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dialogue印象深刻的 impressed 对话 台词, 台词,线 line 前面的 front 护士, 护士,保姆 nurse夜生活 nightlife recite 音乐剧 musical 背诵 role 角色 日本的 Japanese industry 一排座位 row 工业 trade servant 贸易 仆人 play the role of 扮演…角色 一部分 bit 扮演 角色 极佳的 superb 在露天 in the open air
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悲剧( 悲剧(Tragedy): ): 罗密欧与朱莉叶》 《罗密欧与朱莉叶》 (Romeo and Juliet) 悲剧( 悲剧(Tragedy): ): 汉姆雷特》 《汉姆雷特》 ( Hamlet ) 喜剧 (Comedy): ): 威尼斯商人》 《威尼斯商人》 (The Merchant of Venice ) 历史剧 (Historical): ): 亨利五世》 《亨利五世》(Henry V He was a great writer and poet in Britain.
Romeo and Juliet
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bit 一部分,一段 一部分,
台词, 台词,对白
star-crossed lovers 不幸的恋人
servant n.仆人
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The story of Romeo and Juliet
Romeo fell in love with Juliet at the first glance, but their families were enemies. Juliet's parents didn't let Romeo in their house, and forced her daughter to leave Romeo. So they couldn't stay together in public. A friar (修道士 did a good deed to marry 修道士) 修道士 Romeo and Juliet secretly.
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By accident, Romeo killed Tybalt, a member of Juliet's family. The court sentenced Romeo to death. Romeo managed to escape. When Romeo returned, he found his wife, dead in peace, but in fact, Juliet didn't die. It was just a plan of the friar. Romeo suffered much from the death of Juliet. He killed himself and lay down by her side. When Juliet woke up from her death like sleep, seeing Romeo lying by her, dead, she knew what he had done and killed herself
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Betty and Tony will go to watch Romeo and Juliet. Listen and answer the questions.
  1.Where are they sitting? sitting?
In the back row.

  2.What does Tony hope? hope? He hopes that the actors have loud voices.
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Read the conversation and choose the best answer.

  1.Tony thought the play. . a.) wasn’t enjoyable b)was quite funny c)was good
  2.Romeo and Juliet decide to kill themselves. a)because Juliet has to marry someone else b)when the two families and the servants fight each other c)because Juliet has married someone else
  3.The “star-crossed lovers” refer to. a)The actors b)Romeo and Juliet’s families c)Romeo and Juliet
  4.Daming and Lingling couldn’t understand everything because. a)Their seats were at the back b)of the way the actors spoke c)they didn’t read the play before they saw it
  5.They didn’t have time to eat anything before the play. a)but they weren’t hungry b)so Tony was very hungry c)because it 盗版必究 Copyright 2004-2009 版权所有 was too long
Read again and complete the sentences in your own words.
  1. Although the play lasted a long time, Tony . was pleased to see it
  2. The part of the play Tony liked best was the fight between the two families .
  3.Romeo and Juliet both decide to kill themselves they couldn’t get married because .
  4. Tony and the others tried to read the play. However, . they didn’t have enough time
  5. Tony’s mum recited a line from the play, but she . didn’t know any more
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Tony’s mum: How was the play? Tony: Well, I was pleased to see it, but three hours is a long time to stay still. Tony’s mum: Was it in English? Tony: Yes, it was acted by the Beijing English Theatre Company. Tony’s mum: What was the best bit? Tony: The fight between the two families and their servants! And the actors who plays the roles of Romeo and Juliet were superb! But it’s sad at the end, because Juliet loves Romeo,
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but her father has decided she must marry someone else. So they both decided to kill themselves. Tony’s mum: “ A pair of star-crossed lovers take their life.” Tony: OK, OK, I’m impressed. Can you recite any more lines. Tony’s mum: No, that’s all I can remember. Did you have a good seat? Tony: Well, it was hard to see the play at the back. The best place to sit is in the front row.
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Tony’ mum: Could you hear the dialogue? Tony: I guessed what they were saying, but their voices weren’t very loud. Daming and Lingling found their accents really difficult to understand. Tony’ mum: The best way is to read the play before you see it. Tony: We tried to do that, but there wasn’t time. Tony’ mum: Did you have anything to eat before you went to the theatre? Tony: No such luck! I was starving.
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Please read in role.
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高兴做某事 be pleased to do at the back 在后面 要了某人的命 take one’s life 扮演…的角色 扮演 的角色 play the role of… at the end 在结尾 和某人结婚 marry sb kill oneself 自杀 a 一对不幸的恋人 pair of star-crossed lovers 干某事最好的方法 the best way to do sth 没那么不幸 No such luck.
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How was the play?这个戏剧怎么样啊? What was the best bit?哪个片段最精彩? I’m inpressed.给我留下了深刻的印象。 No such luck.没那么幸运。 I was starving.我很饿。
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动 词 不 定 式
To do that sort of thing is foolish。 主语 。 I want to see you this evening. 宾语
All you have to do is to finish it quickly. 表语
We found a house to live in. 定语 She came here to study English. I warned the patient not to eat cold water after the operation. 状语
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  1.当今掌握一门外语真的很重要。 当今掌握一门外语真的很重要。 当今掌握一门外语真的很重要
To master a foreign language is really important nowadays.

  2. 放弃吸烟是对的。 放弃吸烟是对的。
To give up smoking is right.
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  1. Fred 没有钱,所以他决定找一份工作。 没有钱,所以他决定找一份工作。
Fred didn’t have any money, so he decided to look for a job.

  2. 他答应不告述任何人这事。 他答应不告述任何人这事。
He promised not to tell anyone about it.
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  1. 我的工作是教英语。 我的工作是教英语。
My job is to teach English.

  2. 眼见为实。 眼见为实。
To see is to believe.
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  1. 你有什么要说的吗 你有什么要说的吗?
Do you have anything to say?

  2. Betty是第一个知道这真相的人 是第一个知道这真相的人
Betty was the first to know the truth
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He spoke loudly (so as / in order) to be heard. 目的状语. 目的状语 They jumped with joy to hear the news. 原因状语. 原因状语 I’m too tired to walk any further tonight. 结果状语
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  1. 她叫我呆在这儿。 她叫我呆在这儿。
She asked me to stay there.

  2.请允许我介绍 请允许我介绍Mr. White给你们。 给你们。 请允许我介绍 给你们
Please allow me to introduce Mr. White to you.
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A.有些动词后面的不定式不带to,如feel 有些动词后面的不定式不带 有些动词后面的不定式
(一感)hear,listen to(二听)make, 一感) (二听) have, let(三让) see, watch, notice, (三让) observe(四看). (四看) I heard them sing a pop song . The teacher made me answer the question. We watched them play football .
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B. 动词不定式的否定式只须在 动词不定式的否定式只须在to
My father decided not to take up the job. The teacher told us not to be late again.
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C. 带疑问词的动词不定式在 带疑问词的动词不定式在to
前加疑问词。 前加疑问词。
Mr.Lin will teach us how to use the computer. Can you tell me where to get the book?
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D. 作简短回答或避免不必要的重复时, 作简短回答或避免不必要的重复时,
动词不定式常常省去to 后面的动词 的动词, 动词不定式常常省去 后面的动词, 保留to 只保留 。
A:Would you like to come to my party? B: Yes , I’d love to ( come to your party). Mary想用我的自行车,但我叫她别用。 想用我的自行车,但我叫她别用。 想用我的自行车 Mary wanted to use my bike, but I asked her not to ( use my bike).
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典型例题解析 例1 He often asks his sonhis clothes. wash B.wash C.washing D.washed 例2The students of Class One will spend their winter holiday in Shenzhen,but they haven‘t decided. ? A.what to buy to go? C.where to go? D.which to choose 例3 would you mindme how English words? A.tell,to remember B.telling,remember C.telling,to remember D.tell,remember?
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典型例题解析 【例
  5】 ?Hi,Peter.Why are you in such a hurry?? ?the 7:30 train.? A.Catch B.To catch C.Catching D.Caught? 例4 ?There's a ticket on the floor,is it yours?? ?Oh,yes, it's mine.? ?Let mefor you. ? pick up it? pick it up? C.pick up it? D.pick it up?
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课时训练 B
  1.All of us enjoyfootball.? B.playing? C.plays play? C
  2.We stopped,but there was not any sound.? A.listening listen to listen hear? C
  3.She didn't notice mein and went on her newspaper.? A.come,read come,reading C.come,reading come to read
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  4.Our teacher told usany noise in class.?A.don't make B.not make not make D.not to make
  5.They don't know which room.? C live B.for living? live in living? A
  6.You'd betterthere alone.It's dangerous.? ? A.not go B.not to go go D.going? ?
  7.Now,parents often make their C childrentoo much.? ? learn B.leaning C.learn D.learne? ?
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  8.Do you have anything?? B A.for ask ask be asked D.asks? C
  9.The students are busyready for the exam.? A.get C.getting get?
  10.Please close the windowthe A wind from the papers away.? stop,blowing B.stopping,blowing stop,to blow D.stopped,blow?
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  11.A bird was seen into the classroom yesterday.? A.flew fly D.was flying? A
  12.I'd like youmy parents soon.? meet C.meeting D.met? C
  13.It was very nice with you. talk? C.talking D.talked?
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  14.You must return the books on time.? ? A.borrow borrow? ? C.borrowed D.borrowing? ?
  15.I often do someat B home on Sundays. I don't often go .? ?,shop? ? B.reading,shopping? ? C.reading,to shop? ? D.readings,shopping? ?
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梅梅是初二年级的一名中学生。她英语 不好,因此感到十分困惑,想放弃学习英 语,请求你的帮助。请你以李丽的名义用 英语给她写一封信。告诉她学习英的一些 方法,激励她坚持下去,并祝愿她进步。
  1. 根据你自己的体会给她不少 于三条。
  2. 要紧扣所提供的内容。
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Please write down the suggestions to Meimei.
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dialogue印象深刻的 impressed 对话 台词, 台词,线 line 前面的 front 护士, 护士,保姆 nurse夜生活 nightlife recite 音乐剧 musical 背诵 role 角色 日本的 Japanese industry 一排座位 row 工业 trade servant 贸易 仆人 play the role of 扮演…角色 一部分 bit 扮演 角色 极佳的 superb 在露天 in the open air
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Look at the photo and say what type of entertainment or sport you can see?
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Read the passage. Which paragraph describes what you can see in the photo? Paragraph 2


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   右脑王英语学习机 30 天学不会英语 无效退款 官方网站 妙语速记 3000 英文单词 近形编句速记法速成 3000 常用英语单词 (缩略精华版) 刘伊翰编著 (购买办法:新华发行集团各大书店有售,定价 12 元/本;羊城晚报出版社或作者均可邮购,加 15%邮费) 前 言 中国加入 wto 了!英语作为人们谋生发展的工具越发显得重要起来,甚至有人把文盲的 范畴扩大到不懂外语的人,很多人都希望精通英语以为自己的生存和发展创造优势,然而, 缺乏充足的时间和精力, 缺少真正高 ...


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