mother came to help her for the first few months was she allowed to begin her project. Her work changed the way people think about chimps. For example, one thing she 11 was
that chimps hunt and eat meat. Until then everyone had thought chimps ate only fruit and nuts. She actually observed chimps as a group hunting a monkey and then eating it. She also discovered how chimps communicate with each other and her study of their body language helped her 12 their social system
For forty years Jane Goodall has been helping the rest of the world understand and 14 15 13 the life of these animals. She has
for them to be left in the wild and not used for or advertisements. She has set up special places where
they can live safely. Her life is very busy but as she says: “Once I stop, it all comes crowding in and I remember the chimps in laboratories. It’s terrible. It affects me when I watch the wild chimps. I say to myself, ‘Aren’t they lucky?’ And then think about small chimps in cages though they have done nothing wrong. Once you have seen that you can never forget…” She has achieved everything she wanted to do: working with
animals in their own environment, gaining a doctor’s degree for studies, showing that women can live in the forest as men can. She inspires those who want to cheer the achievements of women. II. Choose the correct answers after reading the passage.
  1. What did the group do first in the morning? They A. went into the forest slowly sleeping in a tree C. observed the family of chimps wake up understand the behaviour the chimps
  2. Why did Jane go to Africa to study chimps in the wild? Because she wanted . D. helped people .
B. left the chimp family
A. to work with them in their own environment B. to prove the way people think about chimps was wrong C. to discover what chimps eat family
  3. Jane was permitted to begin her work after A. the chimp family woke up . D. to observe a chimp
B. she lived in the forest D. she arrived at
C. her mother came to support her Gombe
  4. The purpose of her study was to
A. watch the wild chimps in cages degree
B. gain a doctor’s
C. understand and respect the lives of chimps forest as men can
D. live in the
III. Decide whether the following sentences are true or false.
  1. The chimps show love in their family by feeding or touching each other. ( )

  2. Without any university training, she has achieved what she wanted. ( )
  3. She hopes that chimps can be left in the forest. ( )

  4. She supposes that people should not use chimps for entertainment. ( )
  5. She has spent more than forty years helping people understand her work. ( ) )

  6. She has built many homes for the wild animals to live in. ( IV. Language points and grammar.

  1. This means going back to a place where we left the chimp family sleeping in a tree the night before. 这意味着我们要返 回前一天晚上我们离开时黑猩猩睡觉的大树旁。 mean doing 与 mean to do 的意思不同, 前者意为 “意味着” ,
后者意为“打算;想要去做某事” 。如: To help them means helping yourself. 帮助他们就是帮助你 自己。 Sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude to you. 对不起,我没有想对 你不礼貌。 问题: 在你学习的过程中, 有哪些动词的用法与 mean 相同? 问题: 请举例说明。
  2. But the evening makes it all worthwhile. 但是到傍晚时分我们 觉得这一切都是值得的。 worthwhile 值得花费精力(时间)的;值得花钱的。如: Outside the cinema we had a long wait but we thought it was worthwhile since we got the tickets.在电影院外我们排了很久的 队,但我们觉得值,因为我们最终搞到了票。 The effort seemed worthwhile.此番努力看来是值得的。
  3. Only after her mother came to help her for the first few months was she allowed to begin her project. 她母亲头几个月 来帮她的忙,这才使得以开始自己的计划。 这是一个倒装句。 正常语气的陈述应当是: was allowed She to begin her project after her mother came to help her for the first few months. 注意 only 引导的状语如放在句首, 应使用倒装。
如: Only then did I understand what she meant. 此时我才明白她 的意思。 Only in this way can we finish it on time.只有靠这种方法, 我们才能按时完成任务。
  4. For forty years Jane Goodall has been helping the rest of the world understand and respect the life of these animals.40 年 来,简.古多尔帮助世人了解并开始尊重这些动物的生活。 has been doing 是现在完成进行时。现在完成进行时与现 在完成时是有区别的, 前者说明动作从过去某段时间到现在一 直进行着,而且有可能继续下去;后者强调的是一个完成的动 作,用于说明动作的结果,而不是动作本身。如: Ann has been painting the ceiling.安一直在粉刷天花板。 Ann has painted the ceiling.安把天花板粉刷完了。 She has been smoking too much recently.她近来吸烟很厉害。 Someone has smoked all my cigarettes.有人把我的香烟都抽 光了。 the rest of 的后面可接可数名词复数,也可接不可数名词, 但要注意其含义,以便决定后面动词的单复数形式。如: The rest of the money was given to his son.剩下的钱都给了
他的儿子。 The rest of the sailors were missing.其余的水手都失踪了。 The rest of the apple was thrown away.那个苹果余下的部分 被扔掉了。 The rest of the apples were sent to the



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