2010五年级英语 2010-2011 下学期期中检测
  1.we (宾格)
  3. these(单数)
  5.bring back (翻译)
  7.broken(翻译) eat drink photo big child long new heavy is/am are
B on
C at us .

  8) Thank you for talking A with
  9) He was a A drive B driver B about C to .

  4.make an e-card(翻译)
  6.go to library (翻译)
  8.(过去式)learn do
  9. (复数)
C drived write.

  10) She couldn't read A or B and C to

  11) I miss A
  12) my B you not
grandmother. C she watch TV ?

  10.( 反 义 词 ) black 二、单项选择
Because she didn't foreign languages? C any A Where B What
have a TV . C Why

  1) Did she learn A many B some

  13) Let's A go C yes,he does
to the library. B goes C went it.

  2) Did he learn English ? ~ A Yes ,he did B No, he did

  14) Here's our new computer.Mum A buy B buys C bought you. C of

  3) Why is she wearing A that
  4) He's
  5) He is A a B this C
clothes? these learned learning

  15) Here is a card A to B for
English now.A learns English teacher. B one C an

  16) We can A finds
a book about computer there. B find C found school

  6) There A is
lots of buses and cars . B are C wasn't a fire .

  17) Sam ate six hamburgers A in B at C on

  7) She cooked

  18) What did she have
A for
B to
C with

  30) Thank you very much. A Yes,thank you. B You're welcome. C Yes,you are. 三、连词成句
  1) have food didn't we 。
  2) house is a there big now 。
  3) learn your English did grandma ?
  4) was good he a pupil 。
  5) China is a about it programme 。
  6) can out about find weather where you the ?
  7) English is traditional it a dinner 。
eggs did Sam eat? B How many C How nice
A how much
  20) Sam A like
Chinese food very much. B had like C likes

  21) I've got A a B an
email from Lingling. C one

  22) Does she like Chinese food?--A Yes,she doesn't B No,she doesn't

  23) Mum is going to cook Chinese food Lingling. A to B with C for a teacher.

  24) Seven years ago ,Mr Li A is B are C was

  25) I want to A makes
  26) Look A to B B make
an e-card. C made
your bag.It's broken. at C about China. C to

  27) You can't take it A for B on

  28) I'll buy you a new A a B an C one you. C about

  29) It'll be easy A for B to



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