Module One
Listening and Vocabulary
Word Formation 构词法 Noun Verb Adjective correct encourage enjoy enjoyable explain fluent misunderstand progressive pronounce
Word Formation构词法
correction encouragement enjoyable enjoyment explanation fluency fluent misunderstanding misunderstand progressive progress pronunciation pronounce
Verb correct encourage enjoy explain
Now Listen to a Conversation
  1.Who are the two students in the conversation? Rob and Diane
  2.Which languages are they studying? R: Chinese/ D: Spanish
  3.What is the name of the assistant teacher? Miss Wang
Listen to the conversation again and complete the sentences. fluent enjoyable encouragement progress pronunciation correction misunderstood explained

  1. be fluent in
be able to speak a language well
He is fluent in Russian.

  2. encourage sb to do sth 他鼓励我刻苦学习。
He encouraged me to study hard.

  3. make great/ much/ a lot of progress 我们在这20年里取得了非常大的进步。
We have made great progress in the last 20 years.

  4. make corrections make mistakes Bob非常粗心,总是犯错误。
Bob is very careless and is always making mistakes.
I have to make several corrections in my homework.

  5. be disappointed at/with/about/in/that 我对你很失望。我对你所做的很失望。
I am disappointed in you with what you have done.

  6. explain sth to sb explain to sb why/how/what… 虽然张老师很忙,但他依然给我讲了这道题。
Mr. Zhang explained the question to me though he was quite busy.
Can you explain to me what happened just now?
explanation of/for 他对这件事情的解释是什么?
What’s his explanation for this matter?
  7. It doesn't matter who/why/what etc that Will it matter if I'm a little late? If I have to stay late at work tonight, it won't matter because we can go out another night. It doesn't matter what you wear, as long as you look neat and tidy. Does it matter what I think? It doesn't matter about the price; buy it, whatever it costs.


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