Module 3 On the radio Unit 2 I remember sitting close to the radio.
? 一个人活 着几个人 谈话,然 后将他们 谈话的内 容用录音 设备保存 下来。在 之后向人 们播放。
  1. When the writer first met the radio studio manager at WXBN, he was . A. √ fifteen B. four or five C. nine
  2. , the writer play his favorite music from his father’s computer to the listeners. A. For a week. B. Once √ Once a week. C.
  3. Who helped the writer prepare the programmers? His . A. father √ friends C. teachers B.
  4. The writer prepared the weekly programmers, articles about the . A. music and sports news B. jokes and the weather report C √ Both A and B.
回忆:作者在不同的年龄做了些什么? 回忆:作者在不同的年龄做了些什么?
Radio times Radio times
He was four or five He was nine.
What happened
Sitting close to the radio, listening to his favorite programmers. Ask for jobs in small radio
As he grew older. Learnt about Internet radio He was fifteen. Got his first real job

  1.…the radio studio manager at WXBN looked down at me. (WXBN是美国新罕布什尔州的一个小电台) WXBN播音室主任低下头来看着我。
  2.When I was about four or five years old, I remember sitting close to the radio in the living room, listening to my favorite programmes, and to the voices of my favorite presenters. 在我四五岁的时候,我记得自己坐在客厅里的收音 机旁,听我喜欢的节目和喜欢的播音员的声音。
  3.It seemed that they were speaking to me in person. 就好像他们本人在亲自和我说话。

  4.At the age of nine, I asked for jobs in small radio stations. 九岁的时候,我去过小电台找过工作。
  5.…and then closed down and did my homework. ……然后结束,再做作业。
  6.I did this by looking out of the window. 天气预报的内容是我观察窗外的情况得来的。
  7.All radio presenters begin work with the same question. 所有播音员的工作都是从回答这个问题开始的。



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